Limmud Conference 2016

Limmud Conference 2016 – Sunday 10:40

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Archaeology and the great kings of the Bible: David, Solomon and Israel's United Monarchy

Avraham Faust 

Red 4

The existence of Israel's United Monarchy under David and Solomon is, for the last 20 years, one the most heated debates in Biblical archaeology. The session will summarise the current controversy, will review the relevant archaeological and historical information, and will offer a new reconstruction of this formative period.

Challenges of Halacha in a rapidly changing world: Where do we draw the lines?

Ronen Neuwirth 

Red 1

Our world is changing in a rapid pace. Technological developments as well as social transformations are challenging many values and practices of Judaism and halacha. How does the era of knowledge revolution, social media and post-modernism affect Judaism? How can we maintain the relevance of halacha?

Challenging the concept that the Dreyfus affair was Herzl's inspiration toward Zionism

Mordechai Friedman 

Red 3

Discussing the different sources of Herzl’s inspiration to risk the peak of his career as editor of a Europe leading newspaper and embark on his Zionist journey, endangering his standing among Jews and non-Jews alike.

Israel, a feminine people

Natan Abenaim 

Orange 12

The prophets often spoke of the people of Israel, using the metaphor of a woman. The Talmud opposes the masculinity of the Nations and the femininity of Israel. What kind of relation to the world does it imply? How does it speak of our national identity?

Jewish renaissance in the white city: Jewish religious life blooms in the "secular" city of Tel Aviv

Ariela Migdal 

Red 2

Tel Aviv is known as a haven of secular Jewish culture with antipathy to religious life. In fact, religion has found expression in Tel Aviv since its founding, but religious life in the city is undergoing change. We will discuss recent developments in the character of the city and their implication for religious life in Israel more broadly.

Journalism, disrupted

Jodi Rudoren 

Red 6

How the New York Times is reinventing itself for the digital age. A look at new digital storytelling techniques, the changing definitions of news, the collapse of the newspaper business model (and the search for a new one) and other challenges for the fourth estate.

Limmud MarCom Master Class: What you Need to Know About Marketing and Media

Limmud Development and Connection Team  Sara Averick  Karen Radkowsky 

Yellow 21

Marketing and PR are critical to the success of your event. In this practical session, you will learn to create imagery and craft messaging that will attract your target audiences, and reach them via traditional and social media.

Politics from the pulpit: religious leaders, electioneering and the law

Gabriel Webber 

Orange 10

Since Victorian times, British election law has made it illegal for candidates to threaten voters with spiritual injury: “vote for me or go to Hell”. Catholic and Muslim clerics have fallen foul of it. But what is the place of religious leaders in electoral debate? Does politics belong in the pulpit, and should the law be changed?

Spin like a dreidel: ecstatic dance

Limmud Social Programming Team 

Marquee 3

Wear your comfy clothes and be ready to move. This is a free-movement dance session where each person is encouraged to move freely to the music. No dance experience is required. We will unlock the energy within through awakening the movement in our bodies.

The Perfect Guests?

Rachel Montagu 

Orange 13

Many non-Jews visited Creechurch Lane, the first place Jewish services took place after Jews returned to England in the 16th Century, and some wrote down their impressions. We will look at Samuel Pepys' diary and Greenhalgh's letter to see how much they understood what they saw and heard.

The Way We Weren’t: Jewish art as a “mirror of Jewish life”?

Marc Epstein 

Orange 14

Things are seldom exactly what they seem. So why should we think — looking at images of “typical” families at a “typical” seder, or a “typical” Jewish wedding or synagogue scene in art made by or for Jews — that we are seeing something straightforward? How much of Jewish art is a stage set constructed for a particular purpose, and how can we tell?

What the hell is wrong with our family? - For siblings of transgender adults

Miriam Schacter 

Orange 11

When a sibling changes gender, the family is in an uproar and this deeply effects the identity of their siblings. Siblings are often bewildered and have many questions. This session is an opportunity for siblings to speak openly and candidly about their conflicts.

Why are Jewish women in war films moral degenerates?

Benjamin Vos 

Red 7

Jewish women in war films are often conspicuously sexualised and amoral, and often suffer what looks suspiciously like 'punishment'. Ben believes he has watched every relevant war movie, and is evangelical about the deeply sinister messages on Jewish womanhood hiding in plain sight within them.

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