Limmud Conference 2016 - Presenters

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Presenters: J

Niki Jackson

Niki Jackson is director of education at NNLS. Prior to this she was on the senior leadership team at Clore Shalom primary school, where she was head of early years and head of Hebrew.

Sunday 11:00 ChaNUkah, HaNUka, HaNEWkkah

Abigail Jacobi

Abigail grew up coming to Conference and has previously chaired the Inclusion and Accessibility, Programming and Families teams. She is excited to be co-Chairing Limmud Conference 2017 with the fantastic Anna Lawton. If you'd like to be involved, please email

Monday 21:40 Whose Sugiya Is It Anyway?
Wednesday 12:00 Meet the Conference chairs!

Margaret Jacobi

Margaret Jacobi is rabbi of Birmingham Progressive Synagogue. Before becoming a rabbi she studied medicine and has published articles on Jewish medical ethics. She has a PhD in Talmud, loves exploring its struggles to discover what is just, and is active in refugee support and interfaith work.

Sunday 21:40 Do we want the Messiah now?
Wednesday 09:15 ‘The world was created for my sake’

Ivor Jacobs

Now partially retired from his software and print business and directing Friends of Louis Jacobs and the Louis Jacobs Foundation, Ivor and Ian Gold have revived their '60s song group The Rubens.

Wednesday 21:50 Sing-along with The Rubens

Michelle Jacobs

Michelle is the director of programmes and operations at JHub. Being able to channel her broad experience into the positive and creative opportunities that JHub provides, and having the chance to work alongside inspirational individuals, is a privilege that she values every day.

Tuesday 10:30 Collaborative working spaces - what's the draw?

Ruth Jacobs

Ruth is chair of the Representative Council of Birmingham and West Midlands Jewry. She has been involved with interfaith activity in Birmingham for almost two decades, including with the Birmingham Council of Faiths, the West Midlands Faith Forum, the Birmingham CCJ and the Birmingham Muslim Jewish Dialogue Group.

Wednesday 08:00 Interfaith tour in Birmingham: discover the stories of four diaspora communities

Zoe Jacobs

Maidenhead child, Scottish student and now London young adult, Zoe is interested in involving young people in Jewish communities wherever they might be. She is a keen dancer, swimmer and Harry Potter fan.

Monday 20:10 Judaism for non-Jews: explaining ourselves to the outside world
Tuesday 21:40 The lost generation?

Zöe Jacobs

Zoe is the Cantor at Finchley Reform Synagogue. Passionate about community singing and harmonising, Zoe was inspired at Hebrew Union College, where she was ordained. Working part-time for the Reform Movement, she created "Shirei Chagigah", an inspiring, biennial music and prayer-leading conference.

Sunday 16:40 A still-small voice: finding God after the melody
Monday 10:30 Peace, salaam, shalom: hope through harmony
Tuesday 20:10 Zoe Jacobs, Mich Sampson and Judith Silver in concert
Wednesday 12:00 A meeting of styles: Zoe Jacobs with Shir in concert

Nadia Jacobson

Nadia Jacobson is the founding director of WriteSpace Jerusalem, which nurtures English-language writing in Israel. She serves as a fiction editor at the Ilanot Review, an international journal of creative writing in English, and her fiction has appeared in a number of journals and anthologies.

Sunday 23:20 The nature of dreams

Neil Janes

Director of the Lyons Learning Project and rabbi at West London Synagogue. Neil is a PhD student at Haifa University and lecturer in Talmud and Jewish education. Professionally devoted to Jewish education, now a parent, he sees the experience of teaching the next generation through new eyes!

Monday 10:30 Going public – Talmud in a new light (1 of 3)
Monday 18:10 Taste of Melton
Tuesday 14:30 The stories we tell: collective memory and history – Talmud in a new light (2 of 3)
Wednesday 10:30 Commanding voices – Talmud in a new light (3 of 3)

Laura Janner-Klausner

Laura Janner-Klausner is senior rabbi to Reform Judaism. She is passionate about social justice, Israel and LGB and T+ issues. She worked in Israel with youth leaders and in Israeli-Palestinian dialogue. The Huffington Post says she’s "fast becoming the most high-profile Jewish leader in the country."

Sunday 14:30 Anxiety - antidotes and anecdotes
Sunday 16:00 Chanukah Candelighting for Kids
Monday 16:40 Jews and Muslims. This is not a dialogue - this is not interfaith
Tuesday 18:10 Desert Island Discs: Deborah Lipstadt
Wednesday 14:30 Who run the world?

Elliot Jebreel

A proud Jewranian, Elliot wants the Jewish community to celebrate its diversity. He strives to make this happen as a trustee of Sephardi Voices UK, preserving the stories of Jews from the Middle East/North Africa, and through working to make LGBT Jews more welcome.

Monday 21:40 Sephardi voices: leaving my home in Iraq
Wednesday 10:30 Sephardi Voices: stories from our archive

Roxana Jebreel

Roxana Jebreel is a creative and curious soul, currently living in Moishe House. She came back from Adamah USA in September and is still full of song and fresh rainbow chard. She can't wait to get her hands and soul into the Sadeh soil!!

Sunday 12:00 Inhabit: A Permaculture Perspective (120 minutes)
Sunday 17:00 Make your own jar of pickles!
Sunday 20:10 What is a Jewish farm and why are they important? Come and hear about Sadeh, UK's first Jewish farm!
Monday 08:00 Avodat lev (1 of 2)
Tuesday 08:00 Avodat lev (2 of 2)

Elie Jesner

Elie is a psychoanalytic psychotherapist and a Jewish educator. He set up the Beit Midrash at JCoSS and the Honest Theology Project of the Louis Jacobs Foundation. He studied Philosophy and Jewish Thought at Cambridge, Warwick, and Yeshivat Har Etzion. His writing appears regularly in Haaretz.

Tuesday 10:30 Sacred Sperm (74 mins)
Tuesday 13:15 We need to talk about God
Tuesday 14:30 History, the Bible and the modern Jewish world: a conversation
Tuesday 18:50 Sex and the Jews

Jessica Lucas

Jessica (not her real name) is a long-time Limmud volunteer and participant, presenting for the first time this year.

Tuesday 20:10 Mikvah and me

Jews throughout the ages

Join some of Limmud Conference 2016's most exciting and talented presenters for a journey through Jewish history and tradition, as told through our the enduring power of our literary correspondence.

Sunday 21:40 Letters Live


JewSalsa is a unique French community of artists, which combines Klezmer, Salsa & Oriental music, reinterpreting Jewish songs in new and lively ways.

Tuesday 16:30 JewSalsa families concert
Wednesday 21:50 Klezmer dance! Shtetl dance! With live band!

Simon Johnson

Simon is the CEO of the Jewish Leadership Council. Prior to this he served as the senior lawyer at the Premier League, director of corporate affairs at the FA and chief operating officer of England’s 2018 World Cup bid. He started his career as a lawyer, spending 10 years with ITV.

Tuesday 10:30 2017: The year of anniversaries - how will the community respond?
Tuesday 16:40 How to fight back against sporting delegitimisation of Israel

Piotr Jordan

Piotr Jordan (violin). Born in Poland, he started playing the violin at 6 and studied at the Warsaw Conservatory. Since 1994 he has played in the UK in a variety of styles - Hot Club to Gaelic to Hungarian Gypsy. A founding member of Shir, he is also leader of the Balkan group Dunajska Kapelye.

Wednesday 12:00 A meeting of styles: Zoe Jacobs with Shir in concert
Wednesday 21:50 Shir In Concert

Oliver Joseph

Oliver is a rabbi for Elstree and Borehamwood Masorti Community. He studied at Conservative Yeshiva, Hartman Institute and Tel Aviv University and received semicha at the Ziegler School, LA. Oliver is passionate about Torah study, cooking, hiking, martial arts and mountain biking.

Sunday 15:50 Chanukah hour: nosh and natter - everyday heroes
Monday 12:00 Tell me text: the text that I first fell in love with
Tuesday 12:00 Tell me text: a text that everyone should read once
Tuesday 15:50 Chanukah hour: nosh and natter glorifying the good fight
Wednesday 12:00 Tell Me Texts: The weird and the wonderful
Wednesday 15:50 Chanukah nour: nosh and natter about divine intervention

Ben Judah

Ben Judah is a journalist. He was born in London and spent his childhood in the Balkans. He is the author of "Fragile Empire", a study of Putin's Russia, and "This Is London", a portrait of a city transformed.

Tuesday 14:30 Putin's Russia and the Jews
Tuesday 16:40 London: the Jews in the immigrant city

Lyn Julius

Lyn Julius co-founded HARIF, a UK association of Jews from the Middle East and North Africa. A journalist and blogger, her work has appeared in the Jewish Chronicle, Jerusalem Post, the Times of Israel, Huffington Post and Standpoint among others.

Tuesday 14:30 How Jewish refugees can help reframe the Israel debate?
Tuesday 18:10 Sixty years since the Suez exodus
Tuesday 20:10 The Forgotten Refugees

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