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Communal Chanukah candle lighting (Weds)

Limmud Chanukah Team 

Marquee 3

Join the extravaganza as we share the light of Chanukah together and bask in the miracle of celebrating as one big Limmud community. We'll have a communal lighting of the Chanukiah, words of wisdom and performances from some of conference's most exciting acts. Don't be left in the cold, come and join the biggest Chanukah celebration of the year!

How did a non-Jew end up working as Director of We Believe in Israel and how can we get more non-Jews involved in campaigning for Israel?

Luke Akehurst 

Orange 11

Luke Akehurst tells the personal story of how he - as a non-Jewish person from a centre-left background - became deeply involved in Israel as an issue, and explains how Jews can involve non-Jews in pro-Israel campaigning.

Chanukah hour: drama games

Limmud Social Programming Team 

Purple 31

As we all know after the Chanukah story, Judah Maccabee was looking for a new career. He decided on acting so why don't we play some drama games!

Chanukah nour: nosh and natter about divine intervention

Oliver Joseph 

Blue 32 (Millers)

Come and join a structured conversation about divine intervention. Do miracles still happen today? What do we classify as a miracle? What is the difference between a miracle and a coincidence? All thought and contributions welcome.

The State of the Jewish People: A conversation

Avi Mayer 

Red 1

An open conversation about the most pressing issues affecting Israel and the Jewish world: challenges facing Jewish communities, shifting demographics in the Jewish world, questions of Jewish pluralism in Israel, the role of Israel in Jewish life, and anything else. Come prepared to share what's on your mind and hear what others have to say.

The Jews of South America

Michael Even David 

Red 3

How did the Jews arrive in South America? What is their story? How did they cope with the local customs, lifestyles and historic events. We will study the specific cases of Chile and Argentina as a model for the rest of the continent.

Life of a comedian

Candy Markham 

Red 6

Ben Lewis has been trying to make it as a comedian for over four years and now feels that he needs to warn others about how hellish it has been for him before any other vulnerable, sad and lonely Jews like he get into it. Ben would appreciate that any jokes he makes throughout the talk get laughed at. If not he will cry. Thanks.

It’s a wonderful world: Greece!

Red 9 (Boulevard Front)

Enter the pop-up world and immerse yourself in a wondrous space. Explore Greek mythology, play ultimate dreidel, learn about the Jewish community of Thessaloniki, taste the finest of oils, make your own terracotta pot and discuss Greece's response to the refugee crisis. There’s making, listening, eating, music and learning. Sessions will last from 10 to 30 minutes.

Board Game Bonanza (Weds)

Limmud Chanukah Team 


Don't pass Go, don't collect £200, but do come and enjoy a carefully selected array of board games. Whether you're up for a casual game or some intense competition, there will be something sure to get you rolling.

Personal Chanukah candle lighting (Weds)

Limmud Chanukah Team 

Marquee 1

A space to light candles individually or in small groups and to reflect on the joy and miracles of the festival in a more personal manner.

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