Limmud Conference 2016 - Presenters

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Presenters: L

Michael Laitner

Michael is director of education for US Living and Learning, a vibrant hub for publications, Judaica support, education and heritage trips. Current work includes the anniversaries of the Balfour Declaration and the Six-Day War. He is assistant rabbi at Finchley Synagogue (Kinloss) and a solicitor.

Monday 10:30 Basel 120, Balfour 100, and Jerusalem 50: Chief Rabbis, Zionism, and our community today
Monday 13:15 The greatest ever Jewish experience - showing at a shul near you...
Monday 18:10 How to give a terrible Dvar Torah...or the best one ever!

Harry Lampert

Having played piano since he was five and picked up both the recorder and cello along the way, music has played an important role in Harry's life. He is involved in multiple orchestras within the University of Durham where he studies Natural Sciences.

Monday 15:50 Rhapsody in Jew: an exploration of Jewish influences in classical music

Danielle Landau

Danielle is a clinical psychologist, CBT and ACT therapist in London. She is passionate about tackling prejudice of all kinds, and exploring the potential contribution of psychology and behavioural science in this important area.

Tuesday 15:50 Tackling prejudice - what can psychology offer?

Juliet Landau-Pope

Juliet Landau-Pope is a certified coach, professional organiser and study skills consultant. She helps adults and teenagers to develop time management, organising and exam revision skills. Juliet also declutters home and runs training for APDO Association of Professional Declutterers and Organisers.

Tuesday 18:10 Too many books? Top tips from a Jewish declutterer

Yoav Landau-Pope

Yoav Landau-Pope is a clinical psychologist who trained in Israel, and now lives and works in London. He currently practices as a therapist, clinical supervisor and consultant to various Jewish organisations. Yoav's special interests include community mental health, immigration, multiculturalism, political trauma and human rights

Sunday 14:30 Growing Up - What is it like at 20, at 40, at 60? 'Ad 120' - Twenties (1 of 3)
Tuesday 14:30 Growing up - what is it like at 20, at 40, at 60? 'Ad 120' - Forties (2 of 3)
Thursday 09:45 Growing up: what is it like at 20, 40, 60? "Ad 120" - 60s (3 of 3)

Jon Lansman

Jon is the founder and current Chair of Momentum, director of Jeremy Corbyn’s recent leadership campaigns and leading Labour left activist for 35 years since running Tony Benn’s campaign for Labour’s deputy leadership in 1981. He says his Jewish identity was at the root of his political development.

Tuesday 13:15 Why Jews should support Jeremy Corbyn's Labour Party
Tuesday 16:40 Who or what is the problem between the Labour Party and Jews: and can it be repaired?

Anna Lawton

Anna has spent years learning Jewish text and is particularly interested in classical texts and their approach to difficult issues. Having learnt from many great presenters at Limmud events over the years, she's decided to give the presenting thing a go for the first time at Conference. Anna will be chairing Limmud Conference 2017.

Saturday 11:30 Classical Jewish texts and the gender binary
Tuesday 13:15 Why Jews should support Jeremy Corbyn's Labour Party
Wednesday 12:00 Meet the Conference chairs!

Clive Lawton

CEO of the Commonwealth Jewish Council, scholar-in-residence at JW3, Limmud's senior consultant, Clive works worldwide in educational development and community cohesion and diversity issues. Recently published "Judaism GCSE: The Definitive Resource".

Sunday 10:00 Family sculpture park
Sunday 12:00 Is the Commonwealth still really a thing? (1 of 2)
Monday 21:40 Whose Sugiya Is It Anyway?
Tuesday 12:00 Surviving terrorists
Tuesday 14:30 Achieving climate consciousness
Tuesday 21:40 Room 101/613
Wednesday 10:30 Should Jewish schools be forced to be inclusive?
Wednesday 14:30 British values?
Thursday 09:45 Is the Commonwealth still really a thing? (2 of 2)

Jonathon Leader

Jonathon Leader is Head of Regional Development, UK and Europe at Limmud. Prior to this he served as the Mazkir of Habonim Dror; the "Socialist-Zionist, Culturally Jewish Youth Movement". He believes strongly in the power of education to build communities and effect change; that's why he does this.

Tuesday 16:30 Schlepping your family across Limmud? It's a walk in the park!

Samuel Lebens

Samuel Lebens is an academic philosopher, Orthodox Rabbi, and Jewish educator. He is a co-founder of the Association for the Philosophy of Judaism and works at the University of Haifa. He is adjunct faculty of the Pardes Institute for Jewish Studies (who he is representing at Limmud Conference).

Friday 21:15 Midrash and metaphor
Sunday 18:50 Textformance
Sunday 20:10 Striking a rock instead of a conversation
Monday 09:15 Is faith a virtue? The life of faith as a work of art
Monday 13:15 Unorthodox: Screening and Q&A (120 minutes)
Tuesday 13:15 We need to talk about God
Tuesday 14:30 The Tel Aviv Review podcast: live recording (2 of 4)
Wednesday 21:50 Pardes bar meetup: alumni and friends

Daniel Lee

Daniel Lee is a historian of the Second World War at the University of Sheffield. His work examines the lives of Jews in France and North Africa during the war. He is currently writing a book that follows the career of one SS officer. He is a BBC Radio 3 New Generation Thinker.

Tuesday 14:30 1942 'L'année terrible' - Vichy France and the Jews
Wednesday 14:30 The persecution of the Jews in WW2, a wholly European Affair? The Jews of North Africa, 1939-1945
Thursday 11:00 The Tel Aviv Review podcast: live recording (4 of 4)

Shirley Lee

Shirley Lee is Chair of the MJPS GB. She was a principal lecturer at the University of Roehampton and has led new initiatives with schools and teacher training providers in the UK and Europe. Shirley was involved in the Jewish Teacher Training Partnership for many years.

Tuesday 09:15 Mosaic Jewish Primary School: is the Jewish ethos secure or does the dye run when you welcome children of all faiths, beliefs and none?

Peter Lerner

Peter Lerner is the head of the Foreign Press Branch of the Israel Defence Forces. He's the guy in uniform who appears on your TV making the IDF's case to the media. He made Aliyah from London, was involved in the Oslo talks and is the first native English-speaking chief IDF foreign spokesperson.

Friday 17:40 Balfour 99 - Britain and Israel today
Sunday 12:00 Meet the IDF spokesperson
Monday 12:00 Is the IDF an ethical army?
Wednesday 12:00 Strategic threats to Israel - what does the future hold?
Thursday 09:45 On the frontline - with the media

Amir Levi

Amir was raised in The Galilee, and was involved in the Israeli Scouts. He graduated from Bezalel Academy. During his studies, Amir engaged his major interests - art and social justice, and the two in Israeli society. He is currently the Jewish Agency's shaliach to the UJIA, Manchester.

Sunday 20:10 Speaking walls: Israeli street art

Adam Levick

Adam Levick is managing editor of UK Media Watch. Previously he worked at Anti-Defamation League. His op-eds have appeared in The Guardian, The Independent, Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, The Algemeiner, The Jewish Chronicle, and Jewish Quarterly. Adam made Aliyah in 2009.

Monday 10:30 Using Twitter to improve media coverage of Israel

Neil Levitan

Neil is KeshetUK's programme director. He is also a PhD researcher; his project explores the role that youth and community work can play in tackling gender-related violence with and amongst young people.

Sunday 15:50 Creating LGBT+ inclusive curricula
Monday 12:00 Understanding language and privilege for LGBT inclusion
Monday 15:50 How to be a Jewish LGBT+ activist
Monday 21:40 LGBT+ social space
Wednesday 10:30 Should Jewish schools be forced to be inclusive?
Wednesday 12:00 Transgender Jewish Voices
Wednesday 13:15 Inclusive Jewish leadership

Nikki Levitan

Nikki is an empowerment coach, group facilitator and community builder. Nikki is the founder of Community of Opportunity, a project committed to bringing transformational experiences through platforms for creativity, well-being and self-discovery.

Wednesday 16:40 An embodied mindful movement and dance workshop

Joel Levy

Joel is a Rosh Yeshiva of the Conservative Yeshiva in Jerusalem. He is from the UK, was ordained by Rabbi David Hartman z"l and for a decade led Rav Siach, a cross-denominational programme for rabbinical students. He is rabbi of Kol Nefesh, the UK's first fully egalitarian Masorti synagogue.

Sunday 14:30 Halacha for the terminally disinclined (1 of 2)
Monday 18:10 Halachah for the terminally disinclined (2 of 2)
Tuesday 18:50 The Temple Mount: A historical (un)reality?
Wednesday 10:30 Beit Midrash group B: be killed rather than transgress (3 of 4)
Thursday 09:45 Beit Midrash Group B: Three loose ends: Queen Esther, Non-Jews and Sexual Harassment (4 of 4)

Maxine Levy

Maxine is an experienced yoga teacher. Running yoga and breathing classes for all ages and abilities in London and abroad, she loves sharing yoga as a practical tool for total well-being. She also helped set up JMM at Alyth, an initiative to establish a UK home for Jewish Mindfulness and Meditation.

Monday 16:40 Hatha yoga for all: mindfulness in motion
Tuesday 16:40 Kavannah yoga
Wednesday 09:15 Chair yoga
Wednesday 10:30 Dynamic yoga: it’s all in the breath. Movement as a meditation
Thursday 09:45 Restorative yoga for all: relax and unwind (5 of 5)

Miri Lewis

Miri project manages the Hebrew Manuscripts Digitisation Project at the British Library. She loves seeing how digitisation helps people to connect to heritage. She is also a Grassroots Jews board member and obsessive foodie.

Monday 13:15 Hebrew manuscripts digitisation project: what's next?

Stuart Lewis

Stu Lewis recently retired from a 41-year career in the U.S. Civil Service to devote himself full time to studying and writing. This is his fourth Limmud, his second as a presenter. He has been active in CAJE and New CAJE, presenting on various subjects and introducing a number of his song parodies.

Saturday 20:30 The Tower of Babel
Sunday 16:40 Four Entered Parodies

Kevin Lieberman

Kevin Lieberman is a Robotics PhD student and National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate Fellow at the University of Michigan. He researches human-robot interaction and the design of complex human-machine systems. He was elected Washington, DC’s “Jewish Guy of the Year”.

Saturday 14:45 Sex, drugs and Torah scrolls: being Jewish and 20-something

Limmud Beit Midrash Group A

Limmud Beit Midrash studies a single text in depth over the week. Group A, taught by Michael Pollak, is for any text background - translations will be provided. We’ll focus on content rather than skills, using Talmudic commentaries to explore intellectual trends in recent Jewish History.

Monday 10:30 Beit Midrash Group A: 18th Century Perspective (1 of 4)
Tuesday 10:30 Beit Midrash Group A: 20th century perspective (2 of 4)
Wednesday 10:30 Beit Midrash Group A: Modern Halachic Perspective (3 of 4)
Thursday 09:45 Beit Midrash Group A: The Academic Perspective (4 of 4)

Limmud Beit Midrash Group B

Limmud Beit Midrash studies a single text in depth over the week. Group B, taught by Joel Levy and Shoshana Cohen, will focus on self-sacrifice and martyrdom as a means of articulating core communal values. It will pay careful attention to the literary and linguistic structure of the text and its historical development. For people with limited original text experience looking to work on comprehension skills with substantive discussion of content.

Monday 10:30 Beit Midrash group B: these are the ones who can be saved with their lives (1 of 4)
Tuesday 10:30 Beit Midrash group B: be killed rather than transgress (2 of 4)
Wednesday 10:30 Beit Midrash group B: be killed rather than transgress (3 of 4)
Thursday 09:45 Beit Midrash Group B: Three loose ends: Queen Esther, Non-Jews and Sexual Harassment (4 of 4)

Limmud Beit Midrash Group C

Limmud Beit Midrash studies a single text in depth over the week. Group C, taught by Shlomo Zuckier, is for those with previous experience studying Aramaic and Hebrew text perhaps even without vowels or translation (some translations will still be provided).

Monday 10:30 Beit Midrash Group C: the rebellious son (1 of 4)
Tuesday 10:30 Beit Midrash Group C: The Tunneler (2 of 4)
Wednesday 10:30 Beit Midrash Group C: the pursuer (3 of 3)
Thursday 09:45 Beit Midrash Group C: giving one’s life for God (4 of 4)

Limmud Chanukah Team

Once every few years, a crack team of enthusiastic Miracle Makers assemble to create a magical and enriching festive environment. We will be working hard to bring light to Conference.

Sunday 15:50 Dreidel casino (Sun)
Sunday 15:50 Personal Chanukah candle lighting (Sun)
Sunday 15:50 Communal Chanukah candle-lighting (Sun)
Sunday 15:50 Board game bonanza (Sun)
Monday 15:50 Dreidel casino (Mon)
Monday 15:50 Personal Chanukah candle lighting (Mon)
Monday 15:50 Communal Chanukah candle lighting (Mon)
Monday 15:50 Board game bonanza (Mon)
Tuesday 15:50 Dreidel casino (Tues)
Tuesday 15:50 Personal Chanukah candle lighting (Tues)
Tuesday 15:50 Communal Chanukah candle lighting (Tues)
Tuesday 15:50 Board game bonanza (Tues)
Wednesday 15:50 Personal Chanukah candle lighting (Weds)
Wednesday 15:50 Communal Chanukah candle lighting (Weds)
Wednesday 15:50 Board Game Bonanza (Weds)

Limmud Chavruta Project

The Limmud Chavruta Project is an international collaboration of Limmud volunteers. Every year the Project produces a new book of traditional and modern sources exploring some aspect of Jewish life. This year, for the 20th anniversary of the original book, we return to its topic - Tzedakah

Sunday 20:10 Limmud Chavruta Project Launch Party (1 of 4)
Monday 09:10 Limmud Chavruta Project - Tzedakah (2 of 4)
Monday 23:20 Midnight Chavruta - Tzedakah (2 of 4)
Tuesday 09:10 Limmud Chavruta Project - Tzedakah (3 of 4)
Tuesday 23:20 Midnight Chavruta - Tzedakah (3 of 4)
Wednesday 09:10 Limmud Chavruta Project - Tzedakah (4 of 4)
Wednesday 18:10 20 years of learning at Limmud - celebrating the Chavruta Project
Wednesday 23:20 Midnight Chavruta - Tzedakah (4 of 4)

Limmud Development and Connection Team

The Limmud development and connection team supports Limmud communities worldwide, both individually and collectively. At Conference we will be creating a platform to engage in challenging issues, strategic thinking and relationship building to strengthen the global Limmud community.

Sunday 10:40 Limmud MarCom Master Class: What you Need to Know About Marketing and Media
Sunday 18:50 Around the world in 10 Years: Celebrating a decade of Limmud International
Monday 14:30 Different Flowers Make a Bouquet: Inclusion in the Limmud World
Tuesday 14:30 Getting media coverage for your Limmud event: Advice from the experts
Tuesday 21:40 Let's party like it's 2006!

Limmud Families Team

Led by volunteer Co-Chairs Gabriela Pomeroy, Robin Nobel-Stern & David-Yehuda Stern, we hope we can make Limmud wonderful for Families. We organise a Families Programme of concerts & sessions, Chanuka Candlelighting, Babylistening, Nursery, Nightclub, Family Dining & friendly spaces with wigwams.

Friday 17:40 Shabbat Clown Around
Saturday 07:00 Families Hangout Space
Saturday 11:30 You be the Judge!
Saturday 14:45 Shabbat Open Board Games
Saturday 16:00 Families Seudah Shlishit
Sunday 11:00 Crafts and arts drop in and help make our space look beautiful
Sunday 16:00 Chanukah Candelighting for Kids
Sunday 18:45 Storytime 5s to 8s with PJ Library's Lauren Hamburger
Monday 16:00 Chanukah Candelighting for Kids
Monday 18:30 Bedtime stories in your pyjamas for under 5s
Monday 18:45 Popup Poetry in Your Pyjamas (5 - 8yrs)
Tuesday 16:00 Chanukah Candelighting for Kids
Tuesday 18:30 Bring your favourite bedtime stories in your pyjamas (Under 5s)
Tuesday 18:45 Yiddish at bedtime
Wednesday 16:00 Chanukah Candelighting for Kids
Wednesday 18:45 Bubbelehs Love to Boogie
Thursday 10:00 Family Packup Packdown Party

Limmud in the Woods Team

Limmud in the Woods is our summer magical event, close to nature, where everyone plays a part in creating our inclusive community. This session will be presented by members of the Woods team.

Monday 10:30 Help create a taste of paradise at Limmud in the Woods 2017 (1 of 2)
Tuesday 13:15 Integrating Jewish life and creating community: personal, spiritual, intellectual and political (2 of 2)

Limmud Shabbat Team

The Limmud Shabbat team is delighted to present to you an array of sessions to help enhance your Shabbat experience. We are here to support you in making the most out of your Shabbat experience. Please feel free to find a member of the team to let us know how we are doing, or just to have a chat.

Friday 12:10 What is Shabbat?
Friday 12:10 Arts and crafts
Friday 12:10 Nosh and natter
Friday 12:10 Site satnav
Friday 13:30 What is Shabbat?
Friday 13:30 Arts and crafts
Friday 13:30 Nosh and natter
Friday 13:30 Site satnav
Friday 14:45 Candle lighting
Friday 15:45 This is not the Shabbat service
Friday 17:15 Welcome Kiddush
Friday 17:40 Welcome to Limmud!
Friday 22:30 Board game central
Friday 22:30 Improv and icebreakers
Friday 22:30 Oneg Shabbat
Saturday 10:00 Morning miracle walk
Saturday 11:00 Saturday morning kiddush
Saturday 14:45 Afternoon Miracle Walk
Saturday 16:00 Seudah - celebrating the Chavruta Project
Saturday 16:00 Speed dating seudah
Saturday 17:30 Havdalah and Chanukah candle lighting
Saturday 23:00 Quiz night
Saturday 23:00 Saturday Night Fever Disco

Limmud Social Programming Team

The Social Programming team is here to enhance your Limmud experience! From arts and crafts to a pub quiz, campus sat nav to discos, if you need a break from the busy Limmud programme, or want to socialise with old friends and meet new people, come along and join in!

Sunday 10:40 Spin like a dreidel: ecstatic dance
Sunday 15:50 Chanukah hour: stuck in the mud
Sunday 15:50 Chanukah hour: dreidel making
Sunday 16:40 Crafternoon Tea: Make Your Own Mosaic
Sunday 21:40 Speed friending
Sunday 23:20 Not so board games
Sunday 23:20 Karaoke
Sunday 23:20 The Philosopher's Disco
Monday 09:15 "Get to know you" walk
Monday 15:50 Chanukah hour: dodgeball
Monday 15:50 Chanukah hour: nosh and natter - the Christmakah bush
Monday 16:40 Crafternoon tea: Paint a Mug
Monday 16:40 Playground games: tag, you're it!
Monday 21:40 Mixer 40+
Tuesday 08:00 V’yarutz v’yomer: he ran and he talked, or "run and chat" (2 of 4)
Tuesday 09:15 Morning rave
Tuesday 09:15 Morning nature walk
Tuesday 15:50 Chanukah hour: card making
Tuesday 15:50 Chanukah hour: interpretive dance
Tuesday 21:40 Story slam - miracles IRL
Tuesday 21:40 Chanukah dreidel tournament
Tuesday 21:40 Lovin’ on Limmud
Tuesday 23:20 Craft beer 101
Tuesday 23:20 Silent disco
Wednesday 08:00 V’yarutz v’yomer: he ran and he talked, or "run and chat (3 of 4)
Wednesday 13:15 Dreidel making!
Wednesday 13:15 Open space
Wednesday 15:50 Chanukah hour: drama games
Wednesday 18:50 Cocktails for home and festivals
Wednesday 21:50 Acoustic cafe
Thursday 08:30 V’yarutz v’yomer: he ran and he talked, or "run and chat" (4 of 4)

Limmud Volunteers Team

All Limmud events are conceived, planned and led by our team of 500+ dedicated volunteers and Conference is no exception. This volunteer culture is at the heart of Limmud's ethos and we invite all of you to play a part in it.

Saturday 20:30 The Limmud bag packing party!
Saturday 21:45 The Limmud bag packing party

Deborah Lipstadt

Professor of Jewish Studies, Emory University, Atlanta, Lipstadt is the author of "Denial: Holocaust History on Trial", "The Eichmann Trial" and "Holocaust: An American Understanding". The movie "Denial" recounts her libel defence when she was sued by Holocaust denier David Irving.

Tuesday 09:15 Holocaust: an American understanding
Tuesday 18:10 Desert Island Discs: Deborah Lipstadt
Wednesday 10:30 Defiant Requiem: Screening and Q&A (120 minutes)
Wednesday 14:30 The Making of "Denial": Behind the Scenes
Wednesday 18:10 Antisemitism: defining it and identifying it

Antony Lishak

Anthony Lishak is an educator and author of fiction and non-fiction books for children and young adults and work extensively in schools.

Tuesday 18:10 Learning from the Righteous
Wednesday 09:15 Rescuers and the righteous - the courage and choices of the glorious few
Thursday 11:00 The making of stars

Dagan Livny

Dagan is the Jewish Agency's shlichah to FZY. She was born and raised in Israel, and served in the IDF as an education officer at Yad Vashem Holocaust museum. She has a BA in Middle East studies, Sociology and Anthropology. Her last position was coordinator in the Perach Mentoring Project.

Wednesday 09:15 Beer Sheva - a microcosm of Israel society

Miriam Lorie

Miriam studies at the Pardes Centre for Jewish Educators. She has worked for Cambridge University's Inter-faith Programme and read Theology at Cambridge. She is a graduate of the Susi Bradfield Fellowship and the Adam Science Leadership Programme. She is co-founder of the Borehamwood Partnership Minyan.Miriam is a YESOD-sponsored Pardes European Leadership Fellow at the Pardes Center for Jewish Educators.

Monday 14:30 Faithful and infertile: reading painful stories in our texts
Tuesday 13:15 Dreamworks’ "Prince of Egypt": a modern midrash?
Wednesday 14:30 Partnership Minyanim: Here to stay?
Wednesday 21:50 Pardes bar meetup: alumni and friends

Anthony Luder

Anthony was born in London, made Aliyah in 1983 and has been Head of Paediatrics at Ziv Medical Centre, Safed since 1992 and Vice-Dean of the Medicine Faculty Bar Ilan University since 2011. He is active in medical research, education and ethics. He is a founder of Rosh Pina’s pluralistic congregation.

Monday 18:10 Syria and Israel, the saga continues
Thursday 09:45 Is Israel a state of Hebrew-speaking goyim?

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