Limmud Conference 2016 - Presenters

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Naomi Raanan

Naomi is a movement worker for RSY-Netzer and a recently qualified primary school teacher in Birmingham. She decided to pause her teaching career and try her hand at movement work for RSY-Netzer with a particular focus on informal education, Israel tours and gap year and residential camps.

Tuesday 18:10 “Miss, let’s play a circle game”: the blurring of the lines between formal and informal education
Tuesday 23:20 Classic shira!

Karen Radkowsky

Karen Radkowsky spent more than 20 years at global marcoms agencies Ogilvy, BBDO and Ketchum. A Limmudnik since 2000, she's currently the trustee overseeing marcoms. Karen recently formed Impact NPO, a consultancy that helps nonprofits achieve greater impact through communications, research and measurement.

Sunday 10:40 Limmud MarCom Master Class: What you Need to Know About Marketing and Media
Sunday 18:50 What's your brand essence? A workshop for non-profit organisations

Barnaby Raine

Barnaby is a PhD History student at Columbia, having graduated from Oxford, where he was on the NUS NEC, involved in supporting BDS and opposing Prevent and tuition fees. David Ben-Gurion once scorned anti-Zionist Jews as "rootless cosmopolitans", a title Barnaby claims with pride.

Tuesday 13:15 Why Jews should support Jeremy Corbyn's Labour Party

Daniel Randall

Daniel Randall is a railway worker and trade union rep. He has been an active socialist since he was 14. He considers himself a Labour Party member in exile, having been expelled from the party - twice - for his association with the revolutionary socialist group Workers' Liberty.

Tuesday 13:15 Why Jews should support Jeremy Corbyn's Labour Party

Melissa Raphael

Melissa Raphael is the author of many articles and books, including "The Female Face of God in Auschwitz" (2003) and "Judaism and the Visual Image" (2009). She is currently writing a book on feminism and idoloclasm, to be published in 2017.

Tuesday 18:10 Images that say 1,000 words
Wednesday 12:00 The Holocaust from a Jewish feminist theological perspective
Wednesday 16:40 When the female golem demanded a soul
Thursday 11:00 Damaged beauty: the Jewishness of modern Jewish art

Zohar Raviv

Zohar is an internationally recognized speaker and Jewish educator, currently serving as international vice-president of education for Birthright Israel. He holds a BA in Israel Studies (Bar-Ilan), a joint MA in Judaic Studies and Jewish Education (Brandeis) and a PhD in Jewish Thought (University of Michigan).

Monday 10:30 The Zionist Revolution: Then and Now (1 of 4)
Monday 16:40 Israel: Negotiating Multiple Landscapes
Tuesday 20:10 On the Possibility of a Jewish democracy in Israel
Wednesday 12:00 Pluralism, diversity & Jewish evolution

Raheel Raza

Raheel Raza is an activist for human rights, public speaker and a global voice against extremism.

Monday 12:00 Is political correctness choking honest dialogue?
Monday 13:15 How can Muslims and Jews coexist?
Tuesday 10:30 Passion and politics of Islam
Wednesday 21:50 Enemy of the Reich: the Noor Inayat Khan story

Sohail Raza

Sohail Raza is the director of Forum for Learning and director with the Council for Muslims Facing Tomorrow. He is recipient of the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal for Service to Canada and has appeared as an expert witness for Senate and Parliamentary hearings on anti-radicalisation.

Monday 12:00 Is political correctness choking honest dialogue?
Tuesday 10:30 Passion and politics of Islam
Wednesday 09:15 Israel and Pakistan: where do they stand today?
Wednesday 21:50 Enemy of the Reich: the Noor Inayat Khan story

Sacha Reingewirtz

Sacha Reingewirtz was the president of the Union of French Jewish Students (UEJF) from 2014 to 2016. He is a qualified lawyer, holds an MA from Cambridge University in Law, a master's in Criminal Law from La Sorbonne and a master's in Political Affairs from Sciences-Po.

Tuesday 20:10 The Republic and the Jews: Religion, State, and Secularism in France
Wednesday 18:10 Fighting racism and antisemitism on the web
Wednesday 21:50 Building resilience and bringing hope to the Jews of France
Thursday 12:30 Combatting the National Front in France

Dan Reisel

Dan is an academic clinical fellow in Women's Health at UCL, and an Obstetrics and Gynaecology specialist trainee in the NHS. He is the study coordinator of a large international study that seeks to find new ways to identify women at risk of disease and personalise their treatment.

Saturday 21:45 High Priest of the broken Temple: the Religious Humanism of Leonard Cohen
Monday 14:30 Why you should get tested for BRCA

Jonathan Reisman

Jonathan is an internist and pediatrician with an interest in wilderness medicine and global health. He currently works in in emergency rooms in Arctic Alaska, rural Pennsylvania, and Native American reservations in South Dakota. He is also an avid forager of plants and mushrooms and an enthusiast of prehistoric crafts and wilderness survival.

Wednesday 18:10 Jews in arctic Alaska

Fern Reiss

Fern Reiss runs, bringing speakers to Jewish venues around the world. Fern is a popular conference speaker and advises authors via and She is a graduate of Harvard and Pardes. She and her family live and homeschool in Boston and Jerusalem.

Monday 14:30 The world of Jewish and non-Jewish book publishing
Tuesday 09:15 The World of Jewish Speaking

Tamar Remz

Tamar Remz works with philanthropists Harold and Winnie Sandler Grinspoon, to support Jewish life through the Harold Grinspoon Foundation. One of the Foundation's signature programmes, PJ Library, brings Jewish stories to more than half a million Jewish children and families around the world.

Wednesday 10:30 A world of Jewish Philanthropy
Wednesday 16:40 A discussion with the Jews behind the world's largest Arabic book gifting program
Thursday 11:00 PJ Library and our global Jewish stories: a "text" study through the PJ lens

Valérie Rhein

Valérie Rhein, a Limmudnik for many years, is a co-founder of the Swiss annual day of study inspired by Limmud ( As a doctoral student in Jewish Studies at the University of Bern, her research focuses on women in Jewish ritual practice. She works as an editor and journalist.

Sunday 14:30 Women and mitzvot: what’s time got to do with it?
Monday 09:15 Women reading Torah: a rabbinic dilemma

Danny Rich

Danny Rich has been the senior rabbi & chief executive of Liberal Judaism since 2005, prior to which he was rabbi to Kingston Liberal Synagogue for nearly 20 years. He is a Justice of the Peace and a hospital and prison chaplain.

Wednesday 10:30 Jewish teachings and experiences of the criminal justice system: trial and error (2 of 3)
Thursday 09:45 Jewish teachings and experiences of the criminal justice system: from the inside looking out (3 of 3)

Toni Rickenback

Toni is director of the UK Task Force, a coalition of 40 Jewish organisations that raises awareness in the British Jewish community on issues relating to Arab citizens of Israel. She runs educational sessions and study trips, trains youth movement leaders, and is trying to improve her spoken Arabic.

Monday 13:15 How can Muslims and Jews coexist?

Albert Ringer

Albert is the rabbi of the Reform synagogue in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, and chaplain in a psychiatric hospital. For him, the essence of being a rabbi is doing what Jewish leaders always did: finding new ways to use our traditional Jewish vocabulary to speak about what concerns us today.

Friday 21:15 My ancestors were Syrian refugees
Sunday 09:20 No Torah, do Haftarah! Really?

Marcus Roberts

Marcus Roberts is the founder-director of JTrails, creating Jewish Heritage trails in England and Holocaust trails in the Channel Islands and NW France, as well as working with communities across England to promote Jewish heritage. JTrails is part of the "European Routes of Jewish Heritage".

Tuesday 09:15 A grand tour of the Jewish heritage of the South-East of England
Tuesday 14:30 Alderney - island of secrets and terror

Catriona Elizabeth Robertson

Catriona Robertson directs the Christian Muslim Forum. Born in a manse in the Scottish Highlands, she has lived and worked in India and the South Pacific and travelled across North Africa and the Middle East. Catriona is interested in how we live well and equitably together without having to be the same.

Tuesday 16:40 From Discord to Dialogue: Jewish-Christian Study Tour to Israel and Palestine

Simon Rocker

Simon Rocker grew up in South Wales, covered his first Limmud in 1985 and is assistant editor (education) at the Jewish Chronicle, editing the Judaism, education and diary sections.

Monday 10:30 Rabbi, I Have A Problem...
Tuesday 14:30 Getting media coverage for your Limmud event: Advice from the experts

Jonathan Romain

Rabbi, writer and broadcaster, Jonathan Romain is minister of Maidenhead Synagogue. He is chaplain to the Jewish Police Association, chair of the Accord Coalition (campaigning for inclusive education) and a patron of Dignity in Dying.

Monday 10:30 Rabbi, I Have A Problem...
Monday 16:40 Terror, trauma and tragedy

Diti Ronen

Dr. Diti Ronen is a poet and a lecturer of Cultural Policy at the Hebrew University. Born in Tel Aviv and a mother of five, she has published six poetry books. Her poetry has been translated and published in many languages. She has won three international and two national poetry awards.

Monday 13:15 Contemporary Israeli religious poetry
Monday 20:10 The adventures of a bird
Tuesday 12:00 Poetry and Conversation with Diti Ronen
Tuesday 21:40 No place like home: poetry and jazz
Wednesday 09:15 Cultural policy and the Israeli art world

Ella Rose

Ella Rose is the Director of the Jewish Labour Movement. She has previously worked as Public Affairs Officer at the Embassy of Israel, and President of the Union of Jewish Students, where she is now a trustee. She is a board member of Lead, a Deputy at the Board of Deputies, and most importantly in this context, Chair of Marketing and Communications for Limmud Conference 2016. In 2015, she was named the most influential British Jew under the age of 25 by the Jewish News.

Friday 17:40 Balfour 99 - Britain and Israel today
Thursday 11:00 The students are alright!

Steve Rose

Steve Rose (bass). Also an accomplished pianist, he has worked in the jazz, pop and world music areas. He has accompanied jazz greats Joe Lovano and Benny Golson and played jazz festivals in Europe. He has composed for film, TV and for London Contemporary Dance Theatre, Amici and David Glass Ensemble.

Wednesday 21:50 Shir In Concert

Benji Rosen

Former Swiss army Sergeant Benji Rosen is now in his fifth year of medical school in London and is heavily involved in university life as a comedy writer and drummer.

Saturday 14:45 Sex, drugs and Torah scrolls: being Jewish and 20-something

Shani Rosenbaum

Shani serves as Program Manager for OLAM, a joint platform for promoting global Jewish service. She holds a BA in Near Eastern and Judaic Studies and previously worked for Encounter, an NGO dedicated to conflict transformation. Shani has studied at Midreshet Lindenbaum, Matan, and Yeshivat Kol Isha.

Tuesday 10:30 He said, she said: a mother and son talk 'Global Torah'
Tuesday 14:30 Money, money, money: Jews, justice and global giving

Shep Rosenman

Shep is an entertainment lawyer, musician, songwriter, student/teacher of prayer, Bible, songwriting, community-building, and respectful conversation. He runs 54Mosaics - Torah themes and songwriting. Shep is a co-founder of LimmudLA and is on his fifth tour on Limmud International Steering Group.

Saturday 14:45 You've Got Attitude: How Screaming, Crying, Singing, and Talking Can Improve Your Prayer Experience
Monday 14:30 Different Flowers Make a Bouquet: Inclusion in the Limmud World
Monday 18:50 Songs in the key of life: Fulfilling the 613th commandment
Tuesday 13:15 54 mosaics: exploring Torah through songwriting
Wednesday 10:30 Your own triptych: three questions that map the journey to your soul

David Rosenstein

David Rosenstein, 18, has established a well-respected brand as a professional magician, entertainer and speaker in the USA. He has spent the past four years engaging Jewish young adults through conventions, fundraisers, and leadership seminars. David studies business at the University of Maryland.

Tuesday 17:15 Magic Show

Simon Rosenstone

Simon is severely visually impaired and plays Scrabble using a braille Scrabble set. He has played for several years and is a member of the ABSP. Although he lives in Leeds, he travels to London to play in a London league.

Saturday 23:00 Scrabble Schmabble
Wednesday 16:40 Scrabble schmabble

Jodi Rudoren

Jodi Rudoren is deputy international editor of the New York Times. She was recently the paper's Jerusalem bureau chief. Jodi grew up in Newton, Mass., and graduated from Yale University in 1992. She and her husband, Gary, live in Montclair, NJ, with their 9-year-old twins.

Sunday 10:40 Journalism, disrupted
Monday 10:30 Zero-sum empathy
Monday 20:10 Wife during wartime
Tuesday 10:30 You voted for WHOM?? Jewish perspectives on the 2016 U.S. presidential election
Tuesday 16:40 The international media and Israel
Wednesday 09:15 Does the New York Times hate Israel? (No.)

Beatriz Rypp

Beatriz works with the Nephesh theatre, where she writes, translates, designs and acts in plays, as well as serving as dramaturge for the theatre. As stage manager, she has travelled throughout the world with the acclaimed production of Gimpel the Fool.

Saturday 14:45 Transforming Biblical stories to theatre
Sunday 20:10 Gimpel the Fool
Monday 10:30 Transforming Biblical stories to theatre

Howard Rypp

Founded Nephesh Theatre, in Canada 40 years ago and today in Israel offers a repertory of 18 plays in Hebrew and nine in English which tour abroad. Howard is a producer, director, teacher, translator and actor. His production of "Gimpel the Fool" has been acclaimed throughout the world.

Saturday 14:45 Transforming Biblical stories to theatre
Sunday 20:10 Gimpel the Fool
Monday 10:30 Transforming Biblical stories to theatre

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