Limmud Conference 2016 - Presenters

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Presenters: A

Daisy Abboudi

Growing up, Daisy Abboudi loved listening to her grandparents’ stories, which in turn developed into a love of history. She completed her master's at King's College London in Ancient History. For the past year she has been working on a project detailing the history of the Jewish Community of Sudan.

Tuesday 14:30 The Tel Aviv Review podcast: live recording (2 of 4)
Tuesday 21:40 Tales of Jewish Sudan

Wejdan Abd

Wejdan is a 18-year-old Palestinian living in the south of Israel, in the Naqeb desert. Her family is both from Gaza and the country's center. She graduated from Windows' media youth program and continued as a volunteer. She is a social and political activist and plan to study International Law.

Monday 12:00 Is it possible to create a peaceful future in Israel/Palestine without acknowledging the past?
Tuesday 12:00 How the present reality impacts the new generation of Palestinians and Israelis and their ability to imagine a peaceful future
Tuesday 18:10 How Israeli and Palestinian youth see the future, and what impact can they have on shaping it?
Wednesday 09:15 What can you do for the future of Israel/Palestine?

Ariel Abel

Ariel Abel is the rabbi of the Princes Road synagogue in Liverpool and is currently training a the first Noahide minister for the UK. Currently studying to become a solicitor, Ariel is an interfaith activist and lives in Darwen, Lancashire.

Monday 10:30 Sofrut: sacred calligraphy for all
Tuesday 10:30 Subversive texts in the Torah: Levirate marriage and the suspected adultress
Wednesday 10:30 Subversive texts in the Torah: legalised rape and enslaved wives

Natan Abenaim

Natan is a strategy consultant and a rabbi. He graduated from the Ecole Centrale de Paris and from the Montefiore Kollel in London. He teaches at the Troyes University, the Beit Hamidrach of the AIU and the Centre Communautaire de Paris. He rides an e-wheel, which makes him an Ofan-angel.

Saturday 11:30 The simple meaning, a complex task
Sunday 10:40 Israel, a feminine people

Yosef Abramowitz

Named by CNN of as one of the world's leading six Green Pioneers, Yosef Abramowitz is a founder of the solar industries in Israel and Africa. Yossi is a lifelong activist, educator, Impact Investor and all-around trouble maker who served on the Israeli delegation to the Paris Climate Conference.

Sunday 18:50 It's a scorcher! 2016, the world's warmest year ever
Monday 12:00 An Israeli vision for fighting climate change
Tuesday 12:00 Tell me text: a text that everyone should read once
Tuesday 16:40 Jewish journeys on the road to the global development agenda
Wednesday 10:30 Impact investing as a mitzvah and new paradigm

Hester Abrams

Hester Abrams is Project Development Manager for the Heritage Lottery Fund-supported project to develop Willesden United Synagogue Cemetery as a heritage attraction. A Reuters journalist by training, she is a cultural producer, writer and researcher, and a past Director of Jewish Book Week.

Wednesday 18:50 Waking the dead

Nathan Abrams

Nathan Abrams is Professor of Film Studies at Bangor University in north Wales, where he lives. He's a long-time Limmud participant and has written extensively on Jews in film for academic and popular publications.

Tuesday 13:15 The Small World of Sammy Lee (104 mins)
Tuesday 16:40 Behind the X-Men: Jews, gender and sexuality
Tuesday 18:10 Hidden in plain sight: Jews and Jewishness in British film and television

Thabet Abu Rass

Since 2015, Thabet has strengthened TAFI’s practical partnerships with key figures in Arab society. Thabet’s PhD from the University of Arizona in Political Geography and Regional Development and his decades of work with Jewish-Arab NGOs have facilitated his expertise on the Negev.

Sunday 18:50 Including the Excluded: The Need for Involving Arab Voices at Every Level of Israeli Society
Monday 12:00 How to change Israeli government policy
Monday 13:15 How can Muslims and Jews coexist?
Tuesday 14:30 Being a Palestinian citizen of Israel: an introduction
Wednesday 12:00 Positive policy reform vs. negative public opinion: analysis of Arab-Jewish relations in Israel

Anna Adamskaya

Anna Adamskaya is project manager at Limmud FSU Moscow and has been an active member of the Moscow Jewish Community both as volunteer and lay leader. She has also worked for the JDC and is an alumna of their Knafaim Young Leadership programme.

Monday 14:30 Limmud FSU: the first decade

Akeela Ahmed

Akeela Ahmed was CEO of the Muslim Youth Helpline, and has advised the NSPCC, EastEnders, as well as various government departments. Since 2012, she has been a UK government advisor, sitting on the Cross-Government Working Group on Anti-Muslim Hatred. Brought to Limmud by the Board of British Jews.

Tuesday 18:50 Antisemitism and Islamophobia: two sides of the same coin?

Aisha & Nadia

Aisha and Nadia (not their real names) were forced to flee her home in Syria before being selected by the UK government to move to Britain as two of the 20,000 Syrian refugees to be given sanctuary here by 2020. As part of Limmud's Refugee Day, meet them both, hear their stories, and ask them questions about the crisis.

Tuesday 16:40 The Syrian refugee crisis: A personal story

Luke Akehurst

Luke Akehurst has been director of We Believe in Israel since 2011. We Believe in Israel is a BICOM initiative and is a coalition of 12,000 supporters of Israel. He was a Hackney Councillor for 12 years, has stood for Parliament twice and served on the Labour Party National Executive Committee.

Tuesday 16:40 Who or what is the problem between the Labour Party and Jews: and can it be repaired?
Tuesday 20:10 Why is the Labour Party in such a mess over Israel, Jews and antisemitism?
Wednesday 15:50 How did a non-Jew end up working as Director of We Believe in Israel and how can we get more non-Jews involved in campaigning for Israel?

Mutasim Ali

A former activist in the Sudanese Liberation Movement, in June this year Ali Mutasim became the only Sudanese national to be granted refugee status by Israel. He is now executive director of the African Refugee Development Center, a past grantee of the New Israel Fund and studies human rights law.

Monday 10:30 Seeking refuge in Israel
Monday 16:40 "For you were strangers yourself..."
Tuesday 21:40 No place like home: poetry and jazz
Wednesday 12:00 Mutasim Ali: Sudanese refugee and social justice leader in Israel

Hamad Amar

Hamad Amar has been a Knesset mamber for the Yisrael Beiteinu party since February 2009 and is now deputy speaker of the Israeli parliament. He is also chair of the Israel-Albania Parliamentary Friendship Group.

Monday 12:00 Being a Zionist Druze – the story of MK Hamad Amar
Monday 20:10 The rise of radical Islam in the Arab world
Tuesday 09:15 Zooming in on the Middle East: December 2016

Siv Andersen

Siv is part of Mountain Spring Music, a global project of 50+ musicians and artists working together above borders to create unique performances, interactive musical workshops and discussions that embody a message of togetherness, embracing the uniqueness of each person to create something bigger.

Monday 18:10 If not now, when? Building a plan together for “a global university” (1 of 2)
Monday 23:20 A Mountain Spring music concert is an adventure
Tuesday 17:30 The Human Keyboard with Mountain Spring Music
Tuesday 21:40 Aligning the Stars - Mountain Spring Music
Wednesday 16:00 Chanukah Candelighting for Kids
Thursday 12:30 If not now, when? Building a plan together for “a global university” (2 of 2)

Daniel Anderson

Daniel presents and facilitates thought-provoking lectures, discussions and workshops. He aims to leave attendees with more questions than answers. In his spare time, Daniel is an elected councillor for the London Borough of Enfield.

Sunday 21:40 The talmudic roots of Sherlock Holmes
Monday 14:30 Rambam versus Maimonides: schizoid man

Jane Ansell

Jane Ansell BSc, MA, CQSW, MBPS founded and is CEO of Sleep Scotland, with 25 years experience in cognitive and behavioural work. She developed TEENS+, a special needs education programme. She has worked as a social worker, community worker, lecturer and manager in adult education.

Monday 13:15 Autism
Monday 18:10 Sleep: How we achieve it and what the Torah has to say about it

Sarah Anticoni

A family solicitor, mediator and partner with Charles Russell Speechlys LLP specialising in pre- and post-marital support for spouses and their children with extensive experience on obtaining gittin and how English law works in this area.

Monday 10:30 Agunah - action and education: a communal response to the challenges of agunah

Maggie Anton

Maggie Anton is the award-winning author of historical fiction series "Rashi's Daughters" and "Rav Hisda's Daughter", and a Talmud scholar with expertise in Jewish women's history. Her latest work is the non-fiction "Fifty Shades of Talmud: What the First Rabbis Had to Say about You-Know What".

Saturday 11:30 Jewish magic from Talmudic times: what it is and how it is still with us today?
Sunday 14:30 Jewish women in Rashi's community were way ahead of their time
Monday 20:10 Talmud after dark
Tuesday 16:40 How I Went from a Clinical Chemist to a Historical Novelist
Wednesday 14:30 The Tel Aviv Review podcast - live recording (3 of 4)

Simon Appleman

Simon Appleman is the headteacher of JFS, where he has taught since 2002. He has been on the JFS Senior Leadership Team for over eight years, first as assistant head and then deputy head. Away from JFS, Simon conducts the Woodside Park Synagogue choir and can still be seen playing the tuba.

Sunday 18:50 Five lessons in leadership: what not to do!

Jonathan Arkush

Jonathan Arkush is the president of the Board of Deputies of British Jews. A barrister by trade, he was previously senior vice-president of the Board from May 2009 and chaired the Board’s Defence Division for two three-year terms until 2015.

Wednesday 09:15 Will our community exist 20 years from now?

Sarah Aroeste

Sarah Aroeste is an international Ladino singer bringing Ladino (Judeo-Spanish) to new generations. Her most recent project, Ora de Despertar, is the first-ever all-original Ladino children’s album. Bringing a fresh new spin to Ladino culture, Sarahe has helped transform and revitalize a tradition.

Sunday 16:00 Chanukah Candelighting for Kids
Monday 16:30 Rockin' Ladino: Ora de Despertar
Monday 20:10 Ladino 101!
Tuesday 14:30 Ladino music transformed: From yesterday to today
Wednesday 16:30 Rockin' Ladino: Ora de Despertar!

Noah Aronson

Noah is a renowned composer and performer of Jewish music who travels to communities worldwide sharing his unique melodies and soulful spirit. For more information please visit Noah's website

Sunday 18:30 Bedtime Lullaby Concert with Noah Aronson
Monday 10:30 Peace, salaam, shalom: hope through harmony
Tuesday 13:15 Hallel - there's more to it than you think
Wednesday 12:00 Songleading within worship
Wednesday 14:30 Left side of the page: music for the soul

Rutie Atsmon

Mother of two, Rutie Atsmon discovered the Occupation during her military service. Since 1991, she has worked with Windows, which develops and manages education programmes for youth to encourage action towards a just peace. She trains teachers to cope with racism as well as being an artist.

Monday 12:00 Is it possible to create a peaceful future in Israel/Palestine without acknowledging the past?
Tuesday 12:00 How the present reality impacts the new generation of Palestinians and Israelis and their ability to imagine a peaceful future
Tuesday 18:10 How Israeli and Palestinian youth see the future, and what impact can they have on shaping it?
Wednesday 09:15 What can you do for the future of Israel/Palestine?

Sara Averick

Sara is Limmud's media liaison. She heads Jerusalem-based strategic communications firm Lead Story Plus, representing organisations that advance Israel and enhance the Jewish world. A former research director at AIPAC and Jerusalem Report editor, she lectures at the Interdisciplinary Center.

Sunday 10:40 Limmud MarCom Master Class: What you Need to Know About Marketing and Media
Tuesday 14:30 Getting media coverage for your Limmud event: Advice from the experts

Talia Avnon-Benveniste

Talia Avnon-Benveniste is a rabbi and director of the International School for Jewish Peoplehood Studies (ISJPS) at Beit Hatfutsot - The Museum of the Jewish People.

Monday 09:15 Identities in motion

Toby Anne Axelrod

Toby is a longtime correspondent for Jewish Telegraphic Agency and for the Jewish Chronicle, and is based in Berlin. She is also a professional translator, as well as academic director of the Leo Baeck Summer University in Jewish Studies, at the Humboldt University in Berlin.

Tuesday 14:30 Getting media coverage for your Limmud event: Advice from the experts

Mary Azaria

The Limmud Galil delegation from the UJIA-Jewish Agency Northern Galil-Great Britain Partnership is a group of Galilee residents from various backgrounds. Their experiences at Limmud UK enrich their volunteer leadership in year-round activities and at the annual conference of Limmud Galil in Israel.

Saturday 21:45 Jewish secrets of the Galilee

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