Limmud Conference 2016

Limmud Conference 2016 – Monday 16:40

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Hatha yoga for all: mindfulness in motion

Maxine Levy 

Turquoise 20

Look after yourself! Come and join us for a yoga break in the midst of the Hilton frenzy. Move, breathe and stretch. Yoga was designed as a way to still the mind. Be guided through poses and movements to use your body, mind and breath as tools to develop your focus, fitness and flexibility and to experience a feeling of total well-being.

LGBT+ Jewish Narratives

Avner Bernheimer  Dalia Fleming  Dave Shaw  Alison Walsh  Keren David 

Purple 31

In this session we will hear the stories of LGBT+ Jews and their families. The session will be chaired by Keren David, a journalist at the Jewish Chronicle, and include a wide range of voices from the Jewish LGBT + community.

Israel: reshaping the global landscape with medical cannabis

Saul Kaye 

Yellow 24

Israel is recognised as the global leader in the study of cannabis. This session sheds light on some of the innovations and unique policies that have allowed Israel such wide ranging influence, using modern science and technology as a force for good.

Israel: Negotiating Multiple Landscapes

Zohar Raviv 

Marquee 2

The term “Israel” in Jewish and Israel education settings requires serious examination in order to be adequately unpacked. This session offers five different lenses by which to examine “Israel”, both historically and conceptually: the imagined, the covenantal, the remembered, the lived, and the envisioned. It argues that each lens plays a vital role in our collective memory and overall approach, and only when combined can serve as a significant player in Jewish identity formation processes.

The history and mystery of Hebron

Yishai Fleisher 

Orange 11

Hebron is one of the world's oldest cities and gets a lot of ink in the Bible. Within Hebron lies an ancient and contentious site: the Machpela complex, which according to tradition, is the burial place of the fathers and mothers of the Jewish people. Yet how have Jews managed to live in the harsh conditions of Hebron from antiquity until today?

Terror, trauma and tragedy

Jonathan Romain 

Red 1

What happens when a tragedy occurs - be it 9/11 or Charlie Hebdo or whatever will occur next? How do we react emotionally? How should we respond practically? How does it affect our faith? What does Judaism have to say both to those who are victims and to those who witness it from afar? And where does God fit into it all?

Jerusalem - 50 years of complex unification

Elan Ezrachi 

Green 27

In June 1967 Israel took hold of the West Bank of Jordan. Shortly afterwards, the areas of East Jerusalem were annexed and a new city was created. The session will review the history of the unification and the politics that emerged from it. Focus will be given to the place of Jerusalem in the life of world Jewry.

How rich they are

David Finlay 

Red 6

In this dramatised performance piece David Finlay tells the life story of Israeli poet Yehuda Amichai through the words of Amichai's poems and songs specially written by David. Feel the rich tapestry of life in the new State of Israel unfold through the eyes of Amichai and the beautiful images that he weaves.

Yazidis and Jews - shared destiny and a call for action

Yotam Polizer 

Orange 10

The session will showcase IsraAID long term support program for Yazidi refugees and survivors of the ISIS genocide. The session will provide practical opportunities for participants to get involved and support Yazidi refugees in Iraq, Greece and Germany.

What's the point of prayer? Kavanah - concentration (2 of 2)

Jonathan Wittenberg 

Blue 33

When a dog stares at a biscuit its entire being is focussed on that one object. Can we concentrate as well? This session explores how halachah and the mystics have understood kavanah, mental focus, and why it matters.

"Transparent": our best bits

Julia Wagner 

Orange 13

"Transparent" is possibly the best Jewish TV series of all time. Come along to discuss your favourite scenes and characters; or learn more about it if you haven't seen it already. Clips, insights and critical analysis followed by open discussion. Of interest to TV fans, LGBT viewers, patriarchy-topplers and lovers of excellent comic drama.

The regional turmoil - overview and implications for Israel

Miri Eisen 

Orange 15

At the end of six years of turmoil, where is the Middle East looking toward 2017? We will get to know the newly structured states, the non state actors and the outer forces in the Middle East today.

Social entrepreneurship: vision to implementation

Eliran Douenias  Perry Teicher 

Green 26

Social entrepreneurship has become a common tool to address social gaps and attempt to remedy social and environmental challenges. This interactive session will explore approaches to identify social challenges and methods to transform needs into opportunities. We will work through methods of business planning to turn ideas into reality.

Second nurture: every child deserves a family - and a community

Susan Silverman 

Blue 34

There are millions of children in need of adoption. Imagine if people in your synagogue encouraged one another to adopt and committed to creating concentric circles of support for those families? We would see more adoptions, richer family life and more engaged communities. Learn how your family - and community - can repair the world.

Safe haven in the Philippines... and other stories

Karina Veal 

Red 2

A cigar making family based in Manila during the 1930's were instrumental in saving the lives of over 1300 German Jews in the final days before WWII. The Japanese invasion in 1941 reversed fortunes and by 1954 only 300 Jews remained. Forward to 2016 and the community is once again flourishing with mix of local families, expats and fortune-hunters.

Playground games: tag, you're it!

Limmud Social Programming Team 


Do you know how many forms of the game tag there are? We don't either, but there are a whole bunch and we are going to play as many as we can in this session. There's octopus tag, freeze tag, T.V. tag, blob tag, zombie tag...

Limmud choir: The choral hits of Stephen Glass (1 of 3)

Cantor Jason Green 

Red 7

Adults and teens, come to experience the joy of making brilliant and fun, 4- (and sometimes 5-) part, choral concert music (SATB, with piano accompaniment). Learn your part as a section using some serious 'work ethic' in a safe space for all music reading levels. Cantor Jason is an expert choral conductor/teacher. Possible 'concert' to follow.

Limmud Book Club: A Tale of Love and Darkness (2 of 4)

Shoshi Ish-Horowicz  Aviva Dautch 

Blue 32 (Millers)

This stand-alone session is a chance for book lovers to share insights. We will discuss our favourite extracts, characters and theories - for those who've already read the book and those who haven't but want to find out more. Today’s choice is Amos Oz’s award winning memoir of his own and the State of Israel’s youth, recently made into a film.

Jews and Muslims. This is not a dialogue - this is not interfaith

Laura Janner-Klausner  Alex Fenton 

Yellow 21

Laura Janner-Klausner and Alex Fenton have been working particularly in Bradford to change Muslim perceptions of Jews and Israel and Jewish perceptions of Muslims and Islam. Come and discuss this not-interfaith-dialogue and how it will impact on Britain for the future.

Holocaust distortion in Eastern Europe: a dangerous threat to the Jewish narrative of the Shoah

Efraim Zuroff 

Orange 14

All over post-Communist Eastern Europe, there are systematic efforts being made to rewrite the history of the Shoah to hide the crimes of local Nazi collaborators and try to convince the world that Communism was just as bad as the Holocaust. A look at the most dangerous initiatives and how we are trying to combat them.

"For you were strangers yourself..."

Joshua Weinberg  Mutasim Ali 

Orange 12

Our biblical narrative tells of our having been strangers in the land of Egypt and the Torah teaches us over and over again how to treat the stranger. We will explore texts on how we must treat the foreigner in our midst and the story and perspective of a Sudanese refugee in Israel reflecting on these texts in relation to the current reality.

Dreydl Is a musical term: Pop-up klezmer orchestra

Alexandra Skvortsova 

Marquee 3

Improvisation workshop for amateur and professional musicians of all levels and backgrounds. Bring your instrument or grab a shaker and join the musical party.

DIY Judaism – Part Two

Chaim Weiner 

Red 3

As a Rabbi I encounter many who turn to rabbis for inspiration and guidance but not halachic rulings. Ultimately, they decide for themselves how they will live Jewish lives. What do Rabbis say to these people? What would my DIY Judaism look like? Following on from last year’s success – a look at post-modern Shabbat and Kashrut.

Crafternoon tea: Paint a Mug

Limmud Social Programming Team 


Come along and design your mug to take home with you. A perfect excuse to take a break and do something creative.

Biblio-hypnosis: the giving of the Torah at Sinai (2 of 2)

Michael Capek 

Yellow 22

Hypnosis and meditation allow us to use our minds to generate images and develop it for personal enhancement. Biblio-hypnosis is the telling of a story using guided imagery in a meditative state. Using the power of your mind, the story will be relived as though you were there in person. Open to all. No previous meditative experience required.

A new look at women and Torah knowledge in the talmudic period

Judith Hauptman 

Yellow 23

Many people think that women did not learn Torah, in the sense of Jewish law, in the talmudic period. Brief statements here and there in the Talmud suggest otherwise. These passages reveal that women engaged in halachic exchange with the men in their lives. We will analyse a selection of texts on this topic. Handouts in Hebrew and English.

50 ways to leave your loved ones

Beverley Crowne 

Red 5

After a person passes away, they begin two different journeys. Their material remains are buried, their families mourn, and a whole series of practices are observed. Elsewhere, the soul makes its own journey - each stage of which mirrors and interacts with events on earth. Come for a walkthrough of how you and your family’s choices can affect you all.

Women and feminism at the National Library

Karen Ettinger 

Red 4

Among its treasures, the National Library houses a rare Italian siddur from the 15th century with an astonishing feminist message… Discover this and other primary sources about Jewish women throughout history.

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