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A midrash on the rape of Tamar - the Rabbis meet Katherine Makinnon (2 of 3)

Shoshana Cohen 

Red 3

This is the second session in a series entitled "The Mirror and the Law - A Methodology of Reading for Change". In this session we will read one of the rare incidences of rape in the Bible and its Rabbinic retelling. Through this reading we will ask difficult questions about the nature of consent, using both Talmudic and feminist scholarship.

A short visit to the Mexican Jewish community (2 of 2)

Renato Huarte Cuéllar 

Green 25

Mexico's Jewish community is quite singular because of many circumstances. In this session, we will look at its organisation throughout the 20th Century. As many communities in Latin America, the cultural life is built around the JCC, but there are over 120 Mexican Jewish institutions!

A very Jewish demon: the case of the haunted Beit Midrash

Roni Tabick 

Green 27

The Beit Midrash is haunted by a seven-headed monster that smites everyone who comes to study Torah! Who can overcome this beast? A study of a surprising Talmudic story, its roots in ancient mythology, and some guidance about how to be better students of Torah.

Behind the X-Men: Jews, gender and sexuality

Dalia Fleming  Raphael Zarum  Nathan Abrams  Benjamin Ellis 

Red 1

The X-Men comics and movies have had a huge impact on popular culture. This session will explore some of the surprisingly disturbing and controversial themes that these superheroes elicit. Auschwitz, assimilation, ‘coming out’, alienation and ‘chosenness’ to name but a few…

Being an Atheist Jew in Israel: an old-new approach to Judaism

Mishka (Moshe) Ben-David 

Red 5

For almost 2000 years, the Jewish religion kept us as Jews - in the Diaspora. Most other characteristics of Judaism as were known when the Jewish people lived on their land (common language, culture, territory and national identity) were lost. Now when they are restored in Israel, one can be Jewish even if he is an atheist.

Damaged heroes: midrash and pop culture mythology

Shawna Brynjegard-Bialik  Isaac Brynjegard-Bialik 

Red 2

Many of the heroes of Torah and comic books are damaged, but they find the strength to carry on. Join husband and wife “dynamic duo” Isaac and Shawna Brynjegard-Bialik for a conversation about damaged heroes in Torah and pop culture, accompanied by a presentation of Isaac’s papercuts made of cut-up comic books.

From Discord to Dialogue: Jewish-Christian Study Tour to Israel and Palestine

Elizabeth Harris-Sawczenko  Catriona Elizabeth Robertson  Robin Moss  David Brown 

Green 26

One of the most divisive issues between Christians and Jews today is the conflict in the Middle East. This year the Council of Christians and Jews took the first Jewish/Christian leadership group to Israel and Palestine to hear different and conflicting narratives. Listen to Christian and Jewish leaders who participated in this life changing trip.

Gefiltefish and chips - stories in song from a master songwriter

Daniel Cainer 

Red 7

Join this 5 Star Edinburgh Fringe award-winner for a selection of deeply-moving, smart, funny story-songs about his family and the Jewish world. 'Highly Recommended Show 2014/15/16'.- Fringe Review. 'A must see' - Daily Mirror. 'Some have music in their soul, some have mirth, some have melancholy. That Daniel Cainer has the lot' - Howard Jacobson.

Global Jewish responsibility: intertwined and interconnected

Perry Teicher  Eliran Douenias 

Red 4

Ralph I. Goldman explained Jewish responsibility as being "a single Jewish world: intertwined, interconnected". Inherent in this statement is the concept of Diaspora and the long-standing globalisation of the Jewish world. What responsibilities do Jews have for those in other geographies and of other backgrounds?

How I Went from a Clinical Chemist to a Historical Novelist

Maggie Anton 

Yellow 21

Maggie Anton, who grew up in a secular socialist household and knew little of her Jewish religion, never imagined she'd write award-winning historical novels about learned Jewish heroines. Yet, after 30+ years as a chemist, she began studying Talmud, learned about Rashi's daughters, and decided to write about them, which led to an entirely new career.

How to fight back against sporting delegitimisation of Israel

Simon Johnson 

Orange 14

Those who seek to delegitimise Israel often use comparisons to apartheid South Africa. One of the most effective ways of isolating South Africa from the international community was through sporting boycotts. With recent attempts to copy these methods and expel Israel from FIFA, how do we fight back against the sporting delegitimisation of Israel?

How to use compassionate communication to talk about compassion for animals

Sarah Chandler  Danny Newman 

Orange 10

In this interactive workshop, participants will learn the skills of radical listening, empathy and compassionate communication. Using the often avoided topic of animals in the factory farming system, participants will acquire skills to share from the heart and listen with an open mind, even to the most triggering and difficult perspectives.

Israeli academia's perspective on academic boycotts

Zvi Ziegler 

Blue 34

World-renowned professor Zvi Ziegler will be giving a lecture on countering academic boycotts of Israel. He will explore the issue in depth, and discuss tactics to combat these boycotts.

Jamming workshop

Nathan Finkel  James Charles 

Red 6

Come and learn the secrets of playing improvised music! Drawing on years of experience playing in the Limmud House Band, Nathan and James will take you through the basics of establishing a groove, listening, improvising, and playing with a group you haven't played with before. Bring your own instruments and first timers encouraged! Don't be shy.

Jewish journeys on the road to the global development agenda

Yosef Abramowitz  Ruth Messinger 

Orange 12

Join Ruth Messinger and Yossi Abramowitz, two leaders in global development and proud Jews, as they unpack the unusual spiritual and physical journeys that brought them to the far corners of the earth, pursuing tikkun olam with different models but similar values.

Jewish-Muslim relations: challenges and opportunities

Saleem Seedat 

Yellow 22

The subject of Jewish-Muslim relations is as important as it is complex, sensitive and challenging. An introduction will be provided to Islam and the British Muslim community, after which some of the key issues facing Jewish-Muslim relations will be explored along with providing potential solutions and an opportunity for Q&A.

Kavannah yoga

Mark Goldsmith  Maxine Levy 

Marquee 3

Enjoy a wonderfully meditative and re-balancing hour. Kavannah yoga explores fresh ways of cultivating a personal spiritual practice. This is a great way to calm the mind, enhance your well-being, and deeply experience the meaning of Jewish ideas as we interweave Jewish texts on the subject of relationship with traditional yoga techniques.

Limmud book club: One Night, Markovitch (3 of 4)

Aviva Dautch  Shoshi Ish-Horowicz 

Blue 32 (Millers)

This stand-alone session is a chance for book lovers to share insights. We will discuss our favourite extracts, characters and theories. For those who've already read the book and those who haven't but want to find out more. Today's choice is Ayelet Gundar-Goshen’s debut, a magical story of love and survival in pre-State Israel.

Live your mistakes!

Lior Kaminetsky 

Marquee 2

Are you sure you are not making a big mistake? I asked my boss, moments after she declared that I am officially fired. Isn't it enough the mistakes you have already made?! She asked me back. I smiled and quoted myself: "In the world of doing there is no failure, only ups and downs. The only failure I recognise is letting the fear control my ideas"

London: the Jews in the immigrant city

Ben Judah 

Yellow 23

London has become an immigrant mega-city, where nearly forty percent were born abroad. What is the place, role and storytelling for the Jews in a transformed London? Drawing on his acclaimed portrait of our unrecognisable capital, "This Is London", Ben Judah walks us through the city as we never see it.

The influence of the Bible on Israeli cinema

Oshra Schwartz Reim 

Blue 33

The Bible has played a huge role in the collective imagination and subconscious of Israeli artists, including filmmakers. This session discusses biblical themes and imagery in Israeli cinema, following the evolution of values and ideology. The session will include film clips.

The international media and Israel

Haviv Gur  Andrew Silow-Carroll  Jodi Rudoren  Alex Brummer 

Yellow 24

How and why does the media's portrayal of Israel differ between countries. A panel of distinguished journalists from the UK, USA and Israel will share their experiences and perspectives on the media's portrayal of Israel.

The Last Tribe screening and Q&A with director Simon Glass

Simon Glass 

Orange 13

Screening of THE LAST TRIBE documentary (69 minutes), previously screened at Leeds International Film Festival, Toronto Jewish Film Festival and BFI Mediatheque, followed by a Q&A with producer/director Simon Glass.

The Syrian refugee crisis: A personal story

Richard Verber  Aisha & Nadia 

Orange 11

Aisha and Nadia (not their real names) were forced to flee her home in Syria before being selected by the UK government to move to Britain as two of the 20,000 Syrian refugees to be given sanctuary here by 2020. As part of Limmud's Refugee Day, meet them both, hear their stories, and ask them questions about the crisis.

Who or what is the problem between the Labour Party and Jews: and can it be repaired?

Andrew Gilbert  Maurice Glasman  Sarah Sackman  Luke Akehurst  Jon Lansman  Jeremy Newmark 

Orange 15

Who better to give the answers than a peer ennobled by Ed Miliband; the chair of the Jewish Labour Movement; the Jewish Labour Candidate for Finchley & Golders Green from the last general election; the director of We Believe in Israel who is also secretary of Labour First, and in his first visit to Limmud the Jewish founder and chair of Momentum.

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