Limmud Conference 2016

Limmud Conference 2016 – Tuesday 12:00

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"It runs in the family" - psychological perspectives on reincarnation

Mordechai Zeller 

Red 3

In this session, we will explore the Kabbalistic idea of Gilgul. Through psychological interpretations of reincarnation, we will discuss the complexities of family life and suggest productive ways to conduct meaningful inter-generational work.

Who is behind the mask?

Eran Kraus 

Red 5

A hilarious encounter with the people closest to you. After briefly getting acquainted with the concept of the Commedia dell'arte masks, participants will experience themselves and the rest of the group in a whole new way.

Poetry and Conversation with Diti Ronen

Aviva Dautch  Diti Ronen  Michal Ish-Horowicz  Emma Brand 

Red 6

How does a personal biography become a poem? How does a poem become a personal biography? In conversation with Aviva Dautch, Diti will perform her poetry and talk about her poetic journeys. The poems will be read in Hebrew and English.

Limmud community update

David Hoffman  Eli Ovits 

Orange 11

Your chance to find out more about the wider Limmud world: what we’re doing beyond Conference, our plans to develop Limmud even more as a worldwide project and how you can help! Updates from Limmud’s chair, chief executive and others involved in Limmud projects.

‘Who’ll say Kaddish for me?’ What is left of the Jewish left?

Maurice Glasman 

Yellow 24

Since the second world war there has been a resurgence of anti-semitism on the left, equating Jews with capitalism, imperialism and racism in the form of its two largest communities, the US and Israel. In this talk Maurice will ask what is left of the Jewish left tradition and why he is still faithful to a politics that gives a leading role to the poor and challenges the dominion of capital.

The Association of Jewish Refugees

Michael Newman 

Red 4

A session outlining the activities and services of the AJR, including the disbursal of funds for welfare assistance, and examining our origins and history and looking ahead to the role we can play in the future.

Tell me text: a text that everyone should read once

Gabriel Botnick  Yosef Abramowitz  Oliver Joseph 

Orange 10

What text do you think everyone in the community should to read at least once in their lives? Join us as we each share a text that inspires us and we will try and convince you that you should also read it at least once.

Symbiotic, inter-actor relations: when an entire degree programme becomes an experiential diversity class

Peter Harris 

Green 26

In this illustrated talk Peter will present preliminary research findings on how the content of the B.A in Educational and Community Theatre, at a multicultural regional college in the mixed Arab-Jewish town of Akko – Israel, builds intimate relations and affects attitude change in the relations between the Arab and Jewish students.

Surviving terrorists

Clive Lawton  Ahmad Nawaz 

Orange 15

Aged 14, Ahmad Nawaz, survived a Taliban attack on his school in Peshawar Pakistan. 132 of his schoolmates (including his brother) and 10 teachers died. Come and listen to this inspiring young man, in conversation with Clive Lawton, explain how he now campaigns against violent extremism here in the UK.

Should Israel and the diaspora need each other?

Naamah Kelman  Andrew Gilbert  Mark Goldsmith  Annika Hernroth-Rothstein  Ashley Perry 

Red 1

Do most Israelis care or understand the diaspora? Does much of the diaspora care about Israel? Are they drifting apart due to different values and life experiences? And can a time come when Jewish culture and religion outside Israel become increasingly isolated from the mother country.

Refugees: human rights, does anyone care?

Rex Bloomstein  Irene Wise 

Red 2

As part of Limmud's Refugee Day Rex Bloomstein will show extracts from his TV programmes - Traitors to Hitler, The Roots of Evil, Prisoners of Conscience and other human rights series including Urgent Action, one of which reveals torture in Israel. There will be an opportunity for questions.

Practical steps to helping asylum seekers and refugees – how to set up your own project

Sara Nathan  Samantha Cozens  Nic Schlagman 

Marquee 3

As part of Limmud's Refugee Day, come and find out about practical ways you and/or your community can get involved in helping asylum seekers and refugees already living in the UK. The presenters will share their experiences and highlight how you can make a difference, with practical tips and advice on numerous ways of getting involved.

Political Action vs Social Action: Getting The Right Balance

Edie Friedman 

Blue 33

As part of Refugee Day: Those seeking sanctuary in the UK need both immediate and tangible support but also in the long run more humane and fair Governmental policies. We'll explore how we balance these sometimes competing calls to action and ask whether we get it right in the Jewish community.

Living well and dying well: the life and death of leaders

Shoshana Boyd Gelfand 

Orange 14

Living well is also about dying well. In this text based session, we will explore the deaths of three biblical characters – Miriam, Aaron, and Moses – in an attempt to understand how their death scenes reflect and comment upon the leadership qualities they displayed during their lifetimes. No Hebrew background or knowledge required.

Limmud choir: The choral hits of Stephen Glass (2 of 3)

Cantor Jason Green 

Red 7

Adults and teens, come to experience the joy of making brilliant and fun, 4- (and sometimes 5-) part, choral concert music (SATB, with piano accompaniment). Learn your part as a section using some serious 'work ethic' in a safe space for all music reading levels. Cantor Jason is an expert choral conductor/teacher. Possible 'concert' to follow.

Is cross-communalism a fantasy?

James Graham  Louise Cohen 

Blue 34

An inter-denominational student panel discussion on whether cross-communalism has a place on campus and if it is possible to cater for all sects of Judaism. With opportunities to ask the panel questions both in person and anonymously.

Interreligious dialogue: Best practices, challenges and success stories

Ronald Kronish 

Yellow 21

Come and join a discussion on best practices and lessons learned from your experiences in inter-religious dialogue. When does dialogue work? When does it not work? What are reasonable goals? Limited objectives?What are your best success stories in dialogue? Your least successful? What recommendations can you make for others? Come and share.

How to pray the kabbalah way (2 of 2)

Larry Tabick 

Green 25

Prayer getting stale? Add a new dimension to your davvening! In this session, we consider a number of kabbalistic kavvanot (meditations) intended to provide an overarching framework for the daily and sabbath prayers, plus examples to accompany (and add spice to) specific prayers and blessings, including the Sh’ma and Amidah.

How the present reality impacts the new generation of Palestinians and Israelis and their ability to imagine a peaceful future

Rutie Atsmon  Wejdan Abd  Raghad Bahar 

Marquee 2

After sharing how each side experiences the present situation, Windows' team will discuss the challenges of working together for a just peace when many others lost hope. The team will cover theories of change and methods that turn youth from both sides into activists for human rights and equality. Followed by Q&A.

Holocaust recognition and memorialisation in Thessaloniki

Maria Kavala 

Yellow 22

This session will focus on Thessaloniki during the Nazi Occupation. Once home to the largest Jewish community in Greece, the community lost 96 per cent of its members. The turbulent political situation in post-War Greece had an impact in recognition and memorialisation of the Holocaust in Thessaloniki, only after 1990 did things start to change.

Get to know my European Jewish community

Sonja Vilicic 

Green 27

Come join our open space market of European Jewish communities run by young professionals, educators and activists from across Europe. We will introduce our history and contemporary life infused with personal stories. This is a double-length session

Back to basics - the Israeli Palestinian narratives revisited

Miri Eisen 

Orange 12

A geopolitical historical description of the main events in the Israeli Palestinian history and politics - from before WW1 until Mahmoud Abbas's speech at the UN in 2016 calling for the cancellation of the Balfour Declaration. We will take a deep breath and plunge into the muckiest subject we know.

Advocating for science - or why otherwise educated people reject evidence-based medicine

Ilana Ordman 

Orange 13

We've moved on from not-vaccinating to not seeing doctors, to the extreme of friends with cancer being offered therapies that will for sure kill them. Why are people falling for this claptrap? Here I will present some psychological ideas that may help you recognise the signs and prevent this happening to you.

Secrets of the Shema: from a new commentary on the prayerbook

Arthur Green 

Yellow 23

Original interpretation of the Shema, based on mystical sources and personal insights.

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