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Love triangles in Genesis: a psychological literary comparison of Genesis 25 and Genesis 30

Shmuel Klitsner 

Marquee 2

A text based interactive study session with the author of Wrestling Jacob: Deception, Identity and Freudian Slips in Genesis.

Heresy and community: the case of Baruch/Benedictus Spinoza

Benjamin Gampel 

Orange 10

We will investigate the tensions within modern Judaism on the nature of identity by following Spinoza’s life and thought, to understand how and why the Jewish community rejected him. We will also discuss how and why Jews today seek ways of incorporating this individual and his ideas back into the Jewish fold and into our notions of Judaism.

Doctor, Doctor, we need to work on our mental health services

Luciana Berger 

Orange 11

As the former (first ever) Shadow Cabinet Minister for Mental Health, Luciana Berger MP has spent much of her Parliamentary career campaigning for those whose voices are not often heard. Mental ill health doesn't discriminate, affects 1 in 4 of us in any given year, and our services are not up to scratch. Come and discuss tackling the stigma and discrimination that still persists and what more needs to be done to ensure real equality for mental health.

20 years of learning at Limmud - celebrating the Chavruta Project

Chani Smith  Steve Miller  Hannah Skolnick  Robin Moss  Limmud Chavruta Project 

Orange 12

It's a Limmud institution, an international collaboration and an incredible annual gift to the Jewish world - and 2016 is its 20th anniversary! To celebrate two decades of the Limmud Chavruta Project, three past editors and the long-time designer will share with you some of the highlights, challenges and changes since the first book in 1996.

The two Islamic fundamentalist threats

Benny Morris 

Orange 14

The lecture will look at the various Islamist threats to the West and Israel, analyse the West's response and measure the relative weight of the two major threats, from the Islamist terrorist organisations (Al Qaeda, ISIS, etc.) and Iran.

Are Christians basically antisemitic?

Jane Clements 

Turquoise 16

Why does the Church keep coming into conflict with the Jewish community? Is the default Christian position essentially anti-Jewish? We will explore some of the main arguments and recent controversies.

Much Ado About Nothing? Homeopathy in Jewish life

Francis Treuherz 

Turquoise 20

Homeopathy is central to healthcare in many traditional Jewish communities and in Israel. Francis will explore principles and practice of homeopathy, how they appear in Jewish sources and share stories of using homeopathy in a Jewish context. There will be opportunity for questions and discussion during session or private meetings after.

Cruising around the shules

Malcolm Ginsberg 

Yellow 21

Malcolm Ginsberg has been cruising since he was eight. In this presentation he introduces this popular holiday choice and describes synagogues he has visited around the world, stepping off 40 ships. They are in every continent. Hear about Hobart, Victoria and Livorno. And Hong Kong, Rome & Mumbai. Plus the Caribbean.

Books, men and women in medieval Europe (2 of 2)

Eva Frojmovic 

Yellow 22

Eva Frojmovic has been studying illustrated books owned by medieval Jews and noticed that until well into the 15th century, when there are pictures of people holding books, they're always in the hands of a man. Why is that? This will be an illustrated talk.

Jews in arctic Alaska

Jonathan Reisman 

Green 26

As a Jewish physician working in arctic Alaska, Jonathan Reisman met many Inupiat Eskimo patients with part-Jewish ancestry. This surprised him and led him to investigate this fascinating history. Delve into the surprising history of Jews in Arctic Alaska, including Ray Mala the half-Jewish first Eskimo Hollywood star and many other stories.

The Sermon on the Mount and the Ten Commandments

Barry Kleinberg 

Green 27

We will compare these two momentous events in the Old and New Testament and discover the similarities and differences. Is one very negative and the other positive?

JW3 art salon: art and politics

Jacqueline Nicholls  Alex Davidson  Claire Berliner 

Blue 32 (Millers)

When artists become activists, they use the power of their art to challenge society and protest. This salon will explore how different art forms have been used to give voice to the oppressed, and change minds.

Niddah and finding a spiritual connection with menstruation

Sarah Waxman 

Blue 34

Jewish laws governing menstruation leave many modern-day women feeling appalled. However, tracking your cycle can open you up to a greater awareness of your health, help guide you to a spiritual practice and to the natural rhythms of your body. Join Sarah Waxman, founder of At The Well, for a lesson on menstrual tracking and Jewish spirituality.

Rabbi Aharon Lichtenstein and the holistic integrity of religious life

Shlomo Zuckier 

Red 2

A survey of central themes in both Rabbi Aharon Lichtenstein's life and thought, with a focus on the holism and integrity within his view of the religious life.

Fighting racism and antisemitism on the web

Sacha Reingewirtz  Benjamin Fischer 

Red 4

This session will analyse the challenges of fighting hatred on the internet, drawing on experience acquired by the Union of French Jewish Students and the numerous trials conducted against Twitter, Youtube, Facebook and Google. An international perspective will be given to compare how this can be done in different European countries and in the US.

Candy Gigi: If I had a rich man

Candy Markham 

Red 7

An hour long comedy show from everyone's favourite Yiddish Girl, Candy Gigi. 'Sheer audacious lunacy' - Chortle

Antisemitism: defining it and identifying it

Deborah Lipstadt 

Orange 15

How do we define this age-old hatred? All antisemites are not the same. We will explore a typology of antisemites and antisemitism.

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