Limmud Conference 2016

Limmud Conference 2016 – Saturday 11:30

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You be the Judge!

Limmud Families Team 

Red 6

Help us solve a series of devilishly difficult moral dilemmas! Particularly suited to children aged 8+

Yoga class: Vijnana Yoga

Tal Grunspan 

Red 7

This practice stems from the yogic tradition of northern India. Tal is a student of Orit Sen-Gupta who founded Vijñāna Yoga. It is based on seven vital principles: relaxing the body, quieting the mind, focusing through intent, rooting, connecting, awareness of breath, and expanding - elongating and widening.

Women and Sabbath candle-lighting: a new (kinder and gentler) interpretation of Mishnah Shabbat 2:6

Judith Hauptman 

Orange 12

This famous Mishnah seems to say that women who don’t light Shabbat lamps will die in childbirth. A new look at this Mishnah in the context of other rabbinic texts, both tannaitic and amoraic, reveal a different interpretation of this Mishnah. Text handouts in Hebrew and English.

Unleash your inner actor: participate in reading a new Jewish themed play

Miriam Rosalyn Diamond 

Yellow 24

In 200 years, what will be left to show we were here? Independent Yael gets a surprise that forces her to review her life choices. By exploring work, love, loss, legacy and faith, Yael and friends transform their roles and connection with the future. We will read Out of the Loop together and discuss Jewish themes and the creative process with the author.

The simple meaning, a complex task

Natan Abenaim 

Red 3

The simple meaning of a Torah text should be obvious, but it is elusive. All our classical commentators have got down to the task, and they all used different approaches. Rashi has famously been criticised by Rashbam, and also by Ramban and Ibn Ezra. We will compare their criteria, and try to answer this (not) simple question: what is the Pshat?

The Multifaceted Society of Israel

ELAL Ambassadors 

Red 2

See a different side to Israel with the ELAL Ambassadors. The ELAL Ambassadors programme was setup to give ELAL aircrew the opportunity to share their personal stories of life in Israel and spread the beautiful face of Israel by reinforcing the identity of society and state.

The Joseph narrative: Resolving sibling rivalry

Sara Jo Ben Zvi 

Red 4

Come learn about the weekly parsha based on readings from Hassidic masters and Rabbi Sacks' "Not in God's Name"

"Old Mac Donald had a.....Rabbi" The Jewish side of nursery rhymes

Caroline Hagard 

Red 1

Caroline always makes a point of only doing Jewish topics - so why are Old Mac Donald, Polly Put the Kettle on and Baa Baa Black Sheep featuring in her Jewish story and song session? Come and find out.... and be prepared to have fun. For all ages especially families with young children.

Miracle makers in the modern world

Dan Brown  Rachel Sumekh  Sarah Chandler  Daniella Kolodny 

Orange 11

As our theme for Shabbat is miracles, we're considering what constitutes a miracle in the world we live in. Join a panel of people engaged in work which could variously be described as "miraculous" as we seek out the miracles and miracle makers around us who we may be missing.

Jewish magic from Talmudic times: what it is and how it is still with us today?

Maggie Anton 

Blue 33

Anton discusses the research behind her novels, "Apprentice" and "Enchantress", which take place in 4th century Babylonia as the Talmud is created. She will focus on ancient Jewish magic, including archaeological evidence and spells from the Talmud itself, some of which have formed the basis for prayers and blessings found in today's prayerbooks.

From parent to partner: Reimagining the Israel-Diaspora relationship

Avi Mayer 

Orange 10

Israel and Diaspora Jewry used to view one another very differently than they do today. How far have we come and where are we headed? Using the traditional havruta study method, we'll delve into Jewish texts to explore these questions and consider what Jews in Israel and the Diaspora can learn from each other about what it means to be Jewish today.

Darwinian evolution and human social behaviour: what’s it all about and why does it matter?

Joel Peck 

Green 25

Why do humans behave in the ways they do when they interact with others? Answering this question is crucial if we are to succeed in designing social systems that encourage kindness and are appropriate for the modern world. Come and discuss whether ideas on Darwinian evolution can shed light on human social behaviour.

Classical Jewish texts and the gender binary

Anna Lawton 

Green 26

Traditional Jewish text loves a binary: kosher/treif; Shabbat/weekday; holy/mundane; pure/impure; and the list goes on and on. Man/woman is a classic binary, so how do the texts cope when challenged to think beyond two options. No previous knowledge or experience is necessary.

A Muslim Reads the Bible - Creation (1 of 2)

Halima Krausen 

Green 27

The account of the creation of the world with its various aspects is a shared story between Jews, Christians, and Muslims. In this workshop, we will explore it from different perspectives, considering our respective traditions and our own conclusions.

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