Limmud Conference 2016 - Presenters

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Presenters: H

Caroline Hagard

Caroline teaches Gan at the LJS and EDRS religion schools. An accomplished storyteller and writer of Jewish songs, she writes and runs children's services for the High Holydays/chagim. She is passionate about Judaism and her sessions are great fun. In her spare time she is a full-time medical secretary.

Friday 15:45 Friday night delight
Saturday 10:00 Shabbat Morning Delight
Saturday 11:30 "Old Mac Donald had a.....Rabbi" The Jewish side of nursery rhymes

Gilad Halpern

An Israeli journalist who, for the better part of the last decade, held prominent positions in Israel's English-language media (Assignments Editor for Haaretz English Edition, managing editor for, among others). Currently host of the podcast "The Tel Aviv Review - Ideas from Israel."

Monday 14:30 The Tel Aviv Review podcast: live recording (1 of 4)
Tuesday 09:15 News writing workshop
Tuesday 10:30 Home and away: Israel's English-language media and its Jewish-American readers
Tuesday 14:30 The Tel Aviv Review podcast: live recording (2 of 4)
Tuesday 20:10 Is Benjamin Netanyahu a force for good?
Wednesday 10:30 Should Jews be living in Hebron?
Wednesday 14:30 The Tel Aviv Review podcast - live recording (3 of 4)
Thursday 11:00 The Tel Aviv Review podcast: live recording (4 of 4)

Laurence Harris

Laurence is a professional genealogist. He specialises in Jewish family history, and helps individuals trace their ancestors and living family members around the globe. He is a researcher for the "Who Do You Think You Are?" TV series and former chairman of the Jewish Genealogical Society (GB).

Sunday 21:40 Online collaborative genealogy - a growing community
Monday 20:10 Aida's Secrets: Screening and Q&A (120 mins)
Tuesday 18:10 Tips for tracing family ancestors and living relatives

Peter Harris

Peter is head of educational and community theatre at Western Galilee College and teaches at Tel Aviv University. He has international experience in applying theatre practices in education, dialogue in conflicted communities, and rehabilitation.

Sunday 14:30 Drama and identity workshop: mitigating suspicion between Arabs and Jews
Tuesday 12:00 Symbiotic, inter-actor relations: when an entire degree programme becomes an experiential diversity class
Wednesday 14:30 Community-based theatre: Addressing tensions surrounding diversity on campus.

Rachel Harris

Rachel is co-chair of Catering for Limmud Conference 2016. She is excited (and slightly terrified) about feeding 3,000 people for a week, but is up for the challenge!

Tuesday 15:50 Feeding the 3000!

Elizabeth Harris-Sawczenko

Elizabeth Harris-Sawczenko is the deputy director of the Council of Christians and Jews. A former director at New Israel Fund in Jerusalem, Elizabeth more recently served as public affairs director at the Board of Deputies of British Jews. She is also a trustee of the Abraham Fund Initiatives.

Sunday 18:50 Including the Excluded: The Need for Involving Arab Voices at Every Level of Israeli Society
Tuesday 16:40 From Discord to Dialogue: Jewish-Christian Study Tour to Israel and Palestine

Mia Hasenson-Gross

Mia joined René Cassin as its executive director in June 2015, bringing with her an in-depth knowledge of international human rights work and experience in human rights education, campaigning and organisational development, acquired over 15 years while working for Amnesty International.

Tuesday 13:15 The refugee crisis: where are we now?
Tuesday 14:30 The refugee crisis: the next ten years

Judith Hauptman

Judith Hauptman is a rabbi and professor of Talmud at JTS in NYC. Although she loves talking about Talmud, people often buttonhole her to discuss matters of women and halachah. For the High Holidays and Passover, she runs huge services and seders for young unaffiliated Jews.

Saturday 11:30 Women and Sabbath candle-lighting: a new (kinder and gentler) interpretation of Mishnah Shabbat 2:6
Sunday 20:10 Halachic anecdotes in the Talmud: the rules of the Rabbis and the practice of the people
Monday 12:00 A Talmud Shiur: Bavli Shabbat 54b-55a, When Remaining Silent is Equivalent to Perpetrating Evil
Monday 16:40 A new look at women and Torah knowledge in the talmudic period
Tuesday 10:30 People of the book

Karen Heilig

Assistant executive vice-president of the Claims Conference, Karen Heilig has participated in negotiations on Holocaust-era restitution and compensation with the German Government since 1999. She is on the front line of billion-dollar agreements that attempt to achieve a measure of justice.

Wednesday 14:30 From the front line: negotiating with the German government for compensation for Holocaust survivors.

Daniel Heller

Daniel has been volunteering for Limmud since he was 18 and has decided to try his hand at presenting. Professionally, and as a volunteer, he has been involved in mental health projects and interfaith initiatives.

Monday 10:30 Are we doing enough to help our smaller communities and congregations?
Wednesday 12:00 Mental health in Jewish scripture and history

Aaron Henne

Aaron Henne is the artistic director of Theatre Dybbuk and has taught workshops at Dreamworks, Lucasfilm, and Pixar. Aaron is a board member of The Association for Jewish Theatre, a Wexner Field Fellow, and has also been a Dream Lab Teaching Fellow at AJU.

Sunday 21:40 Our personal exodus narratives: leadership and the art of storytelling
Monday 14:30 Illuminating liturgy through creation
Tuesday 14:30 The Tel Aviv Review podcast: live recording (2 of 4)
Tuesday 18:10 Embodying Creation: where theatrical exploration meets Jewish learning
Wednesday 14:30 Four questions, four personalities

Ethan Herman

Ethan is a student reading Music at the University of Leeds. This summer he spent six weeks in Ghana, and would like to share his experiences and opinions about Jewish volunteering abroad.

Wednesday 16:40 Volunteering vs VolunTourism: Jewish volunteering abroad

Annika Hernroth-Rothstein

Annika Hernroth-Rothstein is a syndicated columnist for Israel Hayom, an Israeli daily freesheet, and a contributor to such publications as Commentary Magazine, Mosaic Magazine and the Jerusalem Post. She is formerly a political adviser to the conservative coalition of Sweden and is currently working on a book on diaspora Jewry.

Monday 14:30 The Jews of Iran
Monday 18:10 Do young Jews support/feel connected to Israel?
Tuesday 12:00 Should Israel and the diaspora need each other?
Tuesday 20:10 Is Benjamin Netanyahu a force for good?
Tuesday 21:40 Is the Jewish Right out of ideas?
Wednesday 09:15 Infiltrating Europe: how Jihadists exploited the migrant crisis
Wednesday 14:30 Is Brexit good for the Jews?

Claire Hilton

Claire is a NHS consultant old age psychiatrist in North West London. In her spare time she researches medical and Jewish history and has a PhD in history. She attended the first Limmud, and many Limmuds since. She is married to Michael Hilton, rabbi of Kol Chai Hatch End, and they have three grown-up sons.

Monday 13:15 Depression in Jewish sources
Thursday 12:30 Belsen not too bad, said Barton

Emily Hilton

Emily Hilton is a social worker with the Frontline Programme. She graduated with a BA Hons in History from UCL and an MPhil from Cambridge University in Middle Eastern History. She is a board member of Yachad UK and is a New Israel Fund UK Fellow. She is a mentee with the Fabian Society.

Monday 10:30 Seeking refuge in Israel
Tuesday 14:30 Is Anglo-Jewry a safe space for Zionists?
Tuesday 18:10 Trailblazing social justice in Israel
Tuesday 21:40 Well Circle Workshop
Wednesday 21:50 V is for vagina

Michael Hilton

Michael Hilton lectures at Leo Baeck College and is in his sixteenth and final year as rabbi of Kol Chai Hatch End Jewish Community. Michael is fascinated by the development of Jewish customs and their cultural links to other faiths. His most recent book “Bar Mitzvah: A History” is published by JPS.

Monday 13:15 Depression in Jewish sources
Tuesday 08:00 Batmitzvah: the first 200 years

Daniel Hirschfield

Dan Hirschfield has a deep and long-held interest in all things Jewish. He has an MA in Hebrew from Oxford University and studied Nusach Hatephilla under Cantor Robins at LSJS (London School of Jewish Studies). When he is not writing, speaking or singing, he is a financial services lawyer and enjoys watching snooker and sitcoms.

Sunday 12:00 All you need is Biblical Hebrew!
Monday 18:10 Sibling rivalry: a study of the Abrahamic traditions and their encounter with secularism

David Hoffman

David is a longstanding Limmud volunteer, currently Chair of Limmud. He’s excited about encouraging you to volunteer for Limmud next year! David is also a Jewish rock musician and band leader of the Shir Chadash Tfilah band in Manchester, and a commercial barrister.

Monday 13:15 Shira Britannia: let it flow...
Tuesday 12:00 Limmud community update
Tuesday 20:10 Limmud volunteering happy hour
Thursday 09:45 Volunteering for Limmud

Lawrence Hoffman

Lawrence A. Hoffman is a rabbi and long-time professor of Liturgy, Worship and Ritual at HUC, NY; co-founder of Synagogue 2000, which pioneered synagogue transformation (1995-2014); has written or edited over 40 books; and is an internationally recognized speaker and synagogue consultant.

Sunday 16:40 “Who shall live and who shall die?” The High Holiday prayer we love and hate, and the fascinating secrets behind it
Sunday 18:50 Authentic Jewish spirituality: even for sceptics who think there isn’t any
Tuesday 10:30 200 years of Reform Judaism - bicentennial reflections, review and celebrations
Wednesday 13:15 Looking for God - or why do we pray anyway?

Briana Holtzman

Briana Holtzman is the director of the Jewish Teen Funders Network which supports and strengthens the global field of Jewish teen philanthropy. Briana earned her MBA from University of Washington focusing on marketing/management, loves Jewish summer camp, and is always up for an adventure.

Monday 14:30 Different Flowers Make a Bouquet: Inclusion in the Limmud World
Monday 20:10 Climbing the ladder: interacting with Maimonides’ take on giving
Tuesday 09:15 Giving: on purpose
Tuesday 13:15 Engaging your teens in Jewish philanthropy

Renato Huarte Cuéllar

Renato holds a PhD in Philosophy by Mexico's National Autonomous University (UNAM) where he teaches Philosophy of Education. He is the founder of Limmud Mexico and he is now the representative of the Latin American groups at Limmud International Steering Group.

Sunday 16:40 A short visit to the Mexican Jewish community (1 of 2)
Tuesday 16:40 A short visit to the Mexican Jewish community (2 of 2)

Rhiannon Humphreys

Rhiannon grew up in the Reform Jewish community and joined RSY-Netzer nearly ten years ago. She studied International Relations at Leeds with a particular passion for the environment, and is now a movement worker for RSY-Netzer, loving working with the movement and in a fantastic tzevet.

Tuesday 23:20 Classic shira!

Jonathan Hunter

Part of this year’s Conference team, Jonathan spends much of his non-Limmud leisure time at various modern jive events around the country, and is very much looking forward to sharing the fun of dancing with all at Conference this year!

Monday 18:10 Modern jive at Limmud (1 of 3)
Tuesday 21:40 Modern jive at Limmud (2 of 3)
Wednesday 13:15 Modern Jive at Limmud (3 of 3)

Joseph Hyman

Joseph is British, Orthodox and Gay and asks: where do I fit in? A stabbing at Jerusalem Pride 2015 sent shockwaves through the Jewish world, but where was the UK Orthodox response? Joe will share his experiences of grappling this dual identity and present his thoughts on this issue and his experience.

Sunday 18:50 British, Orthodox and gay: where do I fit in?

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