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Being Jewish in the House of Lords

Ruth Deech 

Room 3

Is there an Israel lobby? What is it like to be a Jewish peer? The House of Lords is obsessed with Israel and discusses it with greater frequency than Russia and Syria. There are a few keen Israel supporters and many anti-Zionists there, keeping Israel's activities in the forefront of debates on a wide spectrum of political subjects.

Horrible histories: Infamous Israelites

Michael Rosenfeld 

Room 8

This session will be in the spirit of Horrible Histories and not for the faint hearted! We will learn about: ancient poisonous make-up, medicine, war, head lice, wretched Rabbis, toilet trouble and more. There will be an exploration of some the gruesome stories of Jewish history.

What can’t you see?!? Reflections of a Jewish travel educator in an age of lockdown

Jeremy Leigh 

Room 2

For many of us, sheltering from the plague only heightens the desire to see and imagine the world outside. Living in the world of travel (as I do), this is a cultural presentation of what virtual travel really or should feels like ... and the lessons learned!

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Why I wrote "The Ratline"

Philippe Sands 

Room 4

"The Ratline" ( is about the life and loves of Nazi fugitive Otto von Wachter and his wife Charlotte, and his effort to escape justice after the war. Based on their private archive, it offers a fascinating insight into post-war life in Rome, and the connections between the Vatican, the US, Nazis and fascists in Cold War Italy.

The power of speech: how the rabbis understood what it means to be human

Yaffa Epstein 

Room 1

In a world where communication is now virtual, what does it mean to speak? This session will examine the idea that the world was created through speech – and the core Biblical and Rabbinic texts around speech. We'll ask just how fundamental is speech to being a human being, and just what is our responsibility as humans regarding our own speech?

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Nachamu ami: songs of hope and healing

Judith Silver  Mich Sampson  Zöe Jacobs 

Room 7

Judith, Mich, and Zoe love sharing songs and the power of music. Join us as we teach texts and melodies that can offer optimism and healing in these challenging times. All you’ll need is a love of singing and a willingness to join in. Although sadly Zoom technology means we won’t hear you, we hope this means you’ll sing at the top of your lungs!

Gaza and the coronavirus

Mohammed Azaiza  Abier Ismail Almasri  Beth Oppenheim 

Room 6

Gaza is one the most densely populated places in the world – where most of the 2 million residents live in close quarters or cramped refugee camps, and with high levels of poverty and food insecurity – an outbreak would be catastrophic. This panel, featuring NGO workers based in Israel and Gaza, will discuss the humanitarian situation and what can be done, as well as long-term solutions for the Strip.

The Limmud Bar

The Bar

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