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Limmud Together UK – Sunday 19:00

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Atzeret: a creative response to Shavuot


Room 14

A creative exploration into one of Shavuot’s lesser known names that relates to our current experience. We will learn Jewish text together and make art in response to it. All levels of artistic experience are welcome so please bring along whatever materials you are comfortable with! In a virtual world, enjoy a moment of tactile creation.

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Daniel Cainer: virtually in concert

Daniel Cainer 

Room 15

Limmud veteran Cainer, escaped from New York just in time, after nearly 100 off-Broadway performances of his award-winning show; Jewish Chronicles. Now locked down in London, you can be entertained in the comfort of your own home from the discomfort of his. Questions and requests welcome. Expect some newer material, much laughter and some tears.

Secret vaginas of Judaism

Florence Schechter 

Room 12

Vaginas are taboo to say the least. But they are a fantastic part of the body that should be celebrated. Most modern religions shy away from them, but Judaism loves to be different. Join for a journey into the secret vulvic origin of hamantaschen, to modern mikveh photography, to how the word for clitoris in Hebrew had to be invented in the 1920s.


The Limmud Lockdown Lock-In Pub Quiz

Limmud Social(ly distanced) Programming 

Room 16

After a long day, pour yourself a well-deserved drink and tune in for the greatest pub quiz in Limmud Together history! You'll need a pen and paper, your brain, and a whole load of honesty and integrity as you compete for a prize that money can't buy. Suitable for anyone and everyone and remember... at home alcohol can be served to ages 5 and up!

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The Limmud Bar

The Bar

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