Limmud Conference 2016 - Presenters

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Presenters: B

Michele B

Michele has interacted with clients of all ages in the public sector. She volunteers for tenants and a Jewish school, and organises events for middle-aged singles at Limmud and for the modern Orthodox "50+" branch of North West Jewish Singles (

Monday 20:10 Mind Trap: a convivial game

Raghad Bahar

Raghad is a Palestinian from the Hebron area in the West Bank, the Palestinian Occupied Territories. She graduated from Windows' media youth program and is a facilitator for the new generation. 19 years old and the oldest of her siblings, Raghad is a Biology major and 2nd year college student.

Monday 12:00 Is it possible to create a peaceful future in Israel/Palestine without acknowledging the past?
Tuesday 12:00 How the present reality impacts the new generation of Palestinians and Israelis and their ability to imagine a peaceful future
Tuesday 18:10 How Israeli and Palestinian youth see the future, and what impact can they have on shaping it?
Wednesday 09:15 What can you do for the future of Israel/Palestine?

Ruth Barnett

Ruth Barnett came to England on the Kindertransport. Her daughter, Tania, gives joint talks in Holocaust education. Tania's daughter, Adele, and son, Raphael, are also interested in this piece of history.

Wednesday 14:30 Three generations of the Kindertransport

David Bash

David is a co-founder of the Ruach Chavurah (a London Jewish Renewal community), co founder of COJAM (Community of Jews and Muslims) and a Jewish storyteller. He works as a teacher and assessor for dyslexia and dyspraxia. In his spare time David makes ceramic sculptures on spiritual themes.

Wednesday 21:50 Light and dark at Chanukah – tales, teachings and creative responses

Eddie Bass

Eddie has had an eclectic education in drama, gardening, poetry, and making up Chelm stories. He recently graduated as an octogenarian and admits to learning more in the last 12 years then in the previous 70. He thanks his Rabbi and his Talmud tutor for encouragement on his second Limmud session.

Saturday 21:45 Tales (of the wagging shaggy doggy stories) from Chelm

Shaul Bassi

Shaul Bassi teaches English literature at Ca'Foscari University of Venice. He is the founder of international literary festival Incroci di civiltà. He is the director of Beit Venezia: A Home for Jewish Culture and has coordinated the Committee for the 500 years of the Ghetto of Venice (1516-2016).

Tuesday 14:30 Reimagining a Jewish site through scholarship and the arts
Tuesday 20:10 The Venice Ghetto at 500: how (not) to plan an anniversary
Wednesday 18:50 The Venice Ghetto, 500 years of life (55 mins)
Thursday 12:30 The Venice Ghetto: past, present and future

Amnon Be'eri-Sulitzeanu

Since 2004, Amnon has shaped TAFI into a leading organisation with deep impact on Jewish-Arab relations at the grassroots and policy levels. Prior, he worked for the Jerusalem Foundation and the Ministry of Absorption; he holds a masters degree in Public Policy from Hebrew University.

Sunday 18:50 Including the Excluded: The Need for Involving Arab Voices at Every Level of Israeli Society
Monday 12:00 How to change Israeli government policy
Wednesday 12:00 Positive policy reform vs. negative public opinion: analysis of Arab-Jewish relations in Israel

Samuel Behrens

Samuel Behrens recently graduated from the University of Nottingham in History, and over the past two years has become heavily involved in Jewish community development projects in Belarus.

Thursday 12:30 Community development projects in the former Soviet Union

Andrew Belinfante

Andrew Belinfante is the director of programs at Mechon Hadar. He has worked in Jewish education for over ten years. He graduated from California State University Northridge and holds a Master's Degree in Education from Bankstreet College in Manhattan.

Sunday 20:10 Invisibilty and chronic illness: how we learn and understand our bodies through sickness
Monday 14:30 Queer and damaged: How Nezikin sheds light on who is responsible for discrimination and hate crimes
Tuesday 08:00 What if God was one of us? Reflections on human behavior and communication styles
Wednesday 16:40 Responsa Radio Live!

Abraham Bell

Avi Bell is a Professor of Law at the University of San Diego and at Bar Ilan University. An expert on international law and the Arab-Israeli conflict, he has advised officials on four continents, and has been published in leading law journals around the world.

Monday 13:15 International Law and Jewish Settlements in the West Bank: Illegal Colonization or Protected Human Rights?
Tuesday 13:15 The controversial Judicial role in the Jewish democratic state
Tuesday 20:10 Israel and the NGO controversy: foreign funding and democracy
Wednesday 10:30 Should Jews be living in Hebron?
Wednesday 13:15 Human shields, the laws of war and the Arab-Israeli conflict
Wednesday 16:40 Is too much expected of the Israeli Defense Force?

Sara Jo Ben Zvi

Sara Jo Ben Zvi (Morris) is the editor of Segula Jewish history magazine and teaches Jewish history and sources at Efrat's Women's Beit Midrash, which she co-founded.

Saturday 11:30 The Joseph narrative: Resolving sibling rivalry
Sunday 14:30 Quieting the soul: why meditation isn't prayer but is still worth trying!
Tuesday 18:10 Debunking Chanukah - the life and lies of Jonathan the Hasmonean

Mishka (Moshe) Ben-David

Mishka has written seventeen books including novels, short stories, spy novels, philosophy and a children's tale. He has a PhD in Hebrew Literature, was a lecturer of Hebrew Literature and the principal of an Israeli high school. Mishka served in Israel's intelligence services.

Sunday 18:50 A portrait of a spy as a young liberal, humanist and Zionist artist: the protagonist in three of my spy novels
Tuesday 10:30 From academia to the Secret Service and back: how my biography as Second Generation and current affairs influenced my life.
Tuesday 16:40 Being an Atheist Jew in Israel: an old-new approach to Judaism
Wednesday 14:30 Art-similation: does Jewish art outside of Israel have a future?

David Benkof

David Benkof has taught and published widely about Jewish history, Hebrew grammar, homosexuality, US politics, and contemporary Jewish life. A crossword constructor, polyglot, entrepreneurial philanthropist, theatre enthusiast and trivia buff, this is the St. Louisan’s second Limmud UK conference.

Friday 17:40 Holocaust Poetry
Friday 21:15 What does Donald Trump's presidential victory mean for us?
Sunday 13:15 Shanda: Judaism and mental illness
Monday 20:10 The Conversion of the Jews: how do we answer Philip Roth?
Tuesday 21:40 Come to Cabaret – a musical about Nazis, Jews, and “divine decadence”

Jonathan Bensusan Bash

Jonathan Bensusan Bash is a playwright, and his first play is about Janusz Korczak, the famous Jewish writer and children's activist. Jonathan is also a madrich with RSY-Netzer and is studying physics at Sussex University.

Monday 20:10 King Matt the First: a play about Janusz Korczak

Janet Berenson

Janet Berenson is author of Kabbalah Decoder, and an experienced teacher and student of meditation and Jewish mysticism. She has published poetry, educational books and short stories and learns from everyone she meets. Students say she's an inspirational teacher and she tries to prove them right.

Monday 18:10 Bring the wisdom of kabbalah into your life

Jeff Berger

Jeff Berger helped found the Rambam Sephardi Synagogue in Elstree and Borehamwood in 2011. A 2009 semicha graduate from the Montefiore College, he's been an active participant in Limmud Conference and inter-faith fellowships. He believes in the power of human beings to create a better world.

Monday 09:15 The remarkable life of Menasseh ben Israel

Luciana Berger

Luciana Berger was elected MP for Liverpool Wavertree in 2010, aged 28. She shadowed Energy and Climate Change, Public Health, and until recently was the first Shadow Cabinet Minister for Mental Health. She is president of the Labour Campaign for Mental Health. Before her election, Luciana was director of Labour Friends of Israel, worked for the NHS Confederation and management consultancy Accenture.

Tuesday 20:10 2016: the year of politics
Wednesday 12:00 The frontline against anti-Semitism
Wednesday 18:10 Doctor, Doctor, we need to work on our mental health services

Claire Berliner

Claire Berliner is head of Arts and Culture at JW3. She has a background in literature programming and spent many years running a writing centre in rural Devon for Arvon, the creative writing charity. She is also a writer and puppet-maker.

Tuesday 21:40 Misogynist Film Club: the musical!
Wednesday 18:10 JW3 art salon: art and politics

Danny Bermant

Danny Bermant grew up in London where he attended Hasmonean and Carmel College. He is married to Miriam and has three children, Eliana, 10, Dalia eight, and Eitan, five. They are based in Borehamwood and are active members of the Kehillat Nashira Partnership Minyan.

Monday 12:00 Is there life after death?
Wednesday 23:20 Does God have a sense of humour?

Avner Bernheimer

Well-known screenwriter ("Yossi & Jagger"), journalist and publicist. Avner is also the creator of popular successful TV drama series such as "Blue Natalie", "Until The Wedding" and "Mom and Dads". Avner lives in Tel Aviv with Eran, his life partner for 27 years, and their 8-year-old son Yoel.

Sunday 16:40 Yossi and Jagger: Screening and Q&A (110 minutes)
Monday 16:40 LGBT+ Jewish Narratives
Monday 20:10 Mom and Dads: the roller coaster of multiparenthood
Tuesday 18:50 Hummus! The movie (70 mins)
Wednesday 16:40 Is too much expected of the Israeli Defense Force?

Shyam Bhatia

Shyam Bhatia is a foreign correspondent, who has worked in Cairo, Beirut, Jerusalem and Washington, DC, where he was Middle East correspondent and diplomatic editor of the Observer. In 1994 he was awarded Foreign Journalist of the Year in the British Press Awards.

Wednesday 12:00 In conversation with Shyam Bhatia, diplomatic journalist

David Bilchitz

David Bilchitz is a professor of Fundamental Rights Law at the University of Johannesburg. He is chair of Limmud International and a co-founder of Limmud South Africa. He also founded Jewish Outlook: SA Jewish LGBTI Alliance, and teaches in the Melton adult education programme.

Sunday 18:50 Around the world in 10 Years: Celebrating a decade of Limmud International
Monday 14:30 Limmud FSU: the first decade
Monday 20:10 Streisand, singer and song: playing with gender in Yentl the Yeshiva Boy (1 of 2)
Thursday 09:45 Streisand, Singer and song: playing with gender in "Yentl The Yeshiva Boy" (2 of 2)

Talia Blank

Talia has worked with young people for over 10 years; she holds a BA in Linguistics from UCL and an MA in Anthropology, specialising in youth and community work. Talia works at Streetwise with young people in Jewish and non-Jewish schools, youth groups and leadership programmes.

Monday 09:15 Antisemitism education: what are we teaching your children?
Monday 13:15 Around the world in 7 tales

Etan Blass

Etan Blass attended Chareidi yeshivas in Cleveland, New York, and B'nei B'rak, Israel, and then earned an M.A. in Jewish Studies from Towson University. He recently helped start a group in London for former members of high-control groups and their family members.

Tuesday 10:30 The Charedi world: does free choice exist and what drives communal loyalty?

Deborah Blausten

Deborah is a student rabbi at Leo Baeck College. She holds a BSc in Medical Sciences and an MA in Education and Technology from UCL and is a former Limmud conference programming co-chair. When not "doing Jewish" she enjoys running, hiking and anything by Aaron Sorkin.

Saturday 14:45 Sex, drugs and Torah scrolls: being Jewish and 20-something
Monday 21:40 Jewish themes in The West Wing
Tuesday 13:15 "As a Jew...": the philosophy and politics of a prefix
Tuesday 21:40 Well Circle Workshop

Adam Blitz

Adam Blitz is a Fellow of the Royal Anthropological Institute, London and a former Fulbright scholar. He writes on archaeology, anthropology and cultural heritage with a focus on Syria. He is a member of PEN International.

Monday 13:15 Palmyra - the Jewish legacy: Syria and beyond

Shoshana Bloom

Shoshana challenges concepts of disability in the Jewish community, empowering people with additional needs to become active, contributing members of their communities. A passionate Limmudnik, ROI-er and Makaton tutor, she’s also a Limmud trustee and founder of the international Limmud L’Am programme.

Sunday 16:40 With an outstretched arm... communicating with great (Makaton) signs and wonders
Monday 14:30 Different Flowers Make a Bouquet: Inclusion in the Limmud World

Rex Bloomstein

Rex Bloomstein has made films on the Holocaust, human rights and the criminal justice system in the UK.

Tuesday 10:30 People of the book
Tuesday 12:00 Refugees: human rights, does anyone care?

Tony Bogod

Tony Bogod is treasurer of New North London Synagogue. He has sung for many years, strictly for fun, with a variety of groups including cabaret act Vamp Til Ready (“The Boys with the Obedient Feet”). In June, he shared the role of the narrator in NNLS’s production of "Joseph".

Monday 18:50 "Joseph" at Limmud

Shana Boltin

Shana moved to London from Melbourne and works as a paediatric OT. A coffee, Ottolenghi and Yiddish loving Limmudnik, she was co-chair of Limmud Conference in 2014 and is on the Limmud UK Committee. If you would like to volunteer for Limmud Conference 2017 or learn how to make pickles, be in touch.

Monday 13:15 Around the world in 7 tales
Monday 23:20 Challah Back Girls

Yon Borthwick

Yon Borthwick is the senior youth development manager at Reform Judaism. An informal educator, meditation facilitator, community builder and food explorer, Yon is currently doing research in Psychology at Goldsmith's College.

Monday 09:15 Guided mindful meditation
Monday 21:40 Gamification and motivation

Gabriel Botnick

Gabriel Botnick is the “Rabbi of Venice Beach” (Mishkon Tephilo), a mohel, and the only non-Orthodox shochet in America certified by the Israeli Rabbinate. He is also the founder of Tekumah, which teaches the holy trades to any and all Jews interested in learning.

Sunday 13:15 Jesus in the Talmud
Monday 18:50 Ethics of eating meat
Tuesday 12:00 Tell me text: a text that everyone should read once
Tuesday 13:15 54 mosaics: exploring Torah through songwriting
Tuesday 20:10 Pleased to "Meat" You
Wednesday 16:40 "Live" shechitah demonstration

Jonathan Boyd

Jonathan Boyd is Executive Director of the Institute for Jewish Policy Research, and a specialist in modern Jewish history and contemporary British and European Jewish life. A former Mandel Jerusalem Fellow with a doctorate in education, his work spans sociology, demography and Jewish education.

Sunday 18:10 How bad is it? What’s really going on with antisemitism in Europe
Tuesday 13:15 Will my child get a place? The rise and rise of Jewish schools in Britain

Hannah Brady

One half of this year's Shabbat and Chanukah team, Hannah is always thoroughly excited about food, feminism and deaf inclusion! Having served as the first openly disabled and consecutive female president of UJS in 2015-16, she is proud to be visible and vocal as a deaf Jewish woman in the community.

Sunday 13:15 Undateable or Superhuman? Perceptions of disability in Jewish community
Monday 13:15 My son the portfolio careerist - work and careers in the 21st century
Tuesday 10:30 The other F-word: is feminism kosher?
Wednesday 13:15 Inclusive Jewish leadership
Wednesday 21:50 V is for vagina

Amy Braier

Amy Braier is director of Pears Foundation. Since 2007, her role has involved building the Foundation as an institution, advising on strategy, directing operations and overseeing programmes and grants. She is a former trustee of both Limmud and the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust.

Tuesday 10:30 Collaborative working spaces - what's the draw?

Emma Brand

A graduate of Oxford and RSY-Netzer, Emma is now working out how to have a career in theatre. She recently directed her play "In The Pink" at The Courtyard, and has also worked for the Soho and Finborough theatres, and Theatre 503. In her spare time, she tutors English and History at very reasonable rates.

Sunday 21:40 Home Affairs Select Committe Report: the whole Megillah
Tuesday 12:00 Poetry and Conversation with Diti Ronen
Wednesday 14:30 Art-similation: does Jewish art outside of Israel have a future?

Dina Brawer

Dina Brawer founded JOFA UK and is currently pursuing Orthodox rabbinic ordination at Yeshivat Maharat. She was listed in the Jewish Chronicle’s Power 100 List of individuals most influential in shaping the UK Jewish community. Dina has recently co-launched Mishkan, a community beyond borders.

Monday 10:30 Discretion and vulgarity: a fresh look at the Jewish value of tzniut beyond the hemlines
Monday 14:30 Occupy Judaism: re-claiming responsibility for Judaism

Naftali Brawer

Rabbi Dr Naftali Brawer is a thought leader, author and broadcaster. In September, together with his wife Dina he launched Mishkan, a Jewish community beyond borders.

Monday 10:30 Rabbi, I Have A Problem...
Monday 12:00 You Want It Darker: wrestling with God and Leonard Cohen

Anna Braybrooke

Anna uses her background in drama and facilitation to design and deliver creative events for young people. She is currently the Youth Programmer at JW3 and an advocate for the importance of play.

Wednesday 14:30 Conversation café

Robert Brody

Robert Brody has conducted shul services and sung in concerts throughout the UK and at worldwide venues. He has recorded with the Zemel choir, Shabbaton Choir, BBC Singers, London Jewish Male Choir and BBC radio and television.

Tuesday 08:00 My favourite Yamim Noraim recordings

Sarah Bronzite

Sarah has been pondering childfree women and reluctant motherhood for decades. Currently a primary school teacher, she worked for many years in social market research. She is planning research focusing on Jewish women who don’t want children. Judaism is her second religion after choral singing.

Thursday 11:00 "What do you mean, you don't want children?": a forum for and about Jewish childfree women

Dan Brown

Dan is founder of eJewishPhilanthropy, a past chair of American Friends of WUJS Arad and a member of the international steering committee of Limmud FSU. Dan holds graduate certificates in Nonprofit Program Administration and in Fundraising from the University of Pennsylvania.

Saturday 11:30 Miracle makers in the modern world
Tuesday 09:15 Effective media relations for charities
Tuesday 14:30 Getting media coverage for your Limmud event: Advice from the experts

David Brown

David is UJS Executive Director, has worked at JHub, Redbridge JCC and UJIA, and is a Jewish Youth Fund trustee. David has volunteered with Keshet UK and Limmud. David enjoys some highs and suffers many lows of being a Spurs fan, lives with his fiancé Adam, and is a proud uncle to 6 nephews and 1 niece.

Tuesday 16:40 From Discord to Dialogue: Jewish-Christian Study Tour to Israel and Palestine
Wednesday 18:50 #LabelFree
Thursday 11:00 The students are alright!

Alex Brummer

Alex Brummer is the city editor of the Daily Mail and was previously financial editor of The Guardian. He contributes regularly to The Jewish Chronicle. He is a member of the editorial advisory board of Jewish Renaissance magazine and a former vice-president of the Board of Deputies.

Tuesday 16:40 The international media and Israel
Wednesday 12:00 Positive policy reform vs. negative public opinion: analysis of Arab-Jewish relations in Israel

Debra Brunner

Founder and director of The Together Plan, a charity in action working together with communities in the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe for a self-sustainable future. Debra is dedicated to working with communities, helping them better understand how they can develop from within.

Tuesday 08:00 The Refuseniks of then, the revival of now.

Samantha Brunner

Sam Brunner is youth and education hub co-ordinator at North Western Reform Synagogue (Alyth), London. She has been working at Alyth for nearly three years and manages a team of three. The youth and education hub develops and delivers events for those aged between 4 and 18.

Tuesday 09:15 How to create and build dynamic, holistic and engaging youth and education provision for synagogues

Isaac Brynjegard-Bialik

Isaac Brynjegard-Bialik cuts up comic books and reassembles them into papercuts that explore the stories of the Jewish people, connecting popular culture with sacred texts. He has shown his work in galleries across the United States, and his work is in the hands of collectors around the world.

Tuesday 16:40 Damaged heroes: midrash and pop culture mythology
Tuesday 18:10 Images that say 1,000 words
Tuesday 20:10 Under the Chuppah with Superman and Lois Lane
Wednesday 10:30 Paper midrash: Text study with knives
Thursday 09:45 Women of valor and other super heroes

Shawna Brynjegard-Bialik

Shawna Brynjegard-Bialik adapts traditional Jewish concepts to a modern Reform context, and brings that synergy to students of all ages. A rabbi and feminist devotee of midrash and Jewish history, Shawna is an engaging teacher of Torah — bringing text to life with her unique, modern perspective.

Tuesday 16:40 Damaged heroes: midrash and pop culture mythology
Tuesday 20:10 Under the Chuppah with Superman and Lois Lane
Wednesday 10:30 Paper midrash: Text study with knives
Thursday 09:45 Women of valor and other super heroes

Tamas Buchler

Tamas is now working for the Jewish Agency’s Global Leadership Insitute, as the director of Minyanim, a network of young Jewish community activists from Central/Eastern Europe. He passionately believes in the potential and future of European Jewry. He lives in Budapest with his son and cat.

Monday 12:00 Adaptive Leadership: a Harvard model of effecting change

Bonnie Buckner

Bonnie Buckner has a PhD and is the author of "Dream Your Self Into Being". Bonnie teaches a 13th century Kabbalistic method using dreams as a means of personal and spiritual development. She works with creative and business professionals worldwide, and with organisations in the social change field.

Sunday 18:10 The Jewish philosophy of dreaming and why it matters today
Sunday 21:40 Transforming nightmares via a kabbalistic approach

Libby Burkeman

Libby Burkeman is informal education director at the Movement for Reform Judaism, working with RSY-Netzer, youth and Jeneration (students). Libby has carved out a career in informal education, including working at the Science Museum and Tzedek, all originally inspired by growing up in RSY-Netzer!

Sunday 20:10 Choose your own adventure: egalitarianism
Monday 21:40 Youth: empowering you?
Monday 23:20 Challah Back Girls
Tuesday 18:10 “Miss, let’s play a circle game”: the blurring of the lines between formal and informal education

Leah Burman

Leah is a member of a second generation group and an experienced educational and child psychologist. She has participated in presentations, workshops nationally and chaired a number of Holocaust-related panel discussions at Limmud Conference last year.

Monday 12:00 What does being 'Second and Third Generation' mean to you? (1 of 2)
Thursday 12:30 What does being "second and third generation" mean to you? (2 of 2)

Georgina Bye

Georgina has been heavily involved in building inclusive, cross-communal Jewish communities and is a seasoned Jewish educator. She works for JDC Entwine and OLAM, organisations involved in International Development. She's also a passionate foodie, feminist and traveller.

Monday 13:15 Around the world in 7 tales
Tuesday 21:40 Well Circle Workshop

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