Limmud Conference 2016

Limmud Conference 2016 – Wednesday 14:30

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Art-similation: does Jewish art outside of Israel have a future?

Oshra Schwartz Reim  Elkan Spiller  Mishka (Moshe) Ben-David  Aviva Dautch  Emma Brand 

Orange 14

Israel is now indisputably the hub of Jewish contemporary arts, producing a diverse cultural output with Judaism at its heart. In Britain, we tend to know an artist is Jewish if they get an interview in the Jewish Chronicle. Is the diaspora, which gave us the likes of Judah Ha Levi, Marc Chagall, and Lewandowski, in danger of being eclipsed?

Chanukah customs from around the world

Raya Even David 

Purple 31

We will split into groups, and each will receive information about a Chanukah custom from somewhere in the world. We will all have a few minutes to prepare a theatrical presentation of this custom and will then watch all the performances, only to guess which one has been falsely planted in! Chocolate gelt promised to the best performers :)

Three generations of the Kindertransport

Ruth Barnett 

Green 26

Ruth Barnett came to England on the Kindertransport. Her daughter, Tania, gives joint talks in Holocaust education. Tania's daughter, Adele, and son, Raphael, are also interested in this piece of history. Come join a presentation and discussion with three generations of one Kindertransport family.

Who run the world?

Laura Janner-Klausner  Karina Veal  Ruth Messinger  Judy Klitsner  Sarah Waxman 

Red 1

The women leaders of the Jewish community are some of the smartest and toughest CEOs, entrepreneurs, Torah, scholars, politicians and performers, making their mark in the world today. Their accomplishments are formidable but even more so, given how hard it can be to break into roles traditionally dominated by men. Come and hear their stories, challenges and successes.

Tikkun olam - encountering the divine sparks we're meant to redeem

Lisa Saffron 

Yellow 22

Hidden within us are divine sparks. Raising these sparks repairs the world. My tikkun olam started in Israel and the West Bank, continued in my synagogue in England and then with refugees landing in Lesvos. I'll share my successes and mistakes and hear how you raise the divine sparks in your lives.

The trauma of the refugees: A story untold

Yotam Polizer 

Red 5

The session will focus on the psychological needs of Syrian and Yazidi refugees and will present case studies from IsraAID work to provide trauma care and psych social support for survivors in Iraq, Greece and Germany.

The Tel Aviv Review podcast - live recording (3 of 4)

Robert Goldenberg  Gilad Halpern  Maggie Anton  Simon Parizhsky 

Blue 32 (Millers)

The Tel Aviv Review is a nonfiction literary review podcast, aka "the start-up nation of the humanities." Going live at Limmud 2016, it will host a selection of the conference's most eminent participants for an in-depth interview about their fields of expertise.

The persecution of the Jews in WW2, a wholly European Affair? The Jews of North Africa, 1939-1945

Daniel Lee 

Green 25

This session will examine the little known story of the Jews of North Africa during the Second World War. Their omission is curious when we consider that European antisemitic laws were intended to be vigorously enforced: Jobs were lost, property was seized and, in Tunisia and Libya, deportations and forced labour ensued.

The Making of "Denial": Behind the Scenes

Deborah Lipstadt  Joe Oppenheimer 

Orange 15

In 2000, in the High Court in London, Deborah Lipstadt had to defend herself against a libel charge by Holocaust denier David Irving. Producer Joe Oppenheimer and Deborah Lipstadt will discuss the making of the movie staring Rachel Weisz, Tome Wilkenson, Tim Spall, and Andrew Scott.

Shir interactive

Maurice Chernick  Ivor Goldberg  Ronen Kozokaro 

Red 7

Bring your instrument and voice and join Maurice and Ivor from Shir for an interactive playing session. Learn a song that will then be performed at Shir's concert later in the evening. All levels are welcome.

Shame on you

Rose Prevezer 

Red 4

Recently many Jews have stood alongside those who use words or actions to oppress others. The Jewish tradition prohibits one from shaming another in public and warns against divisiveness. Are there any exceptions to these rules which would render it permissible, in our synagogues, homes or schools, to publicly call out or rebuke an individual for such troubling behaviour?

Partnership Minyanim: Here to stay?

Ben Crowne  Shmuel Klitsner  Lindsey Taylor-Guthartz  Miriam Lorie 

Marquee 2

One of the most recent and controversial developments in Jewish ritual over the last fifteen years, partnership minyanim (which allow women a greater role in prayer services, within Orthodox halachic interpretation) seem rarely to be far from the headlines. Come find out what all the fuss is about...

Left side of the page: music for the soul

Noah Aronson 

Red 6

Noah has been on the forefront of writing melodies specifically for ‘Mishkan Tefilah’ and ‘Mishkan HaNefesh’ prayer books that are used around the world in reform communities. During this session, he’ll share some of his own melodies as well as those of other composers who’ve taken the opportunity to turn these readings into meaningful musical worship.

Jewish genes: What do they mean?

Joey Ziff 

Yellow 21

Jewish people, like all ethnic groups, are at greater risk of certain genetic disorders. However, advances in research mean that we are in a uniquely advantageous position when it comes to ensuring the future health of our community. In this session, Jnetics will talk about their plans to improve awareness and deliver accessible screening for all.

It’s a wonderful world: Greece

Red 9 (Boulevard Front)

Enter the pop-up world and immerse yourself in a wondrous space. Explore Greek mythology, play ultimate dreidel, learn about the Jewish community of Thessaloniki, taste the finest of oils, make your own terracotta pot and discuss Greece's response to the refugee crisis. There’s making, listening, eating, music and learning. Sessions will last from 10 to 30 minutes.

Is Brexit good for the Jews?

Ruvi Ziegler  Peter Mason  Simon Gordon  Jonathan Neumann  Annika Hernroth-Rothstein 

Orange 11

Did you succumb to Project Fear or the lies of the Leavers? Or maybe you just made up your mind based on the facts. However you voted, Brexit means Brexit. But is it good for the Jews? From the economy to EU-Israel relations, and shechitah to terrorism, this panel will consider how Brexit might impact the Jewish communities of the UK and Europe.

Humous wars: food at the frontier of conflict

Marlena Spieler  Joel Salmon 

Marquee 1

While we celebrate Israeli food as being a unique and delicious cultural hybrid, humous is a symbol of the conflict for many people in the region. In this session we explore these debates, present an opportunity for how we might conceptualise food as a medium and symbol of conflict and a means to resolve it. We will also have humous!

From the front line: negotiating with the German government for compensation for Holocaust survivors.

Karen Heilig 

Red 3

For decades the Claims Conference has been negotiating with Germany for compensation for Holocaust survivors to provide a measure of justice for the greatest crime of humanity. Hear the insights and first hand experiences from the negotiating table on the successes, challenges, dilemmas and way forward in these unprecedented meetings.

Four questions, four personalities

Aaron Henne 

Orange 10

Through an exploration of the four questions and four children in the Passover Seder, all participants learn new techniques for engaging with people from all walks of life. We investigate the ways in which we can let questions lead the way and how we might be learn from, and converse with, those from a variety of backgrounds and perspectives.

Do shul differently

Yaacov Finn 

Blue 33

Can we recreate the Orthodox synagogue so that it is engaging, inclusive, spiritual and fun? If you were to start your own community, what would you do? My job is to kick-start new communities and develop existing ones and I want to hear your opinions. Join me as we debate and discuss how to do shul differently.

Conversation café

Anna Braybrooke 


Teen Limmud want to know what makes a meaningful conversation and have designed a unique menu of questions to ask in a café setting. We invite the young, old and everyone in between to come and dive into the menu to spark interesting and colourful dialogues.

Community-based theatre: Addressing tensions surrounding diversity on campus.

Peter Harris 

Green 27

This illustrated lecture will present the intergroup theories underlying and defining a community theatre project at a multicultural college campus in the USA and its impact on the college community.

But I intended to commit a sin!

Zahavit Shalev 

Red 2

The story of a rabbinic couple whose sex life has gone cold and how it turns out to be not entirely dead. But then it all ends badly anyway.

British values?

Clive Lawton  Patrick Moriarty 

Red 8 (Boulevard Back)

British values is a very current idea, and one promoted throughout government departments. We will explore: what does it mean to have British values? What makes them British? Is this an enforcement of cultural homogeneity? What is a Jewish take on the concept? How can they be applied in our Jewish schools?

Babi Yar: how was the 75th anniversary of the tragedy marked in Ukraine?

Igor Shchupak 

Blue 34

This session includes an interactive presentation on Germans, Ukrainians and Jews in Kiev in the autumn of 1941; and the historical memory of World War II and the Holocaust in modern Ukraine.

Ask the Rabbi: through the lens of Google analytics. Part 2: Jewish Observance (2 of 2)

Chaim Weiner 

Orange 12

Publishing a halachic blog gives a unique insight into what people really care about. What questions are being asked? What search terms brought them to you? What did they click on when they left you and where did they go? The questions and the answers for today’s Jews.

Am I my brother's keeper? Levinas on the question of freedom versus responsibility

Stephen Innes 

Purple 29 (Monarch Overflow)

Cain's question implies that he had the freedom to choose whether or not to be responsible for his brother. But this assumption is challenged in the work of Emmanuel Levinas. This session examines the themes of freedom and responsibility, with particular focus on the ethical implications of Levinas's claim that responsibility is prior to freedom.

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