Limmud Conference 2016 - Presenters

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Presenters: W

Adam Wagner

Adam is a barrister specialising in human rights. In 2015 he founded RightsInfo, an award-winning human rights public education charity. He tweets a lot.

Sunday 16:40 The Nuremberg Trials and human rights: the hidden link
Thursday 11:00 How to send the perfect tweet

Julia Wagner

Dr Julia Wagner is a writer, lecturer and public speaker specialising in film. She is film reviewer for the Jewish Quarterly journal and her blog on film and memory is published on the Huffington Post UK. She holds a PhD in Film Studies from UCL.

Monday 10:30 Pears Short Film Fund winners 2016
Monday 16:40 "Transparent": our best bits
Tuesday 10:30 Filming guilt: Jewish films and guilty feelings

Mikael Wahl

Mikael grew up in France and settled in Jerusalem. He has lectured and worked as an interpreter for over a decade. Consumed by a passion for history and archeology, he recently qualified as an Israeli tour guide, and now enjoys spending time on the (bumpy) roads of the country.

Thursday 12:30 The Jerusalem Quiz

Alison Walsh

When her fifteen year old son came out as gay, Alison did not know who she could talk to. Alison is the convenor of Jewish Parents of Gays and Lesbians, which was set up in May 1996 to support parents when their child comes out as gay.

Monday 16:40 LGBT+ Jewish Narratives

Jeffrey Ward

Jeff Ward is an engineer born in the US, trained in the UK, and currently working in LA. He is president of Congregation Tikvat Jacob in Manhattan Beach. He joined his synagogue board specifically to assist in rabbinical transition. He has also served as Chairman of LimmudLA.

Sunday 16:40 Attracting, selecting, and transitioning to a new congregational rabbi

Dawn Waterman

Dawn Waterman is Government Affairs Officer at the Board of Deputies of British Jews.

Monday 10:30 Agunah - action and education: a communal response to the challenges of agunah

Sarah Waxman

In 2015, Sarah Waxman founded At The Well. Sarah’s life has taken her from being an overweight kid to a national champion athlete, from a student of sociology to a student of holistic medicine, and from a passionate member of the Jewish community to an organiser of an international women's network.

Monday 14:30 Rosh Chodesh ritual and mental health
Tuesday 21:40 Well Circle Workshop
Wednesday 14:30 Who run the world?
Wednesday 18:10 Niddah and finding a spiritual connection with menstruation

Garry Wayland

Currently teaching Maths at an independent school in Hampstead, Garry Wayland has worked as rabbi at Woodside Park United Synagogue, focusing on youth and young families. He has also been Jewish student chaplain in Scotland.

Monday 12:00 Reflections of a rabbinical Mathematics teacher
Monday 13:15 Was Darth Vader King David's father?

Gabriel Webber

Gabriel is community development manager at Finchley Progressive Synagogue. He has previously worked for Mitzvah Day and LJY-Netzer, and has an unusual sideline as a freelance legal journalist investigating former prime ministers' expense claims.

Sunday 10:40 Politics from the pulpit: religious leaders, electioneering and the law
Sunday 15:50 Just William and the Jews
Tuesday 14:30 Blog Workshop: "Now therefore write ye" (Deuteronomy 31:19)

Naomi Webber

Naomi is a law student and lifelong Limmudnik, with a particular interest in children's rights.

Tuesday 21:40 The lost generation?
Wednesday 10:30 Charedi schools and children's rights

Michael Wegier

Michael is chief executive of UJIA. Apart from running this amazing charity, Michael also loves teaching with a focus on texts dealing with history, literature and identity. Michael has lived and worked in Israel, the USA and the UK.

Monday 13:15 Text and the city (1 of 2)
Tuesday 09:15 Zooming in on the Middle East: December 2016
Tuesday 13:15 Text and the city (2 of 2)
Tuesday 18:10 When does criticism of Israel become unacceptable ... and who decides? (3 of 4)
Wednesday 09:15 Trends and challenges in Israel-Diaspora relations

Joshua Weinberg

Josh Weinberg is president of ARZA. He made Aliyah in 2003 and served on faculty for NFTY-EIE program. He is a reserve officer in the IDF Spokesperson’s unit and studied for an MA at Hebrew University in Jewish Education. He was ordained from the HUC-JIR Israeli Rabbinic Program.

Sunday 21:40 Build Your Own Jewish State
Monday 16:40 "For you were strangers yourself..."
Tuesday 14:30 The Jews Are Coming: Controversial Topics in Israeli Society
Wednesday 09:15 Zionism in the Diaspora
Wednesday 16:40 Is too much expected of the Israeli Defense Force?

Chaim Weiner

Chaim Weiner is one of the leading Masorti rabbis in Europe. He founded and heads the European Masorti Bet Din and Masorti Europe, developing and supporting new communities. Chaim is known for innovative work in Jewish education and fascinating tours to destinations around the world.

Monday 10:30 Ask the rabbi – through the lens of Google analytics. Part 1: Jewish status (1 of 2)
Monday 13:15 My son the portfolio careerist - work and careers in the 21st century
Monday 16:40 DIY Judaism – Part Two
Tuesday 18:50 The Temple Mount: A historical (un)reality?
Wednesday 09:15 Jewish journeys: Sicily
Wednesday 14:30 Ask the Rabbi: through the lens of Google analytics. Part 2: Jewish Observance (2 of 2)

Arthur Weiss

Arthur is a market researcher/trainer who helps clients find intelligence they thought it couldn’t be found. Previous Limmud talks include "Great Jewish Spies", "Pimps and Prostitutes: the Jewish white slave trade" and "Defending Israel: using the internet to find the truth behind anti-Israel propaganda".

Wednesday 09:15 Forgotten or Sidelined? Historical female leadership in Orthodoxy 1500-1900

Anna Wexler

Anna Wexler is a documentary filmmaker and writer, currently completing her PhD in the Department of Science, Technology and Society at MIT. She co-directed the feature documentary film Unorthodox (2013), which follows three rebellious Orthodox Jewish teenagers as they struggle with their faith.

Monday 10:30 Pears Short Film Fund winners 2016
Monday 13:15 Unorthodox: Screening and Q&A (120 minutes)
Wednesday 12:00 Seeding controversy: did Israel "invent" the cherry tomato?

Michael Whine

Mike Whine is Government and International Affairs Director at the Community Security Trust and the UK Member of ECRI, the Council of Europe human rights monitoring commission which inspects and advises Member States.

Monday 18:10 Confronting the threats to Jewish life
Tuesday 18:50 Antisemitism and Islamophobia: two sides of the same coin?

Tom Wilson

Tom Wilson is a fellow at the Henry Jackson Society where he focuses on Middle Eastern politics and counter extremism. Tom regularly appears on television and radio and has been published in the Wall Street Journal, the Independent, the Jerusalem Post, the Spectator, Commentary and Standpoint.

Tuesday 14:30 Is Anglo-Jewry a safe space for Zionists?
Tuesday 21:40 Is the Jewish Right out of ideas?
Wednesday 09:15 Infiltrating Europe: how Jihadists exploited the migrant crisis

Atira Winchester

Atira Winchester is the director of programming for New Israel Fund UK. Her past roles include head of creative learning at JW3 and section editor at the Jerusalem Post. She holds an MA in English Literature and is passionate about Hebrew, Israel and civil rights.

Monday 14:30 Magash Hakesef (The Silver Platter)

Irene Wise

Irene Wise is an artist and senior lecturer in Media and Culture at University of Roehampton. Irene is an Imperial War Museum Fellow in Holocaust Education and a creative educator at the British Library. She has written and illustrated articles and books and has written/curated an app on Anne Frank.

Saturday 21:45 Gene Wilder: pure imagination
Sunday 18:50 Refugees: Jews and the art of exile
Tuesday 10:30 People of the book
Tuesday 12:00 Refugees: human rights, does anyone care?

Jonathan Wittenberg

Jonathan Wittenberg is rabbi of the New North London Synagogue and Senior Rabbi of Masorti Judaism. Interests are pastoral and interfaith work, environment and history. He likes people, animals, nature and literature. He's married to Nicola Solomon and they have three children and a dog.

Sunday 14:30 Keep Quiet (97 mins)
Sunday 16:40 Being and being Jewish: an exploration of Jewish ethics and spirituality
Sunday 18:50 What’s the point of prayer? (1 of 2)
Monday 10:30 Seeking refuge in Israel
Monday 16:40 What's the point of prayer? Kavanah - concentration (2 of 2)
Monday 18:50 My dear ones: Onefamily and the Final Solution
Tuesday 16:00 Chanukah Candelighting for Kids
Tuesday 18:10 Learning from the Righteous

Maurice Wren

Maurice Wren is chief executive of the Refugee Council, the leading organisation working with refugees and asylum seekers in the UK.

Tuesday 13:15 The refugee crisis: where are we now?
Tuesday 14:30 The refugee crisis: the next ten years

Tamra Wright

Tamra Wright is director of Academic Studies at LSJS and a visiting lecturer at King’s College London. A specialist in 20th century Jewish thought, she teaches modules on Jewish philosophy as part of the LSJS/King’s MA in Jewish Studies, and is programme leader for the LSJS MA in Jewish Education.

Sunday 18:50 “True as only fiction can be”: Emmanuel Levinas and Russian literature
Sunday 20:10 “Loving the Torah more than God”: the ethical philosophy and Jewish writings of Emmanuel Levinas (1 of 3)
Monday 20:10 “Loving the Torah more than God”: the ethical philosophy and Jewish writings of Emmanuel Levinas (2 of 3)
Tuesday 20:10 “Loving the Torah More Than God”: The ethical philosophy and Jewish writings of Emmanuel Levinas (3 of 3)

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