Limmud Conference 2016

Limmud Conference 2016 – Friday 17:40

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Women and the obligation to light candles on Friday evening: a story about Rabbis, Karaites, and Original Sin

Benjamin Gampel 

Red 3

The obligation of candle-lighting on Shabbat is widely appreciated as one of women’s quintessential mitzvot. Against the ongoing debate about the nature and contours of women’s religious obligations within Judaism, it is of moment to reflect on how this act, which seemingly ushers in the Shabbat, became entrusted to women.

Welcome to Limmud!

Limmud Shabbat Team 

Yellow 21

However many times you've been at Limmud conference, whether dozens or especially if this is your first, there's nothing better than meeting some great new people. Come and meet your new best friend, or at least someone you can sit with for dinner!

The Jews become a "people of the book"

Robert Goldenberg 

Orange 11

When Ezra brought the Torah to Jerusalem and read it to the assembled crowd, they wept. Why? Where had he obtained this book and why had he brought it to Judea? National life was now based on a book: what difference did this make?

The elephant in the sukkah: conversion

Margueritte Cox 

Orange 12

Halachah forbids reminding a convert to Judaism of his or her non-Jewish past. However, born-Jews often miss out on hearing why someone would choose Judaism, even in this age of religious "nones". In this session, Margueritte will briefly go over texts and the conversion process, but will leave most of the session to Q&A. Bring all your questions!

Sun of Sam

Benjamin Gerber 

Orange 10

A shaggy strongman, a fatal attraction, a bad haircut - Sampson is a well-known Biblical hero, but this ancient tragedy has a lot to say to modern readers about strength, vulnerability, love, loneliness, and the Middle Eastern condition...

Spices of Shabbat

Janie Grackin 

Red 2

Welcome Shabbat as we explore the flavours, sounds and scents of Shabbat through the art of storytelling. International storyteller, Janie Grackin and friends, will shepherd you into a time of joy and shalom.

Shabbat Clown Around

Limmud Families Team 

Red 1

Join Kayla Feldman as we get ready for a fun-filled Shabbat by playing silly games and wearing funny hats. Suitable for ages 8-100.

Psyche in the sugiya: what really is the yetzer hara(evil inclination)? On losing and getting lost

Yehoshua Engelman 

Blue 34

Abaye, one of the greatest Talmud sages, is in this story described as a well-meaning peeping Tom in pursuit of a couple about to sin. What was he looking for? What needs do vicarious thrills address? What has he lost? The Talmud’s understanding of sexuality and desire teaches what psychoanalysis concurs with as to what we seek and what desire is.

Pigs and preachers: Where is the line between proselytisation and hate speech?

Emily Michelson 

Green 25

For over 200 years, Jews in Rome were forced to attend conversionary sermons on a near-weekly basis. They had few opportunities to resist or object, but sometimes they did. This talk, drawn from manuscripts in the Vatican library and other Roman archives, investigates which circumstances prompted passive or active resistance from Rome's Jews.

Holocaust Poetry

David Benkof 

Red 4

Extreme times can lead to great art. Ponder short works about the Holocaust by Dan Pagis, Abraham Sutzkever, Primo Levi, and others to explore how survivors, observers, and future generations have used rhythm, rhyme, meter, symbolism, and imagery to respond to the Shoah. Beyond brief explanations, the session will focus on discussion and group work.

Families in transition: integrating a transgender family member into our homes and into our Orthodox community - challenges and delights

Miriam Schacter 

Blue 33

Miriam will present a few stages of family dynamics and possible challenges for families. In a candid group discussion with the participants, we will work as a group to articulate ways in which to resolve the conflicts.

Bet-Reshit: a creation-based Judaism for our environmentalist era

Arthur Green 

Yellow 24

Re-thinking creation as a pillar of Judaism in an evolutionary context. How this ancient part of our faith is still relevant, but in need of new interpretation. Includes a proposal for translation into daily practice.

Balfour 99 - Britain and Israel today

Ella Rose  Andrew Gilbert  Avi Mayer  Peter Lerner 

Red 7

The year-long countdown to the 100th anniversary of the Balfour Declaration is under way. Since 1917, the relationship between Britain and the concept - and then reality - of a Jewish homeland has evolved hugely. Our panel will be looking at where that leaves us today and what could be next as Britain and Israel move into the next 100 years.

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