Limmud Conference 2016

Limmud Conference 2016 – Saturday 20:30

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How "Musiskiai" changed the way many Lithuanians relate to the Holocaust

Ruta Vanagaite  Efraim Zuroff 

Yellow 23

The book, Musiskiai (Our People - Journey With an Enemy), exposes the prominent role played by Lithuanians in the Shoah and shocked the country. Efraim Zuroff will present on Holocaust distortion and denial in Lithuanian society. Ruta Vanagaite - who discovered that her grandfather and uncle had been involved in killing Jews - will deal with her motivations to write the book, the controversy surrounding its launch and the new initiatives that have been born in its wake.

Who are the Palestinians and what do they want?

Noru Tsalic 

Orange 10

Much of the world has come to view the Arab-Israeli conflict as a struggle between Israel and Palestine/the Palestinians. Who and what are the Palestinians? And what do they want? Are they a nation seeking self-determination, or an invention designed to destroy Israel? The session will propose a balanced, considered approach to those questions.

Israel’s ethnogenesis: how Biblical Israel became a people

Avraham Faust 

Red 2

Israel's emergence as an ethnic group in the Iron Age is currently one of the hottest debates in biblical archaeology. Following a critical review of the archaeological and textual information, the session will present a new reconstruction of how Israel became a people, and how its ethnic identity evolved as the Iron Age unfolded.

What Wuthering Heights can teach us about love

Shoshi Ish-Horowicz 

Red 3

Calling everyone who’s ever loved (or hated) the overblown emotions of Emily Brontë’s classic. We’ll be using Limmud learning and traditional texts to see what messages this classic novel has for our own relationships and understanding of love. Expect a light-hearted Wuthering Heights session, if that’s not a contradiction in terms.

Tikkun olam for Tories

Miriam Edelman 

Green 27

"Justice, righteousness, you shall pursue!" Contrary to impressions, the prophets aren’t only for the left. Those on the political right are equally commanded, and may care as much about repairing the world. Different issues? Different approaches? How can we create more inclusive tikkun olam programmes, across the political spectrum?

The Tower of Babel

Stuart Lewis 

Orange 11

The story of the Tower of Babel is brief but has resonated strongly with readers through the ages. We will discuss what this story might have meant when it was written, what it has meant to our traditional commentators, and what lessons it has for us today.

The other Jewish therapy

Sophie Duschinsky 

Orange 12

Psychoanalysis has long been characterised as the “Jewish” therapy, and is a familiar topic at Limmud. However in recent years Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (also developed by a Jewish psychiatrist) has substantially gained in popularity. What insights does this approach have into Jewish life and thought?

The Limmud bag packing party!

Limmud Volunteers Team 

Orange 14

Around 2000 participants are arriving tomorrow, and they all need a bag packed - just like the one you received. Grab a drink and come and join us to pack some bags. Even ten minutes of your time would be much appreciated!

"…Meshaneh HaBriyot" – Disability Inclusion in the Tension of Tzedek and Tzedakah

Chana Karmann-Lente 

Green 26

Are our communities inclusive and accessible to all? Is disability inclusion a matter of Tzedakah? How does Jewish tradition perceive disability? Can people with disabilities participate in Jewish ritual? Covering a wide spectrum of traditional and modern discussions on disability, this session will provide you with food for thought.

Kabbalah and Taoism

Bill Shackman 

Red 4

The Zohar claims the world is created and maintained through the flow of ten divine emanations, each an attribute of God's being. The I Ching posits that the world is created and maintained through the eight basic combinations of yin and yang that emanate from the unified flow of all being, the Tao. We will compare texts from these two systems.

Islamofascism or Islamophobia: A quantitative look

Greg Davidson 

Blue 34

Drawing inspiration from Abraham's debate with G-d at Sodom, I present quantitative tests showing that Islam does not promote more killing than other belief systems. Other topics include: discerning religious intent, guilt by association. By discarding false premises, we can focus on real root causes of Islamic extremism.

Fake hechshers, spielers and GBH: the ethics and halacha of writing Jewish historical crime fiction

Benjamin Vos 

Yellow 21

Ben Vos' self-published novel brims with 1930s East End kosher butchers up to their necks in treyf crimes. He was concerned that his depiction of the shadier side of pre-war Jewish life was more accurate than idealists and innocents might wish, and in this session will explore the halachot and ethical issues which caused him sleepless nights.

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