Limmud Conference 2016 - Presenters

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Presenters: C

Daniel Cainer

A theatre-maker, songwriter, producer, broadcaster, composer and many other words with ‘er’ on the end, Daniel performs his unique Jewish storytelling-in-song in theatres, temples and homes around the world. He’s an Edinburgh Fringe award winner and just completed a third off-Broadway run in New York.

Tuesday 16:40 Gefiltefish and chips - stories in song from a master songwriter
Tuesday 21:40 Pickle Recipe (98 mins)
Wednesday 16:40 Gefilte Fish & Chips: more stories, more songs, some questions, some answers

Michael Capek

Michael Capek has been a GP in South Manchester for the last 31 years and has a practice in hypnotherapy. He supports the local primary care mental health teams He is clinical lead for mental health to South Manchester CCG and advises on matters of quality and mental health.

Sunday 13:15 Biblio-hypnosis: the crossing of the Reed Sea. (1 of 2)
Monday 16:40 Biblio-hypnosis: the giving of the Torah at Sinai (2 of 2)

Graham Carpenter

Graham is the New Gen coordinator for New Israel Fund, a trustee for Liberal Judaism, member of the Willesden Green community and teacher at the LJS. He grew up song-leading in LJY-Netzer, and this year was on the Roswell Klal Yisrael Fellowship, a think-tank for young-adult global Jewish leadership.

Tuesday 18:10 Trailblazing social justice in Israel
Wednesday 18:50 Podcasting: a beginner's guide to a powerful storytelling medium
Thursday 12:30 Beyond Tribes: Towards the Mosaic of Israeli Society

Philippa Carr

Philippa manages Head Room the education and training resource at UK Jewish mental health service Jami. Philippa has worked as a mental health trainer in education and as a drama therapist in NHS Adult Mental Health. She is the former head of education for Target Ovarian Cancer.

Tuesday 14:30 Bi-polar disorder and the Kylie effect

Sarah Chandler

Sarah Chandler is the CCO (Chief Compassion Officer) and team leader at the Jewish Initiative for Animals where she works to support Jewish institutions to establish meaningful food policies rooted in Jewish ethics and animal welfare.

Saturday 11:30 Miracle makers in the modern world
Saturday 21:45 Praying with four feet: animals in prayer and Jewish ritual
Monday 13:15 History and new trends in Jewish vegetarianism
Tuesday 10:30 Creating an ethical food policy that can change public policy
Tuesday 16:40 How to use compassionate communication to talk about compassion for animals

Naomi Charatan

Naomi is a musician and secondary school teacher based in London, performing with 'Miriam's Sister.' Although she is originally a classically-trained pianist, she also plays the accordion, clarinet and loves to sing. Naomi is looking forward to making lots of music with everyone at Limmud!

Tuesday 13:15 Miriam's Sister: Live in Concert

James Charles

James Charles is a session drummer and guitarist who plays drums in the Tom McCartney Band, a raucous blues and country five-piece from Nottingham. James blends the guitarist's ear for melody with the drummer's feel for rhythm in his playing.

Monday 23:20 Manpanzee: strange sounds
Tuesday 16:40 Jamming workshop

Jaclyn Chernett

Jaclyn Chernett is the first woman in the UK to be ordained as a Chazan. She founded EAJL, the European Academy for Jewish Liturgy in 2007. She is a vice-president of Masorti UK and Chazan at Kol Nefesh Masorti Synagogue.

Wednesday 13:15 Kaddish throughout the year

Maurice Chernick

Maurice Chernick (clarinet, vocals) started the band Shir in 1997, since when the group has become a major force on the UK Jewish music scene, performing concerts and fulfilling the original function of the Klezmorim – entertaining at Simchas! Maurice is also a composer and music teacher.

Wednesday 12:00 A meeting of styles: Zoe Jacobs with Shir in concert
Wednesday 14:30 Shir interactive
Wednesday 21:50 Shir In Concert

Chaim Chesler

Chaim Chesler is founder and chairman of Executive Committee, Limmud FSU. Chaim served as an executive director of the Israel Public Council for Soviet Jewry, headed the Jewish Agency's delegation to the FSU and the USA and served as treasurer of the Jewish Agency.

Sunday 18:50 Around the world in 10 Years: Celebrating a decade of Limmud International
Monday 14:30 Limmud FSU: the first decade
Wednesday 13:15 Eli Wiesel: where are my Jews? - an exhibition opening

Gail Chester

Gail is a feminist activist, Hackney resident, writer (recently published "Murder Mile and Other Riffs and Rants"), editor, publisher, book historian, mother, carer, born-again atheist and strong believer that the personal is political. She has just helped save Feminist Library from closure.

Sunday 14:30 Where is Jewish feminism now?
Monday 21:40 Uppity Jewish women

Daniel Chinn

Daniel was born in London and made Aliyah in 1988. He is a partner in a commercial law firm and chair of Kehilat Kol Haneshama, Jerusalem, as well as being a past member of the National Board of the Israel Reform Movement. He is married with three children, all of whom are currently serving in the IDF.

Tuesday 20:10 The pilgrim festivals: experiences in Israel and the Diaspora

Angel Chorapchiev

Born in Bulgaria. PhD in Jewish history. Currently working as a lecturer in Modern Greek history at the University of Haifa and an archival specialist for the Balkan states at the Yad Vashem Archives. Main field of research: history of the Jewish communities in the Balkans during the 20th century.

Sunday 18:50 Between life and death: Jews in Bulgaria during the Second World War
Monday 09:15 Forced labor of Jews in Bulgaria during the Second World War
Wednesday 12:00 The Zionist rise to power: the Jewish community of Bulgaria before Second World War

Ivan Ciment

Ivan Ciment is co-founder of the Morningside Group of companies and publisher of He has visited 65 countries and corresponds with professionals and analysts worldwide. He is from New York City, Orthodox, married with 2 kids, and has spoken at prior Limmud conferences.

Monday 21:40 Has anything really changed in the Middle East during the past 15 years?

Anthony Clavane

Born and in Leeds, Anthony is now chief sports writer for the Sunday Mirror. He has won Press Gazette Feature Writer of the Year and BT Regional Sportswriter of the Year awards. His previous book Promised Land was named Sports Book of the Year by the National Sporting Club and the Radio 2 Book Club.

Wednesday 13:15 Does your rabbi know you’re here?
Wednesday 16:40 Jews don't do football? You must be joking.

Jane Clements

Dr Jane Clements is director of CCJ (the Council of Christians and Jews). She has a degree in Theology, an MA in Hebrew and Jewish Studies and a PhD in Holocaust Education. Jane is a member of the former Anglican-Jewish Commission and was a founding trustee of the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust.

Wednesday 18:10 Are Christians basically antisemitic?

Jonathan Clingman

Jonathan Clingman is Development Coordinator for The Together Plan, a UK charity working with communities in the former Soviet Union, encouraging self-sufficiency and international collaboration. He acts as a link between communities in Belarus and the UK, helping to implement community projects in a Belarusian cultural context.

Thursday 12:30 Community development projects in the former Soviet Union

Beverley Cohen

Beverley Cohen works in media and communications. Over twenty years ago, she decided she wanted some peace and quiet and rocked up at Gaia House in Devon. Over the past three years she has been sharing what she has learned from her meditation practice with a small group in north London, with people in Brighton, where she now lives, and at the HaMakom retreat in Kent. She is thrilled to finally find a way for her Judaism and her meditation practice to come together.

Tuesday 18:10 Simcha - joy

Louise Cohen

Louise Cohen has recently graduated from the University of Nottingham in Geography and is now working for the Union of Jewish Students as a J-Soc officer. As well as being responsible for 11 campuses countrywide, Louise is also in charge of guest speakers and campus education.

Tuesday 12:00 Is cross-communalism a fantasy?
Wednesday 13:15 Abrahamic Interfaith: Perspectives from campus

Rachel Cohen

Rachel Cohen is the Director of Communications at Stonewall, where she has overall responsibility for PR, digital, design and branding. She has extensive experience working in communications for both public and private sector organisations through previous roles at Metro Bank, Launch PR and Edelman.

Wednesday 10:30 Should Jewish schools be forced to be inclusive?

Ruvan Cohen

Ruvan Cohen is a businessman from New York. He has worked throughout his life to infuse his economic life with the Torah's ethics and values. He has given shiurim on various topics from "Jewish Sources for Disabilities Advocates" to "Jewish Ethics and Halacha."

Saturday 14:45 Chanukah and Purim: why the rabbis felt the need to add more Jewish holidays

Shelley Cohen

Founder of the Jewish Inclusion Project, Disability Inclusion Training for Rabbinic Students and Jewish Leaders; advocates for inclusion of children with disabilities in Jewish educational and recreational settings. Member RespectAbility USA, Foundation Jewish Camp, US Friends of Beit Issie Shapiro.

Saturday 14:45 Or l'goyim or Or l'yehudim? What the Jewish community needs to learn from the non-Jewish world on how to be inclusive of people with disabilities
Sunday 12:00 Chiyuv vs. chesed - why inclusion of people with disabilities is not a kindness

Shoshana Cohen

Rabbi Shoshana Cohen teaches Talmud, Midrash at the Conservative Yeshiva. Shoshana is the educational director of ATZUM's Takum, a social justice beit midrash housed at the CY. She has semicha from Rabbi Daniel Landes. She lives in Jerusalem with her two children.

Monday 10:30 Beit Midrash group B: these are the ones who can be saved with their lives (1 of 4)
Monday 18:10 Is this good? Is this usable? Confronting the challenges of misogyny and genocide in Biblical and Rabbinic literature (1 of 3)
Tuesday 10:30 Beit Midrash group B: be killed rather than transgress (2 of 4)
Tuesday 16:40 A midrash on the rape of Tamar - the Rabbis meet Katherine Makinnon (2 of 3)
Wednesday 16:40 Arguing in the face of injustice - Hannah and Abraham challenge God (3 of 3)

Henry Cohn

Historian and lecturer. Emeritus Reader in European History, University of Warwick. Member of North Western Reform Synagogue, London, and Birmingham Progressive Synagogue. Henry has attended and presented at more Limmuds than he can count.

Thursday 09:45 The Jews of Breslau 1930-42

David Collier

David was born in the UK and spent 19 years in Israel, before the first intifada until after the 2006 Lebanon war. He has been writing about Israel for 18 years. David spends much of his time on campus. He has an MSc in Ethics and is currently researching anti-Zionist forces, Antisemitism and BDS.

Tuesday 14:30 Is Anglo-Jewry a safe space for Zionists?

Eve Cowan

Eve Cowan is a retired insurance broker. She was a member of Bournemouth Reform Synagogue and collected, edited, and published two volumes of members' life stories. Eve would like to explain to others how to create similar collections.

Wednesday 10:30 Collecting life stories - everyone has a story to tell!

Margueritte Cox

Margueritte is a biostatistician at the Duke Clinical Research Institute, the largest academic research organization in the world. A convert to Judaism, she is passionate about Jewish learning and teaching - her dream is to become a rabbi.

Friday 17:40 The elephant in the sukkah: conversion
Sunday 09:20 Two Jews, three opinions: conducting meaningful surveys

Samantha Cozens

Sam is one of the voluntary co-ordinators of the Drop-in for Asylum Seeker Families run out of the Liberal Jewish Synagogue. When she's not busy with the Drop-in, she works as a solicitor and is also currently completing a master's in psychotherapy.

Tuesday 12:00 Practical steps to helping asylum seekers and refugees – how to set up your own project
Tuesday 14:30 The refugee crisis: the next ten years

Mark Creeger

Mark Creeger has worked in Jewish education and IT, separately and together, teaching at primary, secondary and university level and working on national and international projects for UK and Israeli companies. A regular speaker at Barnet Synagogue, he also works with youth, children and families.

Tuesday 20:10 IBM, American big business and the Holocaust
Wednesday 09:15 A Jewish view of extra-terrestrial life

Rachel Creeger

Rachel Creeger is an award-winning director, performer and playwright specialising in new writing and comedy. She has over fifty credits to her name, from scratch performances to full productions in West End venues. Rachel hosts monthly comedy gigs and is a popular guest speaker at communal events.

Monday 21:40 TMI: From Adam and Eve to 2016
Wednesday 13:15 Not a job for a nice Jewish girl

Katharine Crew

Katharine is campus leadership manager at the Council of Christians and Jews running the university interfaith scheme. While at university she was active as interfaith rep for her Christian Union. She has experience as a researcher at the Royal Observatory and as part of the training team at Three Faiths Forum.

Wednesday 13:15 What have Methodists done for interfaith relations?

Ben Crowne

Ben is Chair of Limmud Conference 2016. In the copious free time this role allows, he works as a forensic accountant, and lives, teaches and volunteers in London.

Friday 21:15 What does Donald Trump's presidential victory mean for us?
Monday 21:40 Whose Sugiya Is It Anyway?
Wednesday 14:30 Partnership Minyanim: Here to stay?

Beverley Crowne

Beverley is a businesswomen based in London, and a long-time volunteer in a number of community projects. She is the proud mother of one of the Conference Chairs (not Steve...)

Monday 16:40 50 ways to leave your loved ones

Tilla Crowne

An award-winning artist who has exhibited in the Saatchi Gallery, Tilla’s art explores the boundary between identity and memory using living and organic matter. She also examines how women carry family memory and identity, and how domestic spaces and craft shape the stories women tell about themselves.

Sunday 21:40 Kitchen sink confessionals: a moveable feast

Darryl Crystal

Darryl Crystal has served as an interim rabbi for 12 years. He trains interim rabbis for the CCAR. He has studied organization development at Northwestern and Harvard Universities, was ordained at HUC-JIR, and studied at Pardes. Darryl photographs historic Torah scrolls in shuls where he works.

Sunday 12:00 The interim rabbi: an innovation in synagogue life to support congregations as they say farewell to a serving rabbi and welcome the new rabbi

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