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Bridges not boycotts

Joel Salmon  Fiona Sharpe  Ethan Schwartz  Zvi Ziegler  Liron Velleman 

Orange 10

We are often a reactive community when it comes to BDS, but how can we set the agenda in a positive and powerful way, which pushes for a resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict whilst avoiding boycotts? Join leading activists from across the community to discuss this difficult issue.

Antisemitism and Islamophobia: two sides of the same coin?

Akeela Ahmed  Richard Verber  Michael Whine 

Orange 12

What can the Muslim and Jewish communities learn from each other’s experience of discrimination and hate crime? How can we work together to combat Islamophobia and antisemitism? In a context of rising hate crime in the UK and beyond, our panel of experts discuss these issues of vital current importance.

Hummus! The movie (70 mins)

Avner Bernheimer  UK Jewish Film  Sigalit Freeman 

Orange 13

An eclectic, touching film about hummus, the delicious super food sweeping across Europe and America. Secret recipes, a Guinness World Record and the power of hummus to bring Muslims, Christians and Jews together – in the Middle East, America and around the world. Dir Oren Rosenfeld, Israel, 2016

The Temple Mount: A historical (un)reality?

Yishai Fleisher  Susan Silverman  Joel Levy  Benny Morris  Chaim Weiner 

Orange 14

A UNESCO resolution has sparked controversy about the extent of the Jewish religious ties to Temple Mount. We will reflect on the importance of the Temple. To what extent has the Temple has shaped Jewish history, ritual and identity? Should the concept still influence us today? Why is that particular piece of land so important?

Sex and the Jews

Elie Jesner 

Yellow 24

From the Garden of Eden to the novels of Philip Roth, Judaism has grappled with the sexual dimension of life. By focussing on family, it insisted that sexuality was to be encouraged and yet firmly contained. But as time went on, the erotic became viewed as both a threat and a challenge. We will explore this dynamic and see where it leaves us.

What's the connection between the Yom Kippur War and the Beatles?

Karen Ettinger 

Red 3

Can you believe that one of the most famous Israeli songs was originally intended as an Israeli version of one of the Beatles most famous songs? How is this connected to the Yom Kippur War and the dream for peace? Explore this meaningful period with documentation and music from the archives of the National Library.

Israel 2020: boycott hysteria - is there really a threat? (3 of 3)

David Newman 

Red 4

The past decade has witnessed concerted attempts to boycott Israel. But most of the activity has been declarative and has not been translated into significant actions. Yet the Israeli government and media has whipped up hysteria about the threat facing Israel, giving the pro-boycotters headlines which they could never achieve by themselves.

Rejuvenating London's Jewish East End: A think-tank discussion

Shalom Morris 

Red 6

London's East End was the home of Anglo Jewry following their readmission centuries ago. While its Jewish population declined over the past century, it is now increasing once again. Students, Hipsters and City Workers all call it home. Hear about this important trend in Anglo-Jewry and discuss ideas for how we can foster and support this growth.

Talking about Israel - a language challenge

Miri Eisen 

Orange 15

The language we use discussing Israel is difficult. If we say occupation we're anti Israel, if we say Jewish communities, we're supporting the occupation. We will explore the language dilemma for those willing to talk and listen about the Israeli Palestinian conflict. We will discuss the terms Zionism, Occupation, Palestine and more.

Stolen identity, war hero and great escaper

Ian Vellins 

Turquoise 19

The true story of a German-Jewish RAF pilot who stole another's identity to join the RAF, bombed Berlin, became a POW, attempted to escape seven times including "The Wooden Horse" and "The Great Escape". A war hero who hid his true identity and story from his own wife and children.

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