Limmud Conference 2016

Limmud Conference 2016 – Friday 15:45

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Friday night delight

Caroline Hagard 

Red 1

Shabbat at Limmud is always magical and this year it will be extra special. As the sun disappears from the Birmingham skyline, come to this Family Kabbalat Shabbat. There will be lots of fun, singing, praying and stories. Open to all but especially suitable for families with young children.

This is not the Shabbat service

Limmud Shabbat Team 

Red 2

Just as the title describes, this session is not a Shabbat service. Instead it is a structured conversation about cultural Jewish identity and values. What does Judaism look like without prayer and ritual? What does being a secular-observant Jew look like? What role do non-religious Jews have in the community? Come and discuss and debate!

Masorti Kabbalat Shabbat

Red 6

A Shabbat service of traditional nusach and contemporary melodies. We will daven the traditional liturgy using the Singer's prayer book. The service will be egalitarian - led by men and women - with mixed seating.

Orthodox Kabbalat Shabbat

Purple 31

A warm and welcoming traditional UK United Synagogue style service, filled with many of your favourite tunes. Men and women sit separately and men lead the service.

Partnership Minyan Kabbalat Shabbat

Orange 14

An inclusive and tune-filled Orthodox tefillah (prayer) service. Women and men will lead certain parts of the service and men and women will sit separately.

Progressive Kabbalat Shabbat

Yellow 23

A chance for Reform, Liberal and Wandering Jews to join their voices in a warm egalitarian celebration of Shabbat.

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