Limmud Conference 2016

Limmud Conference 2016 – Monday 18:10

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Taste of Melton

Neil Janes 

Red 4

Join our teachers for a taste of Melton - the course for adult learning devised by the Hebrew University brought to the UK by the Lyons Learning Project. Immerse yourself in the participatory world of Jewish texts. Find out what Melton is all about. You might even consider making it a fixed part of your life in September 2017!

If not now, when? Building a plan together for “a global university” (1 of 2)

Siv Andersen  Katie Shaw 

Marquee 2

Our world has become rapidly global and interdependent (circular), while our systems of learning remain linear and hierarchical. Join us in a dynamic process through circular discussion, to build the foundations for the future of education and start scrutinizing how a “global university” could look like.

Funny, you do look Jewish: the humor of assimilation

Andrew Silow-Carroll 

Orange 11

For as long as Jews have tried to adapt and assimilate to the mainstream cultures in which they live, other Jews have been telling jokes about them. We'll share some classic jokes about Jews who try to "pass" and what they reveal about the targets, the tellers and the communities in which they arose.

Do young Jews support/feel connected to Israel?

Leonard Saxe  James Graham  Aylana Meisel  Annika Hernroth-Rothstein 

Yellow 23

From Birthright to Hasbara efforts, young Diaspora Jews are the focus of dozens of initiatives designed to engage them as supporters and defenders of Israel. But do young Jews do not feel a connection to Israel? Panelists from UK, Europe and USA will discuss Jewish youth from around the world, Israel, and whether programs are effective in strengthening ties.

Bring the wisdom of kabbalah into your life

Janet Berenson 

Marquee 1

"If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always got." Kabbalah offers us a way to let go of fixed ideas, to repair ourselves and the world. We are the food we eat. Through meditation and discussion we will explore our attitudes to food, and how mindful appreciation can help us change the way we eat, think and act.

The film “Spotlight”: I could have written the script

Judy Klitsner 

Orange 15

From an activist who has spent many years combating boundary crossing and abusive behaviour by Jewish religious leaders, Judy Klitsner will present, analyse and bemoan the predictable recurring patterns in the behaviour of both the leaders and their communities. She will also discuss her current plan to prevent such abuses before they occur.

The British Mandate: Depictions in Israeli Theatre

Gur Koren 

Purple 31

The British Mandate is a contentious theme in Israeli theatre, with historical depictions of the Mandate as bad evolving into more nuanced portrayals in recent time. We will look at Israeli plays including "The Actress", "Rebels" and "The Path to Damascus"

Syria and Israel, the saga continues

Anthony Luder 

Turquoise 16

2 years ago the amazing story of Israeli medical treatment of Syrian war casualties was presented. Since then things have become more complicated and far more dangerous. Come and hear how Israel has avoided war, refugees and civil strife with an enlightened and humanistic campaign. What effect has this had on Israeli society and medical community?

Sleep: How we achieve it and what the Torah has to say about it

Jane Ansell 

Green 25

Sleep affects you and your families' relationships, moods, learning potential and daily behaviour. We will explore the sources for sleep hygiene in Torah literature, chiefly Rabbi Moshe Chaim Luzzato's "Derech Hashem", the importance of sleep hygiene and the way to go about achieving it. This session also addresses strategies to improve sleep patterns.

Sibling rivalry: a study of the Abrahamic traditions and their encounter with secularism

Daniel Hirschfield 

Green 27

Through the use of a case study about a family with four children, we will seek to explain how the great religions came onto the scene and will examine the relationship between Abrahamic traditions and secularism.

Re-animating Israel Zangwill's Spitalfields with new technology

Nadia Valman 

Turquoise 20

The Zangwill's Spitalfields app, made in collaboration with the Jewish Museum London, turns Israel Zangwill's bestselling novel Children of the Ghetto, published in 1892, into an audiovisual walking tour in east London. Find out more about Zangwill's account of Jewish immigrants in Victorian London, and how the app was created.

Psyche in the Sugya: “Without Memory, Without Desire" (2 of 2)

Yehoshua Engelman 

Orange 10

The directive to meet patients anew is an ideal for psychotherapists and crucial for human relations and a necessity for true friendship. But is this possible? In this text, through business laws, the Talmud teaches what human relationships may be, and also teaches us what we expect and hope for from friends, and may perhaps even demand from the

My 100 Children: Screening and Q&A (110 minutes)

Oshra Schwartz Reim 

Orange 13

Showing the film "My 100 Children" (72 minutes). An award-winning film directed by Oshra Schwartz and Amalia Margolin, about psychologist Lena Kuchler and the orphaned children she cared for after the Holocaust. Director Oshra Schwartz will give a 5-8 minute presentation and will stay for Q&A after the screening.

Modern jive at Limmud (1 of 3)

Dan Mackenzie  Jonathan Hunter 

Marquee 3

Modern jive is a fun, easy to learn, partner dance. Simple footwork and a set of basic moves will have you navigating the dance floor like a pro in no time at all. There are 3 sessions over conference, each teaching a few basic moves that can be joined into a routine. Don't worry if you missed one though, every session will be beginner friendly.

Is this good? Is this usable? Confronting the challenges of misogyny and genocide in Biblical and Rabbinic literature (1 of 3)

Shoshana Cohen 

Red 2

'The Mirror and the Law - A Methodology of Reading for Change" is a three part series that will present a range of ways of confronting particularly difficult texts in our tradition. In the first session will examine Biblical texts that deal with xenophobia and misogyny and to ask what, if anything they have to tell us about ourselves or our world.

How to give a terrible Dvar Torah...or the best one ever!

Raphael Zarum  Michael Laitner  Ilana Epstein 

Orange 14

Three seasoned educators will retell their most dire experiences of giving and hearing a Dvar Torah as well as sharing some very useful and innovative tips for giving good ones. This will be invaluable if you are ever asked to give an after-dinner, pre-meeting, last-minute, or apropos of nothing, Dvar Torah.

Halachah for the terminally disinclined (2 of 2)

Joel Levy 

Yellow 24

In this series we will explore the meaning and practice of ritual for liberal Jews. We tend not to embrace the pious observance of halachah; we find it hard even to imagine why we might want a serious engagement with religious discipline. Come ready to think about religion, learn a lot of contemporary halachah and experiment with its observance.

Confronting the threats to Jewish life

Michael Whine 

Orange 12

Jews appear to be threatened from all sides now: terrorism against our institutions and on the streets, antisemitism in the social media and BDS on our campuses. These and other threats will be discussed, placing them in context and looking at how we can counter them.

Am I an atheist? And if so, are you?

Izzy Posen 

Blue 32 (Millers)

A growing number of committed and involved Jews no longer believe in, or feel comfortable with, God, whilst feeling strongly connected to Judaism. Come and explore the relationship between Judaism and atheism and join us as we lay down the foundations for the first non-theistic Jewish community in the UK: Humanistic Judaism.

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