Limmud Conference 2016 - Presenters

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Presenters: V

Nadia Valman

Nadia Valman is Reader in English Literature at Queen Mary University of London where she teaches the literature of London. She has published essays and books on British Jewish literature and leads guided walks using literary texts. Her walking tour app Zangwill’s Spitalfields was published in 2016.

Monday 18:10 Re-animating Israel Zangwill's Spitalfields with new technology
Monday 21:40 Post-war British Jewish literature
Thursday 11:00 The Tel Aviv Review podcast: live recording (4 of 4)

Ruta Vanagaite

Ruta Vanagaite is a Lithuanian writer, theatre/TV producer and political consultant. Her latest book, Mūsiškiai (Our People; Journey with an Enemy), co-authored with Nazi-hunter Dr. Efraim Zuroff, is a runaway bestseller. It has deeply affected public discourse on the participation of Lithuanians in the Shoah.

Saturday 20:30 How "Musiskiai" changed the way many Lithuanians relate to the Holocaust
Sunday 14:30 Traces of the Holocaust in Lithuania: How the Shoah is being presented in contemporary Lithuania
Sunday 18:10 The motivations of the killers: why did so many Lithuanians participate in Holocaust crimes?
Wednesday 21:50 My journey from ignorance and indifference about the Holocaust to deep empathy

Karina Veal

Karina works with leaders across developing Asia to narrow the education divide. Moving to the Philippines to follow her professional interests through joining the Manila-based Asian Development Bank, Karina discovered a vibrant and welcoming Jewish community with a fascinating history. Who knew?

Monday 16:40 Safe haven in the Philippines... and other stories
Wednesday 10:30 Rescue in the Philippines: an open door policy
Wednesday 14:30 Who run the world?
Wednesday 16:40 Development banks and NGOs: the architecture of development financing

Baruch Velleman

Baruch joined his older children and grandchildren 3 years ago and is director of the Freddie Krivine Foundation, Israel's tennis coexistence charity. He lives on the only Masorti kibbutz, is a Hebrew University graduate and an Israeli army officer who fought in Lebanon and helped found Peace Now.

Monday 12:00 Change your plough shares into tennis racquets
Monday 21:40 Who needs the Diaspora?
Thursday 11:00 Egalitarianism: a halachic imperative

Liron Velleman

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Tuesday 18:50 Bridges not boycotts

Ian Vellins

Ian Vellins is a retired lawyer and judge, and has MA degrees in Law, Holocaust Studies and Modern History from Oxford, Manchester and Leeds universities. He has taught the Melton Hebrew University courses, and is a regular presenter at Limmud, particularly on the Holocaust period.

Tuesday 18:50 Stolen identity, war hero and great escaper
Wednesday 12:00 Holocaust looted art: Egon Schiele's Jewish portraits and patrons

Naomi Verber

Naomi is a management consultant and amateur artist. Having grown up in Stamford Hill via Cornwall, she's a lover of all things fishy and pickled.

Sunday 21:40 Herring: a pickled history

Richard Verber

Richard is head of external affairs for World Jewish Relief. Last year he was elected the youngest ever senior vice-president of the Board of Deputies of British Jews. He volunteers for March of the Living UK and was co-chair of Limmud Conference 2013. He also supports Manchester United.

Sunday 16:40 An American Tale: the story of Jews in Eastern Europe from Fievel Mousekevitz to now
Monday 20:10 The secret Jewish history of vodka
Tuesday 14:30 Is Anglo-Jewry a safe space for Zionists?
Tuesday 16:40 The Syrian refugee crisis: A personal story
Tuesday 18:50 Antisemitism and Islamophobia: two sides of the same coin?
Wednesday 12:00 In conversation with Shyam Bhatia, diplomatic journalist
Thursday 09:45 Tales from a refugee camp

Sonja Vilicic

Yesod Matara Alumni programme gathers graduates of the Rothschild Foundation (Hanadiv) Europe Youth Leadership Development Programme (Limmud Conference 2011-15). Young professionals, educators and activists from across Europe will connect, learn and develop to support their Jewish community work.

Tuesday 12:00 Get to know my European Jewish community

Benjamin Vos

Ben read History at King’s, London after time in Israel, led in the London University OTC and is a qualified solicitor. He self-published a 1930s Jewish crime novel in 2014. Ben is community liaison manager at Tribe (United Synagogue).

Saturday 20:30 Fake hechshers, spielers and GBH: the ethics and halacha of writing Jewish historical crime fiction
Sunday 10:40 Why are Jewish women in war films moral degenerates?

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