Limmud Conference 2016

Limmud Conference 2016 – Saturday 21:45

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Yehoshua in concert: songs of love from King David to David Avidan

Lior Kaminetsky  Yehoshua Engelman 

Red 7

As in past Limmud conferences, this year too Yehoshua will perform his original compositions, soulful stirring melodies for words from traditional texts together with modern Israeli poetry from his four albums, with new material from his upcoming album. An inspiring rest after a hard day's learning.

Word for word: verbatim storytelling

Kayla Feldman 

Blue 33

Get to know your fellow participants in this interactive drama workshop. Using verbatim theatre techniques, we will explore the sharing and telling of stories from all corners of the globe.

The Limmud bag packing party

Limmud Volunteers Team 

Orange 14

Around 2000 participants are arriving tomorrow, and they all need a bag packed - just like the one you received. Grab a drink and come and join us to pack some bags. Even ten minutes of your time would be much appreciated!

Tales (of the wagging shaggy doggy stories) from Chelm

Eddie Bass 

Yellow 21

Hear Eddie’s own comical and some new “traditional” made-up stories. The session may include a showing of a 13-minute animated film “Village of Idiots”. You are invited to complete a limerick, “There was a young man from Chell-em...” and bring it with you, or send to the Limmud office before the session.

Praying with four feet: animals in prayer and Jewish ritual

Sarah Chandler 

Blue 34

Whilst most contemporary Jewish rituals do not include live animals, some of the intentions behind ancient rites are still relevant today. In this session, participants will sample new curriculum and program models for including animals in modern Jewish life.

(More than) Twelve angry men (and women)

Ellen Flax 

Red 4

We live in an angry era, darn it! Come learn what the Jewish tradition teaches about this most explosive of emotions. Can we tame it? Is there any good that can come out of it? Let’s study text and discuss…in a respectful manner, of course!

Make the Israel-Diaspora relationship great again

Aylana Meisel 

Orange 11

With the support of Jews worldwide, Israel has grown into a prosperous democracy, a technology hub, a powerful military, and a source of Jewish revival and inspiration. But both the nature of the country and of the Diaspora have changed dramatically in the past 70 years. We explore a new and needed paradigm for the Israel-Diaspora relationship.

Jewish secrets of the Galilee

Mary Azaria 

Green 25

Through the generations Jews have wandered and wondered in the Galilee. Secrets are woven between its springs and hints are hidden in its crevices. The magic of the Galilee let Jews wander and wonder along its paths. Together we will discover some of the secrets hidden there…

High Priest of the broken Temple: the Religious Humanism of Leonard Cohen

Dan Reisel 

Orange 12

Leonard Cohen was a fellow-traveller for so many of us, and so his death this year hit hard. In tribute to his work over six decades, this session will look at the religious aspect of his songs. We will read lyrics, listen to a few songs, and explore what Leonard Cohen's taught us about ourselves and the meaning of God in the 21st century.

Gene Wilder: pure imagination

Irene Wise 

Orange 13

The great comic actor, director and writer Gene Wilder (né Jerome Silberman) died this year, aged 83. We offer a tribute to the man and his work. Come and hear stories about his life and watch clips from his films, such as The Producers, Young Frankenstein, Stir Crazy and Blazing Saddles.

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