Limmud Conference 2016 - Presenters

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Presenters: O

Stephen Ogin

Steve Ogin, originally from Liverpool, is a professor in the Engineering Faculty of the University of Surrey, a member of Ealing Liberal Synagogue, the Jewish Socialists’ Group, and the Hanwell Ukulele Group. He has been singing Yiddish songs for over 30 years.

Monday 20:10 “Dray techterlech” – three daughters: a celebration of the life and folksongs of Mordechai Gebirtig

Adam Ognall

Adam has been chief executive of New Israel Fund UK since 2011. Prior to joining NIF he worked in sustainable development, latterly at UKSIF – the sustainable investment and finance association. He has worked in Jewish youth leadership, including as mazkir of Habonim Dror and co-chair of the Zionist Youth Council. Adam is a graduate of Oxford and LSE.

Tuesday 09:15 Post-Brexit, what can Israel teach us about building a shared society?

Daniel Oppenheimer

Daniel lives in North-West London with his family. After studying Talmud on and off for 15 years, he occasionally understands it. He also loves languages and singing.

Tuesday 17:45 Hey, that's my car! Mishnah for kids

Joe Oppenheimer

Joe Oppenheimer is Acting Head of BBC Films and Executive Producer of Denial.  Previously editor of a dotcom startup, he joined BBC Films in 1998. Over the past 18 years, he has worked with established auteurs and filmmakers as well as with up-and-coming talent new to the cinema.

Wednesday 14:30 The Making of "Denial": Behind the Scenes

Ilana Ordman

Head of Biology at Hasmonean High School, Ilana Ordman is mother to four boys, science advocate and former rebbetzin of Northwood United Synagogue. Ilana is a passionate scientist and feminist who is informed by halacha and what the halachic process tells us is G-d’s will.

Tuesday 10:30 The other F-word: is feminism kosher?
Tuesday 12:00 Advocating for science - or why otherwise educated people reject evidence-based medicine

Yoav Oved

Yoav is an Israeli musician currently living in London. He studied music at Royal Holloway and now performs as a freelancer in and around London. He sings at varied events ranging from opera to Israeli folk music

Sunday 21:40 Concert: Discovering Israeli Identity

Eli Ovits

Eli is chief executive of Limmud. Representing Limmud globally, he supports the development of Limmud and its volunteers. Eli is a Captain (res) in the IDF Spokespersons Unit. He has lectured widely, working to strengthen global Jewish life. Eli served in organisations including JU, TIP and JDC.

Tuesday 12:00 Limmud community update
Tuesday 20:10 Limmud volunteering happy hour
Thursday 09:45 Volunteering for Limmud

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