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Limmud Together UK – Sunday 15:00

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Israeli dance under lockdown

Ilai Szpiezak 

Room 15

A fun and simple Israeli Dance Session to follow or just watch along with modern Israeli music for all ages and levels. The idea is to do some exercises while enjoying some great Hebrew music and learn basic steps mainly as line dances.

Spiritual leadership in time of crisis

Jonathan Wittenberg  Jeffrey Myers 

Room 10

The role of rabbi has evolved over the ages, but in these tumultuous days we are reminded that it remains as relevant as ever. Join this conversation between Jonathan Wittenberg of New North London Synagogue and Jeffrey Myers of the Tree of Life Synagogue, Pittsburgh, the site of a murderous terrorist attack in 2018. They will throw a personal light on the themes of rupture, crisis, and reconstruction through the prism of their own experiences.

The Jewess who ruined the US

Aviva Dautch 

Room 12

‘Give me your tired, your poor... Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free…’ These words emblazoned on the Statue of Liberty are from a poem by Emma Lazarus. We’ll trace its journey from being considered subversive to acclaimed by the mainstream and attacked by the alt-right, exploring how Jewish culture can contribute to political commentary.

Why Jewish–Arab partnership matters

Alon-Lee Green 

Room 11

Following a year of three election campaigns, filled with hatred and incitement, and with a big defeat at the end – we need to talk about why partnership between different parts of Israeli society is the only way to WIN.

True love is the love of truth

Merav Roth  Ruth Calderon 

Room 13

In the session, we will look at the story of Job from a biblical, Talmudic, literary and psychoanalytic perspectives - offering three complimentary interpretations regarding the existential challenge and the ethical lesson embedded in it - leading to the idea that true love and the love of truth are inseparably interwoven.

Why millenials aren't giving a flip (and the story of JSwipe)

David Yarus 

Room 9

I'm happy to share the story of JSwipe and all the fun stuff. But let's get real: statistics show that millennial Jews don't give a flip. Or, at least, significantly less of a flip than our parents. I believe we're in mission-critical code-red but the powers that be ("Big Jewish") either can't accept it or don't even realise it. Why? Let's discuss.

Keep Kalm & Kvetch

Carole Shaw 

Room 16

HM Queen keeps a closely guarded secret. She will be revealing all to the select Limmud audience. You are regally commanded to attend this one-woman musical comedy show, complete with audience participation, SingalongaLiz & quiz. What are Prince Charles & Philip's real names? What do they do each morning? Awf with their heads to the losers!

Domestic abuse and lockdown: a dangerous cocktail

Lee Wax 

Room 14

Domestic abuse thrives on closed doors, secrecy, and isolation. With COVID-19's closed doors and isolation, it's even harder than before for women to access help. Trapped in their homes with their controlling abuser, they are at increased danger. Join Lee Wax from JWA to learn what might be happening behind closed doors and what you can do.

The Limmud Bar

The Bar

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