Limmud Conference 2016 - Presenters

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Presenters: S

Sarah Sackman

Sarah is a barrister and social activist. She was a Labour Parliamentary candidate in the 2015 General Election and now serves as vice-chair of the Jewish Labour Movement and on the board of The Abraham Fund UK.

Monday 12:00 How to change Israeli government policy
Tuesday 16:40 Who or what is the problem between the Labour Party and Jews: and can it be repaired?

Jessica Sacks

Jessica is the in-house translator at Koren, now working on the new Koren Tanach. With a Cambridge MA in English, and most of a Hebrew University MA in Midrash, she has translated the central liturgy for the Koren macḥzorim, the haggadah and megillot, and published articles on consumer ethics and midrash.

Sunday 16:40 Why don’t the frum write love songs?
Wednesday 12:00 The prophet margin: translator’s notes on the Book of Isaiah.
Thursday 11:00 Beezlebub begat a behemoth – how to get on with translations

Joanna Sacks

Joanna Sacks works as an adviser for practical science in schools. She is the daughter of a rabbi. Joanna helped start a support group for bereaved Jewish parents. She runs a group with other bereaved parents who learn together in memory of children they have lost.

Tuesday 09:15 L'Ilui Nishmat

Shaun Sacks

Shaun Sacks is Europe Desk coordinator at NGO Monitor, specialising in monitoring European government funding for NGOs, BDS and Government transparency. He has written articles and op-eds for the Jerusalem Post and JTA, and has appeared on Israeli channels Ynet TV News, i24, ChaiFM and Channel 20.

Wednesday 09:15 Governments NGOs and the BDS wars: public opposition, private support?

Tom Sadan

Tom is a movement worker for RSY-Netzer, having studied History and Music at Cardiff University. He recently spent time in Israel on Kibbutz Lotan to take part in the Green Apprenticeship, receiving a qualification in Permaculture and Sustainable Design.

Tuesday 21:40 Gambling and God
Tuesday 23:20 Classic shira!

Lisa Saffron

Lisa Saffron is a poet and author of "Checkpoint", a novel set in Israel. She's a Ba'alat Tefillah at a liberal synagogue, a student of Rabbi Shefa Gold and in Jews for Justice for Palestinians. Trips to Israel/Occupied Territories have deepened her commitment to living a whole-hearted Judaism.

Wednesday 10:30 Should Jews be living in Hebron?
Wednesday 14:30 Tikkun olam - encountering the divine sparks we're meant to redeem

Joel Salmon

Joel Salmon is the parliamentary officer for the Board of Deputies of British Jews. He studied International Relations at St Andrews, where he was Jewish Society president. He founded the Coexistence Initiative and came a close second when he ran for UJS President in 2015.

Tuesday 18:50 Bridges not boycotts
Wednesday 14:30 Humous wars: food at the frontier of conflict

Mich Sampson

Mich Sampson is director of music at Finchley Reform Synagogue. An experienced and lively choir conductor and singer, she has also worked with various other communities such as Woodford Liberal Synagogue, Edinburgh Liberal Synagogue, Beit Klal Yisrael and most recently St Albans Masorti.

Tuesday 20:10 Zoe Jacobs, Mich Sampson and Judith Silver in concert

Doreen Samuels

Doreen was elected as a trustee of the United Synagogue in July 2014. She is involved in many initiatives around challenges and opportunities for women, and is keen to work with all in the United Synagogue to find viable, halachically acceptable responses to enhance women’s full participation.

Tuesday 10:30 The other F-word: is feminism kosher?

Marc Saperstein

After teaching at American universities for 29 years, Marc Saperstein relocated to UK in 2006 for a five-year term as Principal of Leo Baeck College, where he now teaches Jewish history. He has just completed a long book on Jewish Preaching in Response to Nazi Persecution and Mass Murder.

Tuesday 14:30 Agony in the pulpit: British rabbis responding to Nazi persecution and mass murder”

Ran Sasson

Ran is an entrepreneur, systems architect and community-arts projects manager with 17 years' experience of initiating, planning and executing projects. He is co-founder and treasurer of LimmudTLV where he implements art in the community projects. Ran is a man who seeks life in people and arts.

Sunday 13:15 Dire straits makes the best entrepreneur

Sassy Sassy

"Sassy" is a veteran Limmudnik whose current role for Limmud is to be its representative on the Board of Deputies of British Jews. A veteran of four Conference Steering Groups, in his spare time he is a university admissions officer for King's College London, and also runs bridge tournaments.

Monday 14:30 Bridge and kaluki
Monday 23:20 Midnight pub quiz
Tuesday 21:40 Comedy improvisation workshop

Leonard Saxe

Professor of Contemporary Jewish Studies, Brandeis U and dir. Cohen Ctr/Steinhardt Inst, his research is on Jewish identity, education and demography. He has been a Fulbright Professor at the University of Haifa and, in 2012, received the Sklare award for contributions to the social scientific study of Jewry.

Monday 18:10 Do young Jews support/feel connected to Israel?
Monday 20:10 Birthright Israel: what is its impact?
Tuesday 09:15 Hostility to Israel and Antisemitism on US college campuses
Tuesday 10:30 You voted for WHOM?? Jewish perspectives on the 2016 U.S. presidential election

Miriam Schacter

Miriam Schacter, RCSW, practices psychoanalysis and psychotherapy in Manhattan. She is on the faculty of Yeshivat Chovevei Torah, a Rabbinical School in New York.

Friday 17:40 Families in transition: integrating a transgender family member into our homes and into our Orthodox community - challenges and delights
Sunday 10:40 What the hell is wrong with our family? - For siblings of transgender adults

Nic Schlagman

Nic Schlagman has been working with refugees for 10 years. He is community projects manager at the West London Synagogue of British Jews, where he oversees their Drop-In for destitute asylum seekers, refugee employment resource centre and language classes for refugees and asylum seekers.

Tuesday 12:00 Practical steps to helping asylum seekers and refugees – how to set up your own project

Amos Schonfield

Amos is the youth and student outreach worker for Yachad, the UK’s pro-Israel pro-peace movement, and represents it on the Board of Deputies. He was at Noam Masorti Youth (2014-2016) and co-chaired the Zionist Youth Council. He studied International Relations at Leeds University and makes his own hummus.

Sunday 20:10 Finding partners to peace – supporting Palestinian non-violence
Monday 21:40 Yachad youth: reflections from the West Bank

Ethan Schwartz

Born in New York and brought up in Hackney via Harare, Ethan is the digital campaigner and press officer for Yachad, the UK’s pro-Israel, pro-peace movement. Before joining Yachad, he was Mazkir of Habonim Dror UK. Ethan studied Religion, Philosophy and Ethics at King’s College London.

Sunday 16:40 How important are the settlements, really?
Tuesday 18:50 Bridges not boycotts
Tuesday 20:10 Israeli security, 50 years on
Wednesday 10:30 Should Jews be living in Hebron?

Oshra Schwartz Reim

Oshra has been active as a filmmaker, writer and teacher for the last 25 years. She teaches film studies at the Israel Open University and in film schools, was a film critic for many years, writes scripts and makes documentaries.

Monday 10:30 Pears Short Film Fund winners 2016
Monday 18:10 My 100 Children: Screening and Q&A (110 minutes)
Tuesday 16:40 The influence of the Bible on Israeli cinema
Wednesday 09:15 The imagery of Jerusalem in early Israeli films
Wednesday 14:30 Art-similation: does Jewish art outside of Israel have a future?

Saleem Seedat

Imam Saleem Seedat is a chaplain at Blackburn College and lecturer of Islamic Studies at a local seminary. He has also just completed his Masters in Politics, Philosophy and Religion at Lancaster University and his main area of interest and specialism is contemporary Islam.

Tuesday 13:15 Scriptural reasoning: ‘Refugees’ in our scriptures
Tuesday 16:40 Jewish-Muslim relations: challenges and opportunities

Isabella Segal

In 2013 Isabella transitioned to live life female. She underwent gender reassignment surgery in May 2015. She embraces change and understands the challenges life can bring. She is a chartered accountant and heads the forensic accounting department at a large London firm of chartered accountants.

Wednesday 12:00 Transgender Jewish Voices

Dani Serlin

Director of Yesod, a partnership of the Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation, Rothschild Foundation (Hanadiv) Europe, and American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, investing in key individual Jewish communal professionals, educators and activists to strengthen Jewish life in Europe.

Wednesday 12:00 Welcome to Yesod: professional development and Jewish learning initiatives for Jewish communal professionals, educators and activists in Europe
Wednesday 13:15 Inclusive Jewish leadership

Bill Shackman

Bill Shackman has over twenty years experience in Jewish Education. His graduate work in Jewish Studies focused on the Zohar and medieval Kabbalah. He has a teaching certificate in Ba Gua Zhang,Taoist circle walking. He also plays guitar and bouzouki in the Americana band, Dry Island Buffalo Jump.

Saturday 20:30 Kabbalah and Taoism

Zahavit Shalev

Zehavit Shalev is a third-year rabbinic student at Leo Baeck College and on the rabbinic team at New North London Synagogue. She's quite a fun teacher but she's not going to brag about it in the Limmud handbook.

Monday 18:50 "Joseph" at Limmud
Monday 20:10 JDOV: Jewish Dreams, Observations and Visions (1 of 2)
Tuesday 13:15 Rav Assi’s mother’s apron strings
Wednesday 14:30 But I intended to commit a sin!
Thursday 09:45 Guess who’s coming to dinner

Fiona Sharpe

Fiona Sharpe is a communities consultant working with local authorities, police and faith groups to represent the Jewish and BME communities. She promotes diversity, tolerance and equality, bringing together different strands of our society. Brought to Limmud by the Board of Deputies of British Jews.

Tuesday 18:50 Bridges not boycotts

Miriam Shaviv

Miriam Shaviv was features editor of the Times Higher Education magazine until 2011. Her journalism resume also includes posts at the Jewish Chronicle and Jerusalem Post. She is now director of content for online marketing agency Brainstorm Digital.

Tuesday 10:30 The other F-word: is feminism kosher?

Dave Shaw

Dave has been engaged with the Jewish LGBT community from a young age and is currently a founding trustee of Keshet UK and co-chair of Gay Jews In London.

Sunday 14:30 Documentary film screening: The True Cost (120 min)
Monday 16:40 LGBT+ Jewish Narratives
Monday 21:40 LGBT+ social space
Wednesday 10:30 Does my tuchus look big in this? Jews and the fashion industry

Katie Shaw

Katie Shaw is from the “school of attentiveness”, a wider network of disciplines and collaborators. Through circular discussion (attentive listening, adding diverse views) we discover that which connects us and develop new dimensions of interaction.

Monday 18:10 If not now, when? Building a plan together for “a global university” (1 of 2)
Thursday 12:30 If not now, when? Building a plan together for “a global university” (2 of 2)

Igor Shchupak

Igor Shchupak, Candidate of Historical Sciences, Ph.D is a member of the Ukrainian-Polish and Ukrainian-German Commissions on History, and of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine working group on upgrading of educational programs and history textbooks.

Tuesday 10:30 Rus, Muscovy, Russia: Old and New History
Tuesday 20:10 The Historical Memory of WW2 in the Former Soviet Union and the Quasi-Religion of "The Great Patriotic War"
Wednesday 14:30 Babi Yar: how was the 75th anniversary of the tragedy marked in Ukraine?

Michael Shire

Dean and Chief Academic Officer at Hebrew College in Boston; founder of Torah Godly Play and Jewish educator specialising in the religious development of young people. Author of four books of creative liturgy and research material on children's spirituality.

Monday 14:30 Money, money, money!

Murry Sidlin

Murry Sidlin is the president and creative director of The Defiant Requiem Foundation, creator of Defiant Requiem: Verdi at Terezín, Hours of Freedom: The Story of the Terezín Composer, and creative producer/music director of the film Defiant Requiem. He is an internationally renowned conductor and educator.

Wednesday 10:30 Defiant Requiem: Screening and Q&A (120 minutes)

Andrew Silow-Carroll

Andrew Silow-Carroll is editor in chief of JTA, the global Jewish news service. The former CEO of the New Jersey Jewish News and managing editor of the Forward, he is an alum of the Jerusalem Fellows, and author, in 2016, of a Jewish humour curriculum for the Melton School of Adult Jewish Learning.

Sunday 16:40 Trumpus interruptus: Democrats, Republicans and the fractures of American Jewry
Monday 10:30 Biased or clueless? Israel, the mainstream media, and the Jewish preoccupation with 'hasbarah'
Monday 18:10 Funny, you do look Jewish: the humor of assimilation
Tuesday 10:30 You voted for WHOM?? Jewish perspectives on the 2016 U.S. presidential election
Tuesday 14:30 Getting media coverage for your Limmud event: Advice from the experts
Tuesday 16:40 The international media and Israel

Judith Silver

Judith is a performer, composer and singing facilitator, working within and outside the Jewish community. She loves working with voices and creating a communal sound, particularly in sacred settings.

Monday 13:15 Shira Britannia: let it flow...
Tuesday 20:10 Zoe Jacobs, Mich Sampson and Judith Silver in concert
Wednesday 18:50 Moving through the middot: Mussar and music
Thursday 12:30 Companion voices: singing for the end of life, with Judith Silver

Paul Silver-Myer

Paul has been an accountant in private practice for 25 years. He is also an accredited existential therapist, coach and mediator, because he realised that all his training focused on calculating the numbers rather than considering the people behind their numbers and their personal financial outlook.

Monday 14:30 Money, money, money!

Susan Silverman

Susan is a writer, teacher and activist. Author of "Casting Lots: Creating a Family in a Beautiful Broken World", she has appeared in the Boston Globe, the New York Times, on NPR, and ABC's The View, among others. She and her spouse, Yosef Abramowitz, have five children and live in Jerusalem.

Monday 10:30 Casting lots: creating a family in a beautiful, broken world
Monday 16:40 Second nurture: every child deserves a family - and a community
Tuesday 10:30 Through the eyes of power: a new look at paradigmatic tales
Tuesday 18:50 The Temple Mount: A historical (un)reality?
Tuesday 20:10 JDOV: Jewish Dreams, Observations, and Visions (2 of 2)
Wednesday 16:40 Stuck like an Egyptian

Lindsay Simmonds

Lindsay is completing a PhD at the LSE's Gender Institute. She studied at Nishmat, Midreshet Lindenbaum, and is an LSJS Bradfield graduate. She is a member of CCLP, promoting friendship between Abrahamic faith leaders, and is the scholar-in-residence at Hampstead Synagogue, also lecturing at LSJS.

Tuesday 10:30 Rebbetzins, Maharats, and Rabbis: Women as Orthodox Religious Authorities

Raymond Simonson

Raymond is CEO of JW3, London's Jewish Community Centre. He is a former executive director of Limmud with over 20 years' experience in informal Jewish education, leadership development and community building. He has a BA in Jewish History and MA in Applied Anthropology and Community and Youth Work.

Monday 21:40 Whose Sugiya Is It Anyway?
Tuesday 21:40 Room 101/613
Wednesday 18:45 Bubbelehs Love to Boogie
Wednesday 23:20 The rebbetzins’ disco

Julian Sinclair

Julian works in solar energy and teaches Talmud when he can. He is also senior rabbinical scholar for Hazon. His book on Rav Kook's Shabbat Ha'aretz came out in 2014. Previously he was Jewish chaplain at Cambridge. Julian studied at Oxford and Harvard, has Orthodox semicha and lives in Jerusalem.

Sunday 18:50 It's a scorcher! 2016, the world's warmest year ever
Monday 20:10 JDOV: Jewish Dreams, Observations and Visions (1 of 2)
Tuesday 10:30 Great openings to Talmudic tractates. Avodah Zarah: Jews, Limmud and Christmas (1 of 2)
Wednesday 10:30 Great openings to Talmudic tractates: Ta'anit: rethinking Jewish environmentalism (2 of 2)
Wednesday 16:40 Rav Shagar and modernity's shattered vessels

Malcolm Singer

Composer and conductor, Malcolm Singer, has been Director of Music at The Yehudi Menuhin School for almost two decades. Before that he was Musical Director of the Zemel Choir. His work ‘A Hopeful Place’ was conducted in the Royal Albert Hall by Yehudi Menuhin himself.

Thursday 12:30 Yehudi Menuhin – Jewish musician?

Hannah Skolnick

The Limmud Chavruta Project is an international collaboration of Limmud volunteers. Every year the Project produces a book of traditional and modern sources exploring some aspect of Jewish life. This year we celebrate our 20th birthday, and invite you to explore the theme ‘Tzedakah’.

Wednesday 18:10 20 years of learning at Limmud - celebrating the Chavruta Project

Alexandra Skvortsova

Violinist, puppeteer, teacher and musical therapist from Moscow. Graduated from Moscow State University (Philological Department), and participated in Klezmer workshops as both a student and a teacher. Recently started Ashkenazi dance workshops with live music.

Monday 16:40 Dreydl Is a musical term: Pop-up klezmer orchestra
Wednesday 13:15 Redeeming the Captives: Multilingualism in Hasidic Music

Lara Smallman

Lara is the director of the Jewish Vegetarian Society, a 52-year old charity which takes inspiration from Torah teachings, and promotes a kinder world without killing animals for food. In her spare time, Lara promotes ethical eating and compassionate living via her blog

Sunday 14:30 Documentary film screening: The True Cost (120 min)
Monday 13:15 History and new trends in Jewish vegetarianism
Tuesday 10:30 Collaborative working spaces - what's the draw?
Wednesday 10:30 Does my tuchus look big in this? Jews and the fashion industry

Chani Smith

Chani Smith is a flautist and a lecturer in Torah reading and chanting at Leo Baeck College. Her book “Tuning the Soul: Music as a Spiritual Process in the Teachings of Rabbi Nahman of Bratzlav” is published by Brill, and was recently published in Hebrew as “Shir Shel Hesed”.

Tuesday 21:40 No place like home: poetry and jazz
Wednesday 13:15 The heart and the spring: Religious yearning and a taste of Rav Nahman
Wednesday 18:10 20 years of learning at Limmud - celebrating the Chavruta Project

David Soetendorp

Now a retired rabbi, after 33 years Bournemouth Reform Synagogue and three at Hatch End Masorti, David Soetendorp currently runs a Pinner-based psychotherapy practice. He also lectures on "second generation" issues, ageing and death in the community.

Wednesday 09:15 The Last Goodbye - Chevra Kadisha and the Tahara mitzvah

Ruth Soetendorp

Ruth Soetendorp is a rebbetzin, academic and Limmudnik and previously co-chair of Bournemouth and Harrow Limmuds. She has now retired from Bournemouth and moved to London.

Wednesday 09:15 The Last Goodbye - Chevra Kadisha and the Tahara mitzvah

Mor Sofer

Mor grew up in Bet Ezra, and was a member in the Young Journalists Organization. He served as a reporter in the IDF's magazine 'Bamahane' and was the digital and creative director in an advertising company focusing on soldiers. Today he is the Jewish Agency's shaliach to FZY in Manchester.

Sunday 14:30 The story of the Zionist movement in Iraq
Sunday 16:40 Under the uniforms

Penelope Solomon

Penelope is a comedian, actor and broadcaster who created 'Tower of Bagel' (Soho Theatre). Performing credits include ‘Goodnight Sweetheart’ (BBC), ‘Fist of Fun’ (BBC), Sony Nominated ‘King of the Road’ and 'Redeeming Brian' by David Nobbs (BBC Radio 2). She is a TV critic for BBC Radio London and Radio 4.

Tuesday 20:10 Penelope Solomon: I was a penis at the Royal Festival Hall

Shira Solomons

Community director at the Jewish Community of Berkshire (Reading), Shira organises the cheder, community events and Judaism talks at schools. She is passionate about practical spirituality and Jewish education that enables children, women, and men to expand their intellectual and spiritual horizons.

Sunday 14:30 The book of Daniel: an insurrectionary text
Monday 13:15 Chanukah origami
Tuesday 10:30 Subversive texts in the Torah: Levirate marriage and the suspected adultress
Wednesday 10:30 Subversive texts in the Torah: legalised rape and enslaved wives

Zvi Solomons

Rabbi of the growing young community JCoB in Reading, Zvi is excited to be attending his 20th Limmud Conference. A keen Mason, he earns his daily crust speaking to children at schools all over the Thames Valley. Zvi cares about single malt, pens, stories and (above all) Jews.

Monday 20:10 Judaism for non-Jews: explaining ourselves to the outside world
Monday 21:40 The kashrut of whisky: a practical experience
Tuesday 20:10 The secret Jewish-Masonic plot
Thursday 12:30 What have the Romans ever done for us and other stories

James Sorene

CEO of the Britain-Israel communications and research centre, James writes regularly about Israel and Middle East issues and frequently appears on TV and radio. He was deputy director of UK Government communications and official spokesman for then-Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg (2011-15). Prior to that he held senior positions at the Department of Health and the Home Office where he worked on counter-terrorism.

Tuesday 09:15 Beginners guide to the Middle East
Tuesday 14:30 Is Anglo-Jewry a safe space for Zionists?
Tuesday 15:50 Who killed the peace process? And can it ever be recreated?

Marlena Spieler

Marlena Spieler broadcasts and writes internationally on food. With over 70 cookbook titles to her credit, Marlena conjures up flavours and dishes from all over the world. She has written a book on classic Jewish food. Marlena is brought to Limmud by the Board of Deputies of British Jews.

Wednesday 14:30 Humous wars: food at the frontier of conflict

Elkan Spiller

Elkan was born in Germany to Holocaust survivors. He graduated from Berlin University of Arts with a thesis in “Anti-Semitism on German TV”. He has been a journalist in the USA and Israel. His award-winning film "L'Chaim!" was recently released in Germany and Holland and other festivals worldwide.

Monday 09:15 The Shoah is not over for the descendants…
Tuesday 14:30 Jews and SEPARATION: Why do we need a synagogue that we don’t go?
Wednesday 14:30 Art-similation: does Jewish art outside of Israel have a future?
Wednesday 16:40 "L'chaim!: To Life!": Screening and Q&A (120 minutes)

Benji Stanley

Benji is rabbi for Young Adults at Reform Judaism, connecting people to transformative learning and community. He is passionate about close reading, mitzvot, personal reflection and the relationship between them. He lives in London with his wife, Rabbi Leah Jordan.

Sunday 14:30 Anxiety - antidotes and anecdotes
Tuesday 20:10 Refugees in the Torah, Mishnah and today

Elliot Steinberg

Elliot is programme manager at the CCJ. Passionate about interfaith engagement and social action, he has worked at Mitzvah Day and Limmud, and completed a Certificate of Advanced Studies in Interreligious Studies in Geneva. Keen Limmudnik co-chairing Marketing and Communications with Ella Rose.

Wednesday 13:15 What have Methodists done for interfaith relations?
Wednesday 16:40 Stopping the traffic together

Deborah Steinmetz

Deborah Steinmetz is the Director, Client Services Librarian of the Steven Spielberg Jewish Film Archive. She holds a BA in Communications Sciences from Queens College, City University of New York and a degree in Library Sciences from Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Sunday 20:10 Land of Promise
Tuesday 09:15 Dream of a People
Wednesday 16:40 Zionist leaders' speeches
Thursday 11:00 Putting the pieces together

David-Yehuda Stern

David-Yehuda is the Head of Youth at New London Synagogue. He has a degree in Film and Television Studies, and is currently pursuing an MA in Jewish Education at the London School of Jewish Studies. He blogs at

Friday 21:15 Confess! Confess! Confess!
Sunday 12:00 Developing a vision for Jewish learning

Maurice Stone

Maurice is Chairman of the Israeli Dance Institute (IDI) and works for UJIA. He has been teaching dance for many years at Limmud in the UK, Russia & Ukraine. He believes that Israeli dance is a fundamental educational tool promoting Jewish identity and a connection with Israel. So let’s dance!

Sunday 20:10 Rikud chadash (1 of 2)
Sunday 21:40 Israeli Dance Party (1 of 4)
Monday 21:40 Israeli Dance Party (2 of 4)
Tuesday 13:15 Kol HaShana
Tuesday 20:10 Strictly Limmud Dancing
Tuesday 21:40 Israeli dance party (3 of 4)
Wednesday 13:15 Dance as food for the soul
Wednesday 18:50 Rikud Chadash (2 of 2)
Wednesday 23:20 Israeli dance party (4 of 4)

Robert Stone

Robert Stone is a historian and political economist, currently advising governments on poverty reduction strategies. He has a lifelong interest in cross-cultural influences in religion and philosophy. He is a Trustee of Tzedek and a member of Finchley Reform and Kol Nefesh Masorti Synagogues.

Wednesday 12:00 Justice and mercy – Hindu and Jewish parallels

Hannah Style

By day, Hannah is a specialist dietitian, and by night, she builds community cohesion projects with Moishe House London. Hannah founded FEAST! to feed the homeless using surplus food in June 2015, and since it has flourished. The project runs every Thursday if you're interested!

Wednesday 12:00 FEAST!

Harry Style

The Ashatones originate from the University of Leeds. Having sung at a variety of functions and venues around the country, including the Leeds Town Hall, they perform a varied repertoire including music from Disney, musical theatre, traditional barbershop and popular music.

Wednesday 16:40 The Ashatones

Rachel Sumekh

Rachel is the founder and CEO of Swipe Out Hunger. The organisation has grown from a college project to serve 1.2 million meals and gain recognition from the White House. She sits on several boards, is a UCLA alumnus and is challenging the status quo of what it means to be a "Typical Persian Girl".

Saturday 11:30 Miracle makers in the modern world
Sunday 13:15 How to scale your venture while keeping its culture
Monday 14:30 From key opposition to top supporter
Thursday 11:00 Intersectionality: Four tips for survival from an Iranian Jewish woman

Adam Sutcliffe

Adam Sutcliffe is Reader in European History at King's College London. He is the author of "Judaism and Enlightenment" (2003), co-editor of "Philosemitism in History" (2011), and is now researching the early history of Jews and the Left. He is a member of Beit Klal Yisrael Liberal Synagogue.

Monday 20:10 Jews and the Left in 19th century Germany
Tuesday 09:15 Jews and the Left: historical approaches

Abigail Symons

Abi Symons is the strong female lead in her own life, which strongly resembles a sitcom. She is a writer and occasional storyteller, works at JW3 and consults on live comedy shows and scripts, in between volunteering for Limmud and smashing the patriarchy.

Tuesday 21:40 Room 101/613

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