Limmud Conference 2016

Limmud Conference 2016 – Wednesday 18:50

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Waking the dead

Alex Goldberg  Hester Abrams 

Red 3

The United Synagogue was awarded a development grant to develop Willesden Jewish Cemetery into a visitor attraction. They have 700 notables - film makers, a Prime Minister, scientists, artists and 1000s of others. This session will sketch some fascinating forgotten histories of people buried there, the place itself and how they are bringing stories to life.

The Venice Ghetto, 500 years of life (55 mins)

Clelia Piperno  Shaul Bassi  UK Jewish Film 

Orange 13

The remarkable story of Venice, the oldest ghetto in Europe, is reconstructed in this fascinating documentary told through the eyes of a Jewish teenager. Lorenzo, born and raised in New York, is guided through Jewish Venice, exploring its origins and the eclectic panoply of experiences that have formed its glorious history. France & Italy, 2015

So who wanted to be a Jew? From the beginning of modenity up to the Shoah?? (2 of 3)

Jacqueline Tabick 

Purple 31

The madness (and badness?) of Lord George Gordon. A process that should be made almost impossible? Or let’s put out the welcome mat? We’ll look at the texts and see how they can enlighten us and teach us about our people’s experience of converts.

Rikud Chadash (2 of 2)

Maurice Stone  Samuel Garas 

Marquee 3

Bou Lirkod! Enjoy all the atmosphere of Tel Aviv’s Tayelet learning dances regularly danced in Israel; suitable for newcomers and returnees with a relaxed and fun atmosphere. This is an introduction to Israeli dance for the young and young at heart. Have fun! Learn all the basic moves but with some new music.

Podcasting: a beginner's guide to a powerful storytelling medium

Graham Carpenter 

Turquoise 19

Podcasts are a powerful tool to tell your story to the world. Jewish tradition is based on the stories of our heritage, and community organising and fundraising trends are relying more and more on storytelling to be effective. How do we attractively tell our story in this medium, and what are the practicalities needed to set up a popular podcast?

Moving through the middot: Mussar and music

Judith Silver  Monique Mayer 

Marquee 1

In this session we will focus on some of the middot (qualities) explored in the spiritual practice of mussar. We'll sing together as a way of deepening our connection with them, using a niggun (chant) recently composed by Judith.


David Brown 

Blue 33

Identity is individual, multifaceted and fluid; labels are given to groups, simplistic and often presented as fixed. UJS' #LabelFree plays with names, categories and labels, not ignoring the role some labels play within full expression of unique identity. Join a screening of #LabelFree short films and an intriguing discussion on 21st century identity.

Comedy beit midrash

Eran Kraus 

Red 6

Read and improvise on several texts with Eran Kraus. The comic atmosphere enables people to relate entirely differently to the Tanach, long after the workshop. Optionally, discuss Israeli-secular-Jewish culture, its challenges and its uniqueness with Eran.

Cocktails for home and festivals

Limmud Social Programming Team 


There are many Jewish foods, but what are Jewish drinks? If you want to learn how to make cocktails at home whilst incorporating Jewish flavours, this is the session for you. We'll be going over some of their history, some basic techniques, and shaking up a storm in this workshop session.

Brain death and organ donation in halachah

Zev Farber 

Red 1

The technology of organ transplantation has saved countless lives and has the potential to save many more. Unfortunately, many Jews believe they may not participate in this because halachah forbids it. But the question is, how do we translate centuries old halachic passages so as to make them applicable to current reality?

Antisemitism, Jews and the Labour Party

David Feldman 

Red 5

This session will reflect on recent controversies over antisemitism in the British Labour Party and elsewhere on the left. It will reflect on the relationship between antisemitism and anti-Zionism, how we should define antisemitism and how bad things really are.

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