Limmud Conference 2016 - Presenters

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Presenters: E

Miriam Edelman

Miriam is an organisational psychologist. She teaches tikkun olam to rabbinic students at Leo Baeck College, and Jewish ethics at Wimbledon cheder. A fully bilingual American who’s lived in London since 1994, she has been a Limmudnik nearly as long, and coordinates Limmud’s tzedakah project.

Saturday 20:30 Tikkun olam for Tories
Sunday 20:10 Congregational Social Justice

Miri Eisin

Miri Eisen served in Israeli intelligence, retired as a Colonel in 2004 and was the Israeli Prime Minister's international media adviser (2006-2007). Miri teaches at the IDC, is a fellow at the center for international communication at Bar Ilan University and an associate at the ICT Institute for Counter-Terrorism.

Monday 16:40 The regional turmoil - overview and implications for Israel
Tuesday 12:00 Back to basics - the Israeli Palestinian narratives revisited
Tuesday 18:50 Talking about Israel - a language challenge
Wednesday 10:30 The Syrian chaos: What happened, and what are the options for the future?
Wednesday 16:40 Is too much expected of the Israeli Defense Force?

David el Shatran

Musician and teacher of Latin and Jewish dances, David El Shatran transmits his passions in retreats across Europe. He is the founder of JewSalsa, an alternative cultural community that gathers young unaffiliated Jews. He is the director of the Klezmer Salsa Orchestra: Cigarillos en El Shtruddle.

Tuesday 21:40 Klezmer salsa orchestra from Paris : Cigarillos en el Shtruddle
Wednesday 21:50 Klezmer dance! Shtetl dance! With live band!

ELAL Ambassadors

The El Al Ambassadors programme was setup to give El Al aircrew the opportunity to share their personal stories of life in Israel and spread the beautiful face of Israel by reinforcing the identity of society and state.

Saturday 11:30 The Multifaceted Society of Israel

Benjamin Ellis

Benjamin Ellis is a co-founder and trustee of Keshet UK. After studying at Yeshivat Har Etzion, he completed Cambridge and UCL medical school, and studied public health at Johns Hopkins. He works as a rheumatologist in London, and sings in Jewish and LGBT choirs.

Tuesday 16:40 Behind the X-Men: Jews, gender and sexuality

Yehoshua Engelman

Yehoshua Engelman, psychotherapist, taught at Yeshivot, Heb.U and other adult education frameworks, founded Yakar in Tel Aviv and is working on his fifth album of compositions for Jewish and Israeli poetry. His reading of texts and forthcoming book of Torah essays are inspired by his clinical practice.

Friday 17:40 Psyche in the sugiya: what really is the yetzer hara(evil inclination)? On losing and getting lost
Saturday 21:45 Yehoshua in concert: songs of love from King David to David Avidan
Sunday 12:00 Psyche in the Sugya: Do we ever understand the other? (1 of 2)
Sunday 23:20 I’ve already heard it - Jewish jokes and their meanings
Monday 18:10 Psyche in the Sugya: “Without Memory, Without Desire" (2 of 2)
Wednesday 12:00 Tell Me Texts: The weird and the wonderful

Ilana Epstein

Ilana is half of the rabbinic team at Cockfosters and Southgate US. Together with her husband, Daniel, they provide spiritual guidance to more than 1,100 shul members. In 2015, she joined the Living nd Learning Department of the US, where she develops educational content and delivers programmes and resources.

Monday 14:30 American Pie by a Jewish American Princess!
Monday 18:10 How to give a terrible Dvar Torah...or the best one ever!

Marc Epstein

Marc Michael Epstein is the author of numerous works on art produced by and for Jews, including "The Medieval Haggadah: Art, Narrative, & Religious Imagination" (2011 TLS "Best Books Of The Year") and "Skies of Parchment, Seas of Ink: Jewish Manuscript Illumination" (2015 National Jewish Book Award).

Sunday 10:40 The Way We Weren’t: Jewish art as a “mirror of Jewish life”?
Sunday 18:10 Dangerous Developments: Jewish Art and the Politics of Motion
Monday 12:00 Monsters in the margins: race, ethnicity and otherness in Jewish art
Tuesday 09:15 Getting emotional in art made for and by Jews
Tuesday 14:30 Reimagining a Jewish site through scholarship and the arts
Tuesday 18:10 Images that say 1,000 words

Karen Ettinger

Karen Ettinger leads European educational projects of the National Library of Israel dedicated to promoting use of primary sources in education. Born in Birmingham, Karen made Aliyah at the age of 11. She has an MA in Learning Technologies and vast experience in the field of online education.

Monday 10:30 Letter from famous (and also some infamous…) Jews from the archives of the National Library
Monday 16:40 Women and feminism at the National Library
Monday 20:10 Jewish struggles
Tuesday 18:50 What's the connection between the Yom Kippur War and the Beatles?

Estelle Eugene

Estelle Eugene (BWY.Dip) formerly worked at Yakar and has presented many yoga sessions for Limmud. She co-founded The Jewish Yoga Network. Estelle teaches Chair Yoga for the Stroke Organisation and U3A.

Monday 12:00 Chair yoga (1 of 2)

Michael Even David

Mijael was born in Chile, made Aliyah in 2005 and did rabbinical and MA studies in Jerusalem. Had positions in Omer, Ashkelon and Karmiel in Israel, and was Noam Israel's rabbi. Today he is the rabbi of Edgware Masorti Synagogue. He served in the IDF, participating in its last four campaigns.

Tuesday 18:10 Spirits made from wine: a case study of how Masorti halachah is made
Wednesday 15:50 The Jews of South America

Raya Even David

Director of Education and rebbetzin of Edgware Masorti Synagogue, Jewish Learning Leader in Alma Primary School (Whetstone), Hebrew language tutor, born and raised Israeli living in London for over 2 years, Raya Even David holds a degree in Judaism and education from Hebrew University.

Sunday 16:30 Happy Hebrew Songs with Raya Even-David
Wednesday 14:30 Chanukah customs from around the world

Elan Ezrachi

Elan Ezrachi PhD is a Jerusalem-based Jewish Peoplehood educator and researcher, and the CEO of Melitz. Elan is also a community activist in Jerusalem.

Monday 16:40 Jerusalem - 50 years of complex unification
Wednesday 09:15 Trends and challenges in Israel-Diaspora relations

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