Limmud Conference 2016

Limmud Conference 2016 – Tuesday 16:30

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Schlepping your family across Limmud? It's a walk in the park!

Jonathon Leader 


Schlepping and trekking, plodding and stopping, trudging and barely budging. These may be some of the words which come to mind when we think about getting kids from one side of the conference to the next. No more! Join youth work veteran Jonathan Leader (it's in the name, really) to turn this dreaded time of day into a breeze! This session starts at the Hilton Lobby and ends at the Crowne Plaza. For ages 6+

JewSalsa families concert


Rhythm & Blues

Mixing Latin dance with Judaism, join JewSalsa in the Crowne Plaza for a cocktail of klezmer and salsa. Suitable for all ages.

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