Limmud Conference 2016 - Presenters

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Presenters: Z

Hila Zaban

Hila Zaban is an urban anthropologist and a Leverhulme Fellow at Warwick University's Sociology Department. She studied gentrification combined with high-status immigration of Western Jews in Baka, Jerusalem. Hila lives in London with her family.

Thursday 09:45 Living in a bubble: Jews from western countries in the Baka neighbourhood, Jerusalem

Raphael Zarum

Raphael is dean of LSJS. He trains teachers, rabbis and educators and enjoys finding new contemporary meanings in classic texts. Raphael is a rabbi (Montefiore Kollel), holds a PhD in physics (KCL) an MA in education (UCL), and is a Jerusalem Fellow (Mandel School).

Sunday 14:30 What do you stand for? The never-ending conflict between Greek and Jewish culture
Monday 12:00 The Chief Rabbi's Desert Island Picks
Monday 14:30 Jews and Christians: are we worshipping the same God?
Monday 18:10 How to give a terrible Dvar Torah...or the best one ever!
Tuesday 16:40 Behind the X-Men: Jews, gender and sexuality
Tuesday 20:10 Maoz Tsur and the virtue of assimilation
Wednesday 16:40 Does martyrdom have meaning?
Thursday 11:00 May the Lord be with you: A Jewish reading of Star Wars

Mordechai Zeller

Rabbi Mordechai Zeller is the Jewish Chaplain for Cambridge and East Anglia universities. Before coming to Cambridge Mordechai served as a Rabbi and spiritual guide at Yeshivat Maale Gilboa. Mordechai also worked as a clinical and educational psychologist at a local mental health clinic.

Sunday 16:40 Lighting a Candle, Becoming a Menorah
Tuesday 12:00 "It runs in the family" - psychological perspectives on reincarnation
Thursday 13:50 Dreamidrash: A Jewish dream workshop

Ruvi Ziegler

Ruvi is a law lecturer and the director of Global LLM Programmes, University of Reading. He is an academic Fellow, Inner Temple; a research Associate, Refugee Studies Centre, Oxford; the convenor, Civil Liberties & Human Rights Section, SLS; and a Researcher, Israel Democracy Institute. His forthcoming book is "Voting Rights of Refugees" (CUP)

Monday 10:30 Seeking refuge in Israel
Tuesday 09:15 The (judicial) gatekeepers: The Supreme Court and Israel's Jewish identity
Tuesday 13:15 No asylum for 'infiltrators': exploring the (dysfunctional?) Israeli asylum system
Tuesday 15:50 The global refugee crisis and the UK: a light unto the nation?
Wednesday 14:30 Is Brexit good for the Jews?

Zvi Ziegler

Professor Zvi Ziegler is Professor Emeritus at the Technion Institute of Technology and Chairman of the Israeli Inter-Senate Committee, which protects academic independence. He coordinates the university's activities against academic boycotts and heads the Inter-University forum. Brought to Limmud by the Board of British Jews and the World Jewish Congress.

Tuesday 16:40 Israeli academia's perspective on academic boycotts
Tuesday 18:50 Bridges not boycotts

Joey Ziff

Joey is assistant director at Jnetics, a charity that improves prevention and management of Jewish genetic disorders through delivery of carrier screening events for those considering family planning. She has a PhD in genetics and previously worked in the civil service on disability issues and genomics.

Wednesday 14:30 Jewish genes: What do they mean?

Avivah Zornberg

Avivah Zornberg lives in Jerusalem where she teaches biblical narrative through the prism of midrash and psychoanalysis. She also lectures throughout the Jewish world. Her new book, "Moses: A Human Life", was recently published by Yale University Press.

Monday 10:30 Is redemption possible? Of women and mirrors
Tuesday 10:30 He said, she said: a mother and son talk 'Global Torah'
Tuesday 13:15 The murmuring deep
Wednesday 12:00 'Let me see that good land.' The story of a human life

Yarden Zornberg

Yarden Zornberg has been Project Ten's director since its founding in 2012 and has established eight volunteer centres worldwide. He has worked extensively with under-served populations including Bedouin and Druze communities and has facilitated joint activities for Palestinian and Jewish children.

Sunday 16:40 Dilemmas and ethics in Jewish international development (tikkun olam)
Monday 09:15 Are the strong always wrong? Political correctness vs. absolute values
Tuesday 10:30 He said, she said: a mother and son talk 'Global Torah'

David J. Zucker

David J. Zucker, PhD came out of retirement to serve as interim rabbi at North West Surrey Synagogue, Weybridge. He publishes frequently, his latest book being "The Matriarchs of Genesis: Seven Women Five Views" (with Moshe Reiss).

Thursday 11:00 A priest and a prostitute: Jethro and Rahab, unique connections

Shlomo Zuckier

Shlomo Zuckier is pursuing a PhD in Judaic Studies at Yale University, where he is a campus rabbi. He studied at the Gush and received his BA, MA and ordination from Yeshiva University. He edits for Lehrhaus, serves on Tradition’s Editorial Committee, and has edited several books on Jewish thought.

Monday 10:30 Beit Midrash Group C: the rebellious son (1 of 4)
Monday 18:50 Is Judaism a religion? Protestant and Islamic models
Tuesday 10:30 Beit Midrash Group C: The Tunneler (2 of 4)
Tuesday 18:10 Who is afraid of sacrifice?
Wednesday 10:30 Beit Midrash Group C: the pursuer (3 of 3)
Wednesday 18:10 Rabbi Aharon Lichtenstein and the holistic integrity of religious life
Thursday 09:45 Beit Midrash Group C: giving one’s life for God (4 of 4)

Efraim Zuroff

Chief Nazi-hunter of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, Dr Ephraim Zuroff is director of the SWC Israel Office and East European Affairs. He has authored four books and hundreds of articles on Shoah-related issues. New York-born, Dr Zuroff lives in Efrat.

Friday 21:15 Is the hunt for Nazi war criminals over?
Saturday 20:30 How "Musiskiai" changed the way many Lithuanians relate to the Holocaust
Monday 10:30 My life as a Nazi-hunter: successes, failures, and insights
Monday 16:40 Holocaust distortion in Eastern Europe: a dangerous threat to the Jewish narrative of the Shoah

Maayan Zweig

Maayan made Aliyah in 1998, drafted to a combat unit in the IDF and lives 4km from the Gaza border. A mother of three and married to a farmer, she is a senior lecturer at a leading Israeli coaching and consulting company. She works in the field of entrepreneurship, innovation and achieving goals.

Sunday 18:10 To conquer one's journey (1 of 2)
Tuesday 09:15 To conquer one's journey (2 of 2)
Wednesday 21:50 Shattering the borders: life on the edge

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