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Limmud Together UK – Sunday 18:00

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Aren't we all a work in progress, in a way?

Rachel Creeger 

Room 2

Award winning stand up comic Rachel Creeger plays with some of the new material she was developing for this year's (now cancelled) Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Will it ever be performed? Might these words remain in quarantine? The show explores how trying to do the right thing can come back and bite you in unexpected ways (from a safe distance).

The sound of silence: exploring Shavuot through the eyes of Simon and Garfunkel

Hadassah Fromson 

Room 3

In this session we will explore texts about the Revelation of Sinai to explore the place of silence in our lives as a space for spiritual growth and development.

 The Sound of Silence - Limmud 2020.docx

Sing along

Tamara Wolfson  Anna Posner 

Room 7

Join Anna Posner, Cantor Tamara Wolfson and a variety of song leaders for a classic 'campfire' sing along. We hope you'll find all your fave tunes and please do bring a song along if you would like to lead us in song!

“All who are hungry, let them eat!”… and other challenges to supporting the vulnerable caused by COVID-19

Jemima Gilbert  Hannah Style  Dan Heller 

Room 6

This year, as we contemplated the line from the seder “all those who are hungry, let them eat”, charities and the health and care system were planning their own response to continue to support vulnerable people. Hear how FEAST WITH US! and Healthy London Partnership responded to challenges brought about by the COVID-19 lockdown.

Bringing Limmud programming online

Tony Abrams  Jeremy Borovitz 

Room 4

Join the second session in our Programming Webinar to learn how to bring your Limmud event online and support your presenters. Tony will explore how to use different platforms and navigate common challenges, and Jeremy will share top tips for online teaching, and how to make online content engaging and interactive. Please note that this session will last 55 minutes.

The Limmud Bar

The Bar

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