Limmud Conference 2016

Limmud Conference 2016 – Thursday 11:00

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"What do you mean, you don't want children?": a forum for and about Jewish childfree women

Sarah Bronzite 

Green 26

Sadly, Jewish women who dare to say they don't want children often encounter condescension, judgement and hostility. This interactive session aims to provide childfree women with a place to talk honestly about their feelings and experiences: please come and share. An overview of some key issues, Jewish and general, will be provided. (All welcome)

The state of Palestine vs. Balfour?

Noru Tsalic 

Purple 31

Palestinian officials have threatened to sue the UK over the 1917 Balfour Declaration. Was this just another self-defeating Palestinian act, or a clever political gambit? Starting from that, the session will examine (from a political rather than legal standpoint) Britain's historical role vis-a-vis the Zionist Project and the Palestinian Arabs.

The shadow of the Torah: the dangers and darkness of a life of Torah

Mimi Feigelson 

Orange 12

Peter Pan's serious when trying to sew his shadow back on! Like Jung, he understands that true existence bears a shadow. Life asks us to embrace it. If living a life of Torah is real, it has to have a shadow; there have to be dangers lurking and scorching fires. Alienation, judgment and self-estrangement are but a few of the fruits of the Tree of Life.

May the Lord be with you: A Jewish reading of Star Wars

Raphael Zarum 

Yellow 23

This enduring space opera has captured the imagination of millions globally, including me. But what have a scoundrel smuggler, a walking carpet, an impish guru, a bagel-buned princess, a heavy-breathing talking helmet and a wide-eyed hero got to do with Judaism? From Episode One to Rogue One, secrets will be revealed. “It’s all true, all of it.”

Intersectionality: Four tips for survival from an Iranian Jewish woman

Rachel Sumekh 

Green 25

What communities do you sit on the edge of? In this session Rachel Sumekh, an Iranian Jewish woman from Los Angeles will share the four key tips needed to stay balanced with one foot in the Jewish, business, Iranian, and millennial world. Do you have feet in different worlds?. Bring your full self and join the discussion.

Circles of obligation

Ruth Messinger 

Orange 11

How do we decide to whom we are responsible in the world? What do our texts and our contemporary leaders say about this issue? What do we do with texts that contradict each other?

The Tel Aviv Review podcast: live recording (4 of 4)

Gilad Halpern  Nadia Valman  Benny Morris  Daniel Lee 

Blue 32 (Millers)

The Tel Aviv Review is a nonfiction literary review podcast, aka "the start-up nation of the humanities". Going live at Limmud 2016, it will host a selection of the conference's most eminent participants for an in-depth interview about their fields of expertise.

The students are alright!

Ella Rose  David Brown 

Red 4

The past year saw a number of high profile and unsavoury incidents affecting Jewish students, yet the bigger and brighter picture on campus is one of positive, proud and proactive Jewish life. Join this short presentation and discussion based on UJS, JPR and UJIA's recent campus research.

The making of stars

Antony Lishak 

Red 2

A session that reveals the true story behind my teenage novel STARS, set in wartime Warsaw and based on a real act of rescue - including the very personal reasons for writing the book and how sharing this story has changed my life. This session will be for children of 12 years and older.

Shrinking halachah: how Torah principles helped me lose weight

Alex Goldberg 

Yellow 22

Alex is a rabbinic student and was told to lose weight by his doctor or face an uncertain future. In the last year he lost over 60 pounds / 4 stone / 25kg and has maintained this weight. He will be sharing how Jewish values, philosophy and thinking ultimately helped him win his battle and maintain his weight and overcame his boredom with exercise.

PJ Library and our global Jewish stories: a "text" study through the PJ lens

Tamar Remz 

Red 3

What do Jewish children's books tell us about Jewish families and communities around the world? What can we learn from the 500,000 children and families participating in PJ Library? Join for a creative "text study" and discussion about the diverse world of Jewish communities and families, seen through the lens of PJ Library.

Not Yet Disabled

Mark Goldsmith 

Red 1

Whatever we are able to do now easily will challenge us one day. Stairs will be unclimbable, voices will be hard to hear, our vision will blur. Yet every one of us will still have all of our experience, care and wisdom to offer to our communities. How do Jewish texts guide us in adapting for disability, ensuring Jewish life is open to all?

Is today Chanukah or Christmas/New Years?

Daniel Goldfarb 

Orange 14

It’s happened only three times in the last century - Chanukah starting on Christmas Day and ending on New Years. Shhhh…it started later seven times. Is the Jewish calendar solar, lunar or just loony? The Jewish calendar is about a lot more than time; learn the secrets. Texts (in Hebrew and English), for any level.

Egalitarianism: a halachic imperative

Baruch Velleman 

Blue 34

Judaism, at its inception, was intended to be egalitarian. Why didn't this happen and is the 21st century the era to return Judaism to its true origins?

Damaged beauty: the Jewishness of modern Jewish art

Melissa Raphael 

Red 7

This illustrated talk explores how modern Jewish art uses permitted idoloclastic techniques to produce images that both cancel and restore glory. It will be suggested that 'Jewish' images offer an important critique of our contemporary image-saturated culture.

Can Jews be monarchists?

Elliott Karstadt 

Orange 10

Before becoming a student rabbi at Leo Baeck College, Elliott Karstadt studied the history of political thought. In this session we will take a detailed look at some of our most sacred texts and what they have to say about Israel's request for a monarch to rule over them, and how monarchs behaved once they had been instituted.

Beezlebub begat a behemoth – how to get on with translations

Jessica Sacks 

Red 6

There is no such thing as an exact, unbiased translation. But as English-speakers, translations colour much of our Jewish learning, often in ways we are not aware of. Discover how to work out the strengths and limits of the translations you use – and see if you can do any better. No Hebrew required.

A priest and a prostitute: Jethro and Rahab, unique connections

David J. Zucker 

Yellow 21

Midrashically, Jethro and Rahab convert to Judaism. Jethro is a Midianite priest and Moses’ father-in-law. Rahab, a prostitute, is a contemporary of Joshua. Details about Moses and Jethro repeat in the story of Rahab; both are linked by the word chesed (lovingkindness/loyalty). This session will explore the affinities between their very different lives and experiences.

Putting the pieces together

Deborah Steinmetz 

Red 5

The story of the restoration of a "lost" film and screening of the "Adamah" (1947) Directed by Helman Lerski.

How to send the perfect tweet

Adam Wagner 

Blue 33

#socialmedia #campaigning #masterclass #workshop @adamwagner1

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