Limmud Conference 2016 - Presenters

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Presenters: T

Jacqueline Tabick

Jackie is first woman convenor of the Reform Beit Din. She was the first female rabbi in Britain, first female chair of Assembly of Rabbis (Reform) and co-president of the World Congress of Faiths. She is married to Larry, and they have three adult children.

Monday 20:10 So who wanted to be a Jew in Rabbinic and Medieval times. (1 of 3)
Wednesday 18:50 So who wanted to be a Jew? From the beginning of modenity up to the Shoah?? (2 of 3)
Thursday 09:45 So who wanted to be a Jew? From the Shoah through to the present day? (3 of 3)

Larry Tabick

Larry Tabick is rabbi of Shir Hayim/Hampstead Reform, and lecturer in Kabbalah and Hasidism at the Leo Baeck College. He is the author of "Growing into Your Soul" and "The Aura of Torah: A Kabbalistic-Hasidic Commentary to the Weekly Readings". He is related to Jackie (by marriage) and to Roni.

Sunday 16:40 The hard man of Chasidism
Monday 14:30 How to pray the kabbalah way (1 of 2)
Tuesday 12:00 How to pray the kabbalah way (2 of 2)

Roni Tabick

Roni Tabick is the rabbi of the New Stoke Newington Shul and assistant rabbi at New North London Synagogue, as well as working for Marom, Noam and Masorti Judaism. With a master's in Ancient Judaism, his main interest is in Jewish mythology.

Monday 21:40 God's monsters
Tuesday 16:40 A very Jewish demon: the case of the haunted Beit Midrash
Wednesday 12:00 No swimming on Shabbes!

Smadar Taff

Prior to her role as shlicha to the Redbridge community, Smadar worked in the Jewish Agency for five years in the fields of Government Relations, Aliyah and Security. She holds a bachelor's degree in Philosophy, Political Science and Economics (PPE) and a master's degree in Public Policy.

Thursday 09:45 Disputes within the family: Israel and Israelis abroad

Lea Taragin-Zeller

Lea Taragin-Zeller is the Jewish chaplain for Cambridge and East Anglia universities. She is also a doctoral student at the Department of Social Anthropology at Cambridge and Hebrew University. Lea lectures regularly about Judaism, feminism, culture, and religion in various settings, including Midreshet Ein Hanatziv and Mechinat Ha'emek.

Monday 18:50 Ask A Rabbi/nit - Gendered Authority, Family Planning and the story of individualized Jewish Law
Tuesday 09:15 Modesty for heaven's sake: authority and creativity among female ultra-Orthodox teenagers in Israel

Rebecca Taylor

Rebecca Taylor is the editor of Jewish Renaissance magazine. She took on the editorship in 2014, with the aim of reaching a new audience. Her career includes 10 years as news editor at Time Out and work for the Guardian and BBC World Service. Her journalism appears in City-Lit London, Oxygen, 2009.

Tuesday 13:15 Passport to Venice

Lindsey Taylor-Guthartz

Lindsey Taylor-Guthartz has a BA in Archaeology and Anthropology from Cambridge, an MA in Prehistory from the Hebrew University, and (at last!) a PhD from UCL. She's a Teaching Fellow at LSJS, lectures at Cambridge and Oxford, and edits books for the Littman Library of Jewish Civilization.

Monday 18:50 Jeremiah: agony and ecstasy: A prophet embroiled in history (1 of 2)
Monday 21:40 Whose Sugiya Is It Anyway?
Tuesday 10:30 The Charedi world: does free choice exist and what drives communal loyalty?
Tuesday 13:15 Scriptural reasoning: ‘Refugees’ in our scriptures
Tuesday 20:10 Jeremiah: agony and ecstasy: The tortured soul (2 of 2)
Wednesday 13:15 Animals in the Qur'an and Tanach
Wednesday 14:30 Partnership Minyanim: Here to stay?
Thursday 12:30 Why aren’t the Books of the Maccabees in the Bible?

Sophie Teff

Sophie Teff is a Primary School teacher, currently teaching Year 2 at Chalgrove Primary School, Finchley. Sophie volunteers as a Young Adult ambassador for The Together Plan, a charity working to rebuild Jewish communities and support community activities within Belarus and the Former Soviet Union.

Thursday 12:30 Community development projects in the former Soviet Union

Perry Teicher

Perry is the impact finance fellow at Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe, LLP. He is co-chair of JDC Entwine and Joint Distribution Committee Director. Living in New York, Perry supports Detroit expat initiatives, served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Kazakhstan and graduated from the University of Michigan.

Sunday 18:50 It's a scorcher! 2016, the world's warmest year ever
Monday 13:15 Around the world in 7 tales
Monday 16:40 Social entrepreneurship: vision to implementation
Tuesday 16:40 Global Jewish responsibility: intertwined and interconnected
Wednesday 16:40 Jewish values investing

Rob Thompson

Rob Thompson is a programme manager at the Council of Christians and Jews. He graduated from the University of Oxford in History and Politics and first worked in community development for the Methodist Church in Oxford. Rob then worked as a caseworker to a Member of Parliament before joining CCJ.

Wednesday 13:15 What have Methodists done for interfaith relations?

Francis Treuherz

Francis has been in private and NHS practice since 1984. He has been honorary secretary of the Society of Homeopaths, teaches, writes, and works on the Homeopathic Helpline. He sees patients in London and Letchworth. He is a member and shamash of the Spanish and Portuguese Synagogue, London.

Wednesday 18:10 Much Ado About Nothing? Homeopathy in Jewish life

Noru Tsalic

Noru served in the IDF as regular soldier and reservist. Currently a management consultant, in his spare time he engages in pro-Israel advocacy with Jewish audiences and in interfaith contexts, on behalf of Zionist organisations. His articles are published in Times of Israel and Israel National News.

Saturday 20:30 Who are the Palestinians and what do they want?
Sunday 14:30 Innocents in Gaza
Thursday 11:00 The state of Palestine vs. Balfour?

Ethan Tucker

Rabbi Ethan Tucker is Rosh Yeshiva at Mechon Hadar and directs Mechon Hadar’s Center for Jewish Law and Values. Ethan was ordained by the Chief Rabbinate of Israel and earned a doctorate in Talmud and Rabbinics from the Jewish Theological Seminary and a BA from Harvard College.

Monday 10:30 Halachah and community (1 of 3)
Monday 12:00 Tell me text: the text that I first fell in love with
Tuesday 10:30 Halachah and morality (2 of 3)
Wednesday 10:30 Applied Halakhah: Category Shifts in Jewish Law (3 of 3)
Wednesday 16:40 Responsa Radio Live!

Linda Turner

An arts education producer for over 25 years, with a background in marketing and fund-raising, Linda is also founder and director of Mavar, a charity to support charedi men and women who have taken the challenging decision to follow a different path.

Tuesday 10:30 The Charedi world: does free choice exist and what drives communal loyalty?

Neil Turner Nash

This is Neil's 31st Limmud Conference. He was responsible for many financial and logistical aspects of Conference in the early days at Oxford Brooks. Formerly a manager in the Probation Service, Neil is currently working voluntarily for the London School of Samba and regularly attends Jewish adult education classes.

Sunday 09:20 1988: the last ever Limmud?

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