Limmud Conference 2016 - Presenters

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Presenters: K

Deborah Kahn-Harris

Deborah Kahn-Harris is the principal of Leo Baeck College in London, where she teaches Megillot. She holds a PhD in Bible from the University of Sheffield. She is married to Keith, with whom shares responsibility for looking after two children, two budgies, one cat, and a large fish aquarium.

Monday 12:00 Tell me text: the text that I first fell in love with
Monday 14:30 Building the House of Israel: Intertextuality in the Book of Ruth
Monday 18:50 Sing us a song of Zion: art and music on the Book of Lamentations

Keith Kahn-Harris

Keith Kahn-Harris is a sociologist, writer and editor. He lectures at Leo Baeck College and Birkbeck College, and runs the European Research Archive at the Institute for Jewish Policy Research. His latest book is "Uncivil War: The Israel Conflict in the Jewish Community".

Monday 12:00 What we don't know about British Jewry
Monday 13:15 My son the portfolio careerist - work and careers in the 21st century
Monday 15:50 Yet another session on antisemitism in the Labour Party and on the left. But this one is different!
Monday 20:10 Finally - the Jews and metal session!

Zehavit Kalif

Zehavit is part of the Limmud Tel Aviv core team. She lives in Ramat gan and is a payroll accountant by profession. Zehavit has studied in pluralist Jewish learning institutions for many years. She enjoys dancing Argentine Tango and is proud to be Gal's mom.

Saturday 14:45 From "Vayeshev" to the Tibetan Book of the Dead - Can we learn from experience?

Lior Kaminetsky

Lior Kaminetsky is an acclaimed violinist and rabbi of Birmingham Central Synagogue, with a unique niche combining Judaism and music. His style bridges classical, popular and improv. He earned a doctorate of Musical Arts at USC and semicha at OTS. His album "Mediterranean Klezmer" was released 2006.

Saturday 21:45 Yehoshua in concert: songs of love from King David to David Avidan
Sunday 20:10 The Rabbi's concert
Tuesday 16:40 Live your mistakes!

Chana Karmann-Lente

Being a rabbi and mediator, Chana works and teaches mainly in Germany and the Netherlands. While her current academic research focuses on the intersection of religion and conflict, Chana is best known for her support of Jewish women’s rights in the religious realm.

Saturday 20:30 "…Meshaneh HaBriyot" – Disability Inclusion in the Tension of Tzedek and Tzedakah

Elliott Karstadt

Elliott is a second-year rabbinical student at Leo Baeck College in London, and has taught Jewish studies to teens for the past eight years. Before starting at Leo Baeck, Elliott completed a PhD in the history of political thought, focusing on early modernity.

Monday 21:40 Jewish themes in The West Wing
Tuesday 14:30 Tachanun
Thursday 11:00 Can Jews be monarchists?

Ilana Kaufman

Ilana is a public affairs director from California. A thought leader on the importance of grappling with race and racism in the Jewish community, Ilana was featured in the series “ELI Talks: Inspired Jewish Ideas” 2015, and is regularly engaged by Jewish entities as a strategic problem-solving partner.

Sunday 20:10 Jewish identity. Jewish values. Black lives. They all matter.
Tuesday 14:30 Challenging assumptions in a multi-racial Jewish world
Wednesday 16:40 Jews of color: Being a black, professional Jew
Thursday 09:45 Is this still my America?

Andy Kaufmann

Andy and his wife Aviva consider themselves a Limmud couple, thanks to Limmud '97. Andy enjoys textual studies, with a ba'al koreh's eye for unusual formulations. Following a career focused on foreign exchange solutions at various investment banks, Andy set up Maven Global a couple of years ago.

Monday 14:30 Ten commandments or twenty commandments?

Maria Kavala

Maria Kavala is an adjunct lecturer of modern Greek history, in the Department of Political Science, AUTH. She is also an educational associate in the HOU teaching “Social and Economic History of Europe”. She is member of AI teaching human rights at schools.

Tuesday 12:00 Holocaust recognition and memorialisation in Thessaloniki
Tuesday 20:10 An overview of Greek-Jewish history
Wednesday 09:15 Jewish life in Greece today

Gordon Kay

Gordon co-chaired Sussex Day Limmud and occasionally presents. He has contributed to the Brighton & Hove Jewish Community 250th Anniversary celebrations, including advising on the definitive history book. He runs Tell Your Story Better, helping organisations tell better stories about themselves.

Tuesday 21:40 Brighton & Hove Jewry: A celebration of 250 years of history

Saul Kaye

Saul is a successful entrepreneur with several online businesses: iCAN (Israel-cannabis), and SUBS co-working hub. He is a sought-after international speaker on the cannabis market, MMJ science and the Israeli regulatory environment. He serves as an advisor to the Israeli Knesset on medical cannabis reform.

Sunday 21:40 Cannabis 101: medicalising and monetising
Monday 16:40 Israel: reshaping the global landscape with medical cannabis
Tuesday 10:30 Got a light? Using business as a force to do good

Adi Keissar

Adi Keissar is a poet and journalist. Founder of "Ars Poetica" Poetry Project, her first book "Black on Black" won the Bernstein Literary award. Adi is also winner of the Ministry of Culture, Media and Sport poetry award for young poets (2015). Her second book "Loud Music" was published in the summer of 2016.

Sunday 12:00 Ars Poetica - culture, politics and poetry
Sunday 20:10 Art and activism
Tuesday 21:40 No place like home: poetry and jazz

Naamah Kelman

Naamah Kelman is a descendant of 10 generations of rabbis, becoming the first woman to be ordained in Israel by the Hebrew Union College in 1992, where she currently serves as Dean.

Sunday 18:10 The genealogy of redemption or a case against Jewish "text-tosterone"
Monday 09:15 Israeli Reform Judaism- from stigma to brand name!
Tuesday 10:30 200 years of Reform Judaism - bicentennial reflections, review and celebrations
Tuesday 12:00 Should Israel and the diaspora need each other?
Wednesday 12:00 The Hillel sandwich generation: caring for our children, grandchildren and aging parents

Maureen Kendler

Maureen is a Teaching Fellow at the London School of Jewish Studies and teaches adults in the UK and internationally. She writes, broadcasts and loves to work with texts, ancient and modern, preferably at the same time. She is proud to have been involved with Limmud since the beginning.

Sunday 18:10 Songs of protest, inspiration and prayer: If It Be Your Will
Sunday 20:10 Striking a rock instead of a conversation
Monday 21:40 Whose Sugiya Is It Anyway?
Tuesday 13:15 Being serious about Jewish comedy
Wednesday 09:15 As clay in the hands of the potter
Wednesday 12:00 Tell Me Texts: The weird and the wonderful
Thursday 13:50 Gimpel Tam: A sting in the tale?

David King

Sir David King was appointed by the Foreign Secretary as his new permanent Special Representative for Climate Change in September 2013. Sir David has published over 500 papers on science and policy, for which he has received numerous awards. He holds 22 Honorary Degrees from universities around the world.

Tuesday 14:30 Achieving climate consciousness

Barry Kleinberg

Barry Kleinberg is a Teaching Fellow at the London School of Jewish Studies and is currently studying for rabbinical exams and writing a PhD on Modern Orthodoxy in the UK.

Wednesday 10:30 Islamic and Greek philosophy in the Guide for the Perplexed
Wednesday 18:10 The Sermon on the Mount and the Ten Commandments

Judy Klitsner

Judy Klitsner is a senior lecturer at Pardes Institute. She delivers text-based interactive lectures. Judy is the author of "Subversive Sequels in the Bible: How Biblical Stories Mine and Undermine Each Other", winner of a National Jewish book award.

Sunday 20:10 Striking a rock instead of a conversation
Monday 10:30 Crimes, Misdemeanors and Other Infractions by Biblical Leaders: “Would you Murder and Also Inherit?” A Biblical Story of Crime and Other Addictions (1 of 3)
Monday 18:10 The film “Spotlight”: I could have written the script
Tuesday 10:30 Crimes, misdemeanors and other infractions by Biblical leaders: the Tower of Babel and the midwives of Egypt: comparing an unlikely pair (2 of 3)
Wednesday 10:30 Crimes, misdemeanours and other infractions by biblical leaders: The Lion King: leader or predator? (3 of 3)
Wednesday 14:30 Who run the world?
Wednesday 21:50 Pardes bar meetup: alumni and friends

Shmuel Klitsner

Shmuel Klitsner is a rabbi and has taught Bible and Talmud the past 29 years at Jerusalem's Midreshet Lindenbaum, is the author of "Wrestling Jacob", and directs the Susi Bradfield Women's Institute for Halachic Leadership.

Monday 13:15 Power and corruption in the Book of Samuel
Tuesday 09:15 Orthodox feminism and the Israeli landscape of spiritual leadership: a report from the trenches
Tuesday 10:30 Rebbetzins, Maharats, and Rabbis: Women as Orthodox Religious Authorities
Tuesday 14:30 Lights: A Chanukah Story
Wednesday 13:15 Law vs equity: an examination of Jewish legal ethics
Wednesday 14:30 Partnership Minyanim: Here to stay?
Wednesday 18:10 Love triangles in Genesis: a psychological literary comparison of Genesis 25 and Genesis 30

Surat-Shaan Knan

Surat-Shaan Knan works for Liberal Judaism. He's an international LGBTQI campaigner, and founded the landmark Heritage Lottery Fund projects Rainbow Jews and Twilight People. His current project is Rainbow Pilgrims: LGBTQI Migrants. Shaan is a member of the Stonewall Trans Advisory Group.

Wednesday 12:00 Transgender Jewish Voices

Roman Kogan

Roman Kogan is executive director of Limmud FSU. A graduate of Hebrew University’s Department of International Relations and Journalism, Roman was a press attaché in the Knesset, and a shaliach of the Jewish Agency in St. Petersburg and in the Baltic states.

Monday 14:30 Limmud FSU: the first decade
Wednesday 13:15 Eli Wiesel: where are my Jews? - an exhibition opening

Daniella Kolodny

Daniella Kolodny is a Masorti rabbi. Having received rabbinic ordination at the Jewish Theological Seminary, she is now the rabbinic consultant for Masorti Judaism in the UK.

Saturday 11:30 Miracle makers in the modern world
Saturday 14:45 Creating Eve: rabbinic and contemporary perspectives on the first woman in the Torah
Thursday 09:45 Creating Eve: rabbinic and contemporary perspectives on the first woman in the Torah

Rachel Kolsky

Rachel is a prize winning Blue Badge Guide who worked for over 25 years in the financial services industry as a professional researcher. A regular at Limmud, she lectures on cruises, is a trustee for the Phoenix Cinema and has published two books ‘Jewish London’ and 'Whitechapel in 50 Buidlings'.

Tuesday 13:15 The Small World of Sammy Lee (104 mins)
Wednesday 09:15 Lights, Chutzpah, Action! Jews in British Cinema
Wednesday 13:15 It Always Rains on Sunday (92 mins)

Gur Koren

Gur is an award-winning Israeli playwright, director and actor. He is behind the critically acclaimed shows "The Disabled", "5 Kilos of Sugar" and "Shoot the Head" which shine a satirical light on contemporary and enduring issues in Israeli society.

Sunday 21:40 The rise of political correctness in Israeli theatre
Monday 14:30 The influence of fringe theatre in Israeli culture
Monday 18:10 The British Mandate: Depictions in Israeli Theatre
Wednesday 12:00 Holocaust and humor in Israeli theatre

Ronen Kozokaro

Ronen was born in Israel, studied at Arad Conservatory and Rimon before moving to London in 1997. Ronen is principal accompanist at Trinity Laban, Central School of Ballet, Rambert Dance Company and Matthew Bourne. Ronen has written compositions for dance groups in Italy, Germany, Hong Kong and the UK.

Wednesday 12:00 A meeting of styles: Zoe Jacobs with Shir in concert
Wednesday 14:30 Shir interactive
Wednesday 21:50 Shir In Concert

Eran Kraus

Eran Kraus was born in Rochester NY in 1976 and made aliya in 1979. He grew up in the Ra'anana-Kfar Saba area. He graduated from the Nissan Native Acting Studio in Jerusalem in 2004 and studied Jewish History at the Hebrew University. He is married and moved back to his root with his lovely wife Michal.

Sunday 21:40 The rise of political correctness in Israeli theatre
Monday 14:30 The influence of fringe theatre in Israeli culture
Tuesday 12:00 Who is behind the mask?
Wednesday 12:00 Holocaust and humor in Israeli theatre
Wednesday 18:50 Comedy beit midrash

Halima Krausen

Halima Krausen is a Muslim theologian. After 20 years of leading a German-speaking Muslim community, she is now teaching at Hamburg University and in various Muslim and interfaith study circles. She has been a regular at Limmud since 2002 and still enjoys teaching and studying.

Saturday 11:30 A Muslim Reads the Bible - Creation (1 of 2)
Sunday 12:00 A Muslim reads the Bible: migration (2 of 2)
Wednesday 13:15 Animals in the Qur'an and Tanach

Amy Kronish

Amy Kronish lectures and writes widely on film and is the author of two books on Israeli film. She served for 15 years as the curator of Jewish and Israeli Film at the Jerusalem Cinematheque. Born and bred in the U.S., she now lives in Jerusalem.

Tuesday 10:30 Best Israeli films of recent years

Ronald Kronish

Ron Kronish is the founder of the Interreligious Coordinating Council in Israel (ICCI), now a department of Rabbis for Human Rights. He blogs for the Times of Israel and the Huffington Post, and is currently working on a book on interreligious dialogue in Israel as a form of peacebuilding.

Monday 12:00 Is Arab-Jewish coexistence in Israel still possible?
Monday 13:15 How can Muslims and Jews coexist?
Tuesday 12:00 Interreligious dialogue: Best practices, challenges and success stories

Annette Kurer

Annette is a global leadership consultant and motivational speaker. She qualified as a dentist before managing multi-million pound businesses in the corporate world for Unilever. She helps men and women to gain executive presence and the confidence to speak up, be heard, and achieve their career potential.

Sunday 13:15 Worriers to warriors: how to gain executive presence and confidence to speak up, be heard, and achieve your potential

Sara Kyte

Sara is the founder of Kyte Lester Appointments, which offers specialist recruitment services and consultancy for the not-for-profit sector. She previously worked as a Senior Recruitment Consultant for CfA Executive Search and Selection (2005-2014).

Monday 13:15 My son the portfolio careerist - work and careers in the 21st century

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