Limmud Conference 2016 - Presenters

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Presenters: G

Benjamin Gampel

Benjamin Gampel is the Dina and Eli Field Family Chair in Jewish History at the Jewish Theological Seminary. He is the author of "The Last Jews on Iberian Soil", the editor of "Crisis and Creativity in the Sephardic World", and has just published "Anti-Jewish Riots in the Crown of Aragon and the Royal Response, 1391-1392".

Friday 17:40 Women and the obligation to light candles on Friday evening: a story about Rabbis, Karaites, and Original Sin
Tuesday 18:10 Gazing into the countenance of the divine: confronting the riddle of Jewish apostasy
Tuesday 20:10 JDOV: Jewish Dreams, Observations, and Visions (2 of 2)
Wednesday 09:15 Sex, food and the Lush Garden of Sepharad: religious piety confronts sensual pleasure
Wednesday 18:10 Heresy and community: the case of Baruch/Benedictus Spinoza

Ian Gamse

Many years ago, Ian was the first full-time UJS education worker, having studied at Yeshivat Or Etzion and Cambridge. Then he met Micky Rosen z'l and helped him, just a little, in changing the world. He now teaches Talmud to women at the LSJS Midrasha and teaches frequently at Magen Avot in Hendon.

Monday 20:10 “The law of the land is law”: or is it?
Tuesday 20:10 Calves, crates and kashrut:Part Two of Three
Thursday 09:45 The man gathering sticks: portrait of an enigma

Joe Gamse

Joe is in his final year of a BA in Italian and Russian, and after a year spent in Milan and Moscow is thrilled to be at Limmud in Birmingham for the first time. Before university he studied at Yeshivat Maale Gilboa, and is a fan of Chekhov, Talmud and the films of Paolo Sorrentino.

Friday 21:15 Joseph: the man and the myth
Sunday 18:50 “True as only fiction can be”: Emmanuel Levinas and Russian literature

Samuel Garas

Samuel Garas is a young teacher and youth leader from Vilnius, Lithuania, who has been trained by the UK Israeli Dance Institute.

Sunday 20:10 Rikud chadash (1 of 2)
Sunday 21:40 Israeli Dance Party (1 of 4)
Tuesday 13:15 Kol HaShana
Tuesday 21:40 Israeli dance party (3 of 4)
Wednesday 13:15 Dance as food for the soul
Wednesday 18:50 Rikud Chadash (2 of 2)
Wednesday 23:20 Israeli dance party (4 of 4)

Hannah Gaventa

Hannah Gaventa has worked with international development and humanitarian organisations across West Africa and South East Asia. Hannah is an experienced facilitator and trainer in community development and Adaptive Leadership, and recently founded a London based women’s group focusing on gender and Judaism.

Monday 12:00 Adaptive Leadership: a Harvard model of effecting change
Monday 13:15 Around the world in 7 tales
Tuesday 21:40 Well Circle Workshop
Wednesday 10:30 Rescue in the Philippines: an open door policy

Shoshana Boyd Gelfand

Shoshana Boyd Gelfand, Director of JHub and founder of JDOV, first discovered her passion for all things British at Limmud Conference 2001. She received rabbinic ordination in 1993 from JTS. She presents regularly on BBC Radio 2 “Pause for Thought” and is author of The Barefoot Book of Jewish Tales.

Sunday 16:40 Being and being Jewish: an exploration of Jewish ethics and spirituality
Monday 20:10 JDOV: Jewish Dreams, Observations and Visions (1 of 2)
Tuesday 12:00 Living well and dying well: the life and death of leaders
Tuesday 14:30 Money, money, money: Jews, justice and global giving
Tuesday 20:10 JDOV: Jewish Dreams, Observations, and Visions (2 of 2)

Nick Gendler

Nick Gendler is co-chair of Masorti Judaism and a keen, even obsessive, cyclist. To pay for his bikes and Lycra he works as a career coach and counsellor.

Monday 13:15 My son the portfolio careerist - work and careers in the 21st century
Monday 20:10 JDOV: Jewish Dreams, Observations and Visions (1 of 2)
Tuesday 15:50 If it wasn't for a Jew there'd be no Tour de France

Benjamin Gerber

Benjamin has been engaging adults in Jewish learning for nearly two decades in most Jewish communities. Based in Gothenburg, he lectures and works with inter-religious dialogue. He has rarely met an opinion in which he didn't find something to disagree with, but is rarely disagreeable.

Friday 17:40 Sun of Sam
Sunday 14:30 Can we save Europe from nationalism?

Deana Gershuny

Deana was one of the 2016 Spring farming fellows at Adamah, USA and is excited to be one of The Sadeh UK farm team. She's also a final year medical student, interested in holistic and integrative medicine and the health benefits of living sustainably and in community.

Sunday 12:00 Inhabit: A Permaculture Perspective (120 minutes)
Sunday 17:00 Make your own jar of pickles!
Sunday 18:50 It's a scorcher! 2016, the world's warmest year ever
Sunday 20:10 What is a Jewish farm and why are they important? Come and hear about Sadeh, UK's first Jewish farm!
Monday 08:00 Avodat lev (1 of 2)
Tuesday 08:00 Avodat lev (2 of 2)

Nora Ghodsian

Nora Ghodsian, LCSW, has 40 years of professional experience in counselling individuals, couples and families including raising her own 3 children and 2 grandchildren. She has been increasingly focusing her work on PREVENTION and empowering families to live a happier life.

Wednesday 10:30 Mind the connection gap

Andrew Gilbert

Chair of Limmud 1990 to 1997. Founding Chair of Limmud International 2004 to 2010. Currently chairs UK Programme UJIA and Trustee London Jewish Forum.

Friday 17:40 Balfour 99 - Britain and Israel today
Sunday 18:50 Around the world in 10 Years: Celebrating a decade of Limmud International
Sunday 21:40 Online collaborative genealogy - a growing community
Monday 14:30 Limmud FSU: the first decade
Tuesday 12:00 Should Israel and the diaspora need each other?
Tuesday 13:15 Why Jews should support Jeremy Corbyn's Labour Party
Tuesday 16:40 Who or what is the problem between the Labour Party and Jews: and can it be repaired?

Jonathan Gillis

Jonathan Gillis’s plays include Close to Home (the Vibrant Festival, Finborough Theatre 2015) and The Dreamer (Limmud 2010; Khan Theatre Jerusalem; Leeds Festival 2011; Cambridge Limmud 2013). He is a board member and former chair of the Israeli disability rights action group, Bizchut.

Wednesday 13:15 The house of Julius Jacobs - a play-reading

Malcolm Ginsberg

Malcolm Ginsberg, 74, has had a long career as a public relations expert and writer, specialising in transport and travel. As an 8-year-old he "cruised" to Australia, a £10 Pom. His family returned after a year, but he kept his love of the sea. Malcolm and wife Linda have now been on over 40 ships.

Wednesday 18:10 Cruising around the shules

Maurice Glasman

Lord Glasman is an English academic, social thinker and Labour life peer in the House of Lords. He is a senior lecturer in Political Theory at London Metropolitan University, and director of its Faith and Citizenship Programme. He is best known as a founder of Blue Labour, a term he coined in 2009.

Tuesday 12:00 ‘Who’ll say Kaddish for me?’ What is left of the Jewish left?
Tuesday 16:40 Who or what is the problem between the Labour Party and Jews: and can it be repaired?

Simon Glass

Having produced and directed several award-winning films, Simon's recent documentary "The Last Tribe", about the rise and decline of Britain's provincial Jewry, has screened in London, Toronto, Paris and was selected by the British Film Institute for preservation in their Mediatheque archive.

Tuesday 16:40 The Last Tribe screening and Q&A with director Simon Glass

Ian Gold

Ian has been rocking and davening since childhood through "Studygroup with Ivor", and hasn't grown out of either. For fun he advocates in the criminal courts.

Wednesday 21:50 Sing-along with The Rubens

Jess Gold

Jess is a singer, song-writer and climate change campaigner. Inspired by Debbie Friedman, she began her career as a Jewish music writer and performer and then she created a climate change music programme. She is now bringing the two strands together in the newly formed Miriam’s Sister.

Sunday 20:10 Song-writing workshop
Tuesday 13:15 Miriam's Sister: Live in Concert
Tuesday 21:40 Song-writing workshop (2 of 2)

Alex Goldberg

Alex is a barrister, chaplain and human rights activist. He is CEO of the Carob Tree Project, working on international community relations and community development projects. He is chief of heritage at the United Synagogue, Surrey University’s Jewish chaplain and a BBC co-presenter. He is studying for semikha (rabbinical ordination).

Wednesday 16:40 Stopping the traffic together
Wednesday 18:50 Waking the dead
Thursday 11:00 Shrinking halachah: how Torah principles helped me lose weight

Ivor Goldberg

The "complete" Jewish music group, Shir have been entertaining audiences for 19 years with their uplifting, energetic and spiritual brand of Klezmer, Israeli, Ladino, Yiddish, Simcha, Sefardi and Mizrahi music. Back at Limmud for their 4th visit. Get ready to move and to be moved.

Wednesday 12:00 A meeting of styles: Zoe Jacobs with Shir in concert
Wednesday 14:30 Shir interactive
Wednesday 21:50 Shir In Concert

Robert Goldenberg

Robert Goldenberg is Professor Emeritus of Judaic Studies at Stony Brook University. He currently lives in Princeton, NJ and is actively engaged in adult education along with several editorial projects. His publications have focused on Jewish history in the Hellenistic and Roman periods.

Friday 17:40 The Jews become a "people of the book"
Sunday 09:20 Why were the Maccabees so upset?
Sunday 20:10 The Temple was destroyed: did this save Judaism?
Wednesday 12:00 The Babylonian Exile: Is That Why the Prophets "Won"?
Wednesday 14:30 The Tel Aviv Review podcast - live recording (3 of 4)

Daniel Goldfarb

Daniel Goldfarb, Boston native/lawyer/rabbi, divides his year between Limmud and 51 weeks in Jerusalem. He teaches Liturgy, Pirkei Avot and the Jewish Calendar at the Conservative yeshiva there, and coordinates its weekly parsha message, Torah Sparks, which is easy to subscribe to - just ask.

Saturday 14:45 Maoz Tzur: the first rock song
Sunday 16:40 Leonard Cohen and Bob Dylan – seekers of faith; finders of different fates
Monday 13:15 Strive to be a mentch – the world according to Pirkei Avot
Thursday 11:00 Is today Chanukah or Christmas/New Years?

Mark Goldsmith

Mark is rabbi at Alyth-North Western Reform Synagogue. He teaches Jewish Life Cycle and Homiletics at Leo Baeck College and has written and taught extensively on Judaism and business ethics. He is fascinated by new ways of discovering Jewish spirituality and loves teaching and studying Talmud.

Tuesday 12:00 Should Israel and the diaspora need each other?
Tuesday 16:40 Kavannah yoga
Wednesday 10:30 Impact investing as a mitzvah and new paradigm
Wednesday 21:50 Reggae Zion
Thursday 09:45 Restorative yoga for all: relax and unwind (5 of 5)
Thursday 11:00 Not Yet Disabled

Nahum Gordon

Nahum is an informal educator, with particular interests in Biblical texts and Jewish history. His links with Limmud go back 20 years when it was held in Worcester. He was a co-founder of the first London Day Limmud which took place in Harrow Weald.

Monday 13:15 Free choice: forbidden fruit - was it worth it? (1 of 3)
Tuesday 13:15 Free choice: blood is thicker than water (2 of 3)
Wednesday 13:15 Free choice: when God was over-ruled (3 of 3)

Simon Gordon

Simon works for Douglas Carswell MP and the UKIP Parliamentary Resource Unit. He was previously assistant editor of Mosaic Magazine and speechwriter to Israeli Ambassador Daniel Taub. He read Philosophy and French at Jesus College, Oxford, and is a member of Kol Nefesh Masorti Synagogue.

Monday 21:40 Worshipping the state (1 of 2)
Tuesday 21:40 Is the Jewish Right out of ideas?
Wednesday 14:30 Is Brexit good for the Jews?
Thursday 09:45 Worshipping the state (2 of 2)

Rivka Gottlieb

Rivka trained at the Royal College of Music, the Juilliard School (harp) and the Guildhall (music therapy). She has performed internationally and as a studio recording artist for film and TV. She is director of programming at NNLS and Music Therapist at JCoSS working with children on the autistic spectrum.

Sunday 18:50 Textformance
Monday 18:50 "Joseph" at Limmud

Joseph Grabiner

Joe is an RSY-Netzer movement worker. Originally from the mean streets of Hampstead Garden Suburb he has been a campaigner with Yachad, and in 2015 co-edited the Limmud Chavruta Project. A diet of pickled cucumbers and salt & vinegar crisps powered him to a degree in Politics and Philosophy at LSE.

Monday 21:40 Whose Sugiya Is It Anyway?
Tuesday 18:10 Should the Jewish State execute a leading Nazi?
Tuesday 23:20 Classic shira!

Janie Grackin

Janie Grackin is a rabbi and community educator who uses the art of storytelling to inspire and educate, creating multi-sensory educational programmes for intergenerational populations. She was recently recognised with the Grinspoon Award for Excellence in Jewish Education.

Friday 17:40 Spices of Shabbat
Friday 21:15 The Rebbe's tisch
Sunday 17:15 Maccabees Conquer Jerusalem
Tuesday 18:45 Yiddish at bedtime
Tuesday 23:20 Judy in the sky with diamonds
Wednesday 17:00 Families drums 'n tales

James Graham

James Graham is a Middle Eastern Studies graduate from the University of Manchester. Having grown up in BBYO, he is now a J-Soc Officer at the Union of Jeiwsh Students. He is responsible for universities in Scotland and the North West as well as Interfaith projects on campus.

Monday 18:10 Do young Jews support/feel connected to Israel?
Tuesday 12:00 Is cross-communalism a fantasy?
Wednesday 13:15 Abrahamic Interfaith: Perspectives from campus

Camille Grahame

Camille is a medical student at the University of Leeds and has been involved with RSY-Netzer since 2010. Last year she a was movement worker and loved the opportunity of working with young people and being part of the MRJ. This is her second Limmud and she is excited to come back!

Monday 21:40 Youth: empowering you?

Sam Grant

Sam Grant is the campaigns manager for René Cassin, the Jewish voice of human rights. Sam joined René Cassin in 2014 after completing his master's in human rights.

Sunday 16:40 The Nuremberg Trials and human rights: the hidden link
Tuesday 18:10 Let me tell you about my time in immigration detention...
Tuesday 20:10 Refugees in the Torah, Mishnah and today
Tuesday 21:40 No place like home: poetry and jazz

Natalie Grazin

At over 20 Limmud Conferences, Natalie has done serious things such as go to sessions, teach, facilitate chevruta and volunteer. Until now, her happiest Limmud moment was winning Strictly Limmud Dancing. However, singing the Narrator in "Joseph" looks set to be an all-time high.

Monday 18:50 "Joseph" at Limmud

Arthur Green

Arthur (Avraham Yizhak) Green is founder and current rector of the Hebrew College Rabbinical School in Boston. He studies, teaches, and translates the Kabbalistic and Hasidic traditions, as well as writing his own theology based on those sources.

Friday 17:40 Bet-Reshit: a creation-based Judaism for our environmentalist era
Sunday 16:40 Being and being Jewish: an exploration of Jewish ethics and spirituality
Monday 14:30 The Tel Aviv Review podcast: live recording (1 of 4)
Tuesday 12:00 Secrets of the Shema: from a new commentary on the prayerbook
Wednesday 09:15 Re-discovering a Hasidic Master: a Shi'ur in the Me'or 'Eynayim

Cantor Jason Green

Chazan, New London Synagogue. Cantor J has been conducting synagogue choirs for 25 years, taught by Stephen Glass. He holds a diploma in nusach and chazanut from the LSJS, and a cantorial commission from the Cantors Assembly. His choirs are known for their choral blend and their fun factor.

Monday 16:40 Limmud choir: The choral hits of Stephen Glass (1 of 3)
Tuesday 12:00 Limmud choir: The choral hits of Stephen Glass (2 of 3)
Wednesday 12:00 Limmud choir: The choral hits of Stephen Glass (3 of 3)

Mark Greenfield

Mark Greenfield works at JW3 as the head of community programming department, after 12 years of public sector youth and family work. He is a professional percussionist, performing with Sephardic Soul band Los Desterrados, and alongside Mira Awad, Guy Shalom and numerous other artists.

Tuesday 21:40 Room 101/613
Wednesday 16:00 Families Crafternoon
Wednesday 21:50 Big Jewish soundtracks at the bar

Aaron Gross

Aaron Saul Gross is a full-time professor of Jewish studies at the University of San Diego and the Founder and CEO of Farm Forward, the organisation executing the US-based Jewish Initiative for Animals. He is currently helping to produce a documentary based on Jonathan Safran Foer’s bestseller "Eating Animals".

Sunday 16:40 Jewish animal ethics from Torah to today
Sunday 20:10 Deli Man (92 mins)
Monday 10:30 Ethical Kosher and the Future of Food
Monday 14:30 A Jewish response to factory farming
Tuesday 10:30 Creating an ethical food policy that can change public policy

Aryeh Grossman

Aryeh works at Koren Publishers and, amongst other things, oversees all UK operations. Aryeh is a qualified teacher and has a BA in Jewish History from UCL. Aryeh was the 1998 winner of the North West London Jewish Day School Year 6 Bible Quiz.

Monday 09:15 Tefillah education or Tefillah literacy?

Tal Grunspan

Tal Grunspan is a born and bred Tel Avivian. In his 21 years of social and political activism, Tal has taken part in public campaigns, worked as an adviser in the Knesset and was among the leaders of the Tent Protest for social justice in Israel. Tal is also a yoga teacher. He’s the founding Chair of Limmud TLV Community.

Saturday 11:30 Yoga class: Vijnana Yoga
Monday 20:10 Understanding Israeli politics from within
Tuesday 20:10 Is Benjamin Netanyahu a force for good?

Haviv Gur

A veteran journalist and analyst, Haviv serves as The Times of Israel's senior analyst. He's reported from over 20 countries and served as director of communications for the Jewish Agency for Israel, Israel's largest NGO. He lives in Jerusalem with his wife and two sons.

Monday 12:00 What's wrong with the peace process?
Monday 13:15 Is there such a thing anymore as a single Jewish people?
Monday 20:10 Is Israeli democracy under threat?
Tuesday 13:15 The controversial Judicial role in the Jewish democratic state
Tuesday 16:40 The international media and Israel
Tuesday 20:10 Is Benjamin Netanyahu a force for good?

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