Limmud Conference 2016

Limmud Conference 2016 – Sunday 12:00

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Ars Poetica - culture, politics and poetry

Adi Keissar 

Orange 10

The discussion focuses on several issues: Social hierarchy in culture, Identity in poetry, 'Ars Poetica' poetry project and its impact on culture in Israel.

The interim rabbi: an innovation in synagogue life to support congregations as they say farewell to a serving rabbi and welcome the new rabbi

Darryl Crystal 

Red 3

Interim rabbis work with synagogues when a rabbi retires, becomes ill, or has a contract which is not renewed. They perform all of the duties of the rabbi and guide the community through the transition process. This is a program of the Central Conference of American Rabbis. The session will discuss this new field.

Psyche in the Sugya: Do we ever understand the other? (1 of 2)

Yehoshua Engelman 

Red 8 (Boulevard Back)

Abaye, one of the greatest Talmud sages, is in this story described as a well-meaning peeping Tom in pursuit of a couple about to sin. What was he looking for? What needs do vicarious thrills address? What has he lost? The Talmud’s understanding of sexuality and desire teaches what psychoanalyses concurs with as to what we seek and what desire is.

Meet the IDF spokesperson

Peter Lerner 

Red 4

Peter Lerner may be familiar to you as the guy on TV defending the IDF to the media. You'll also notice he has an English accent. Why did Peter make aliyah and enlist, what has he done during his army career, and how did he find himself in the Spokesperson's Unit? Find out Peter's story and ask him any questions you might have.

Is the Commonwealth still really a thing? (1 of 2)

Clive Lawton 

Orange 14

Clive became CEO of the rejuvenated Commonwealth Jewish Council last year. In that time, he's discovered wonderful communities dotted around the globe, bound by the twin facts of being Jews and being in the Commonwealth. Blow your mind on how Jews do Jewish around the world. This first session will cover the Western Hemisphere and European region.

Inhabit: A Permaculture Perspective (120 minutes)

Roxana Jebreel  Deana Gershuny  Sara Moon 

Orange 13

"Inhabit" is a brilliant documentary exploring environmental issues facing us today and examines solutions using a more holistic ecological design process called ‘Permaculture’. After the film, we will have a brief discussion and speak about the Sadeh, the UK’s first Jewish farm!

Developing a vision for Jewish learning

David-Yehuda Stern 

Yellow 22

Calling all movement workers and educators! Often we are so busy working to deadlines and delivering programmes that we are unable to consider the values and ideals that motivate us. This workshop will help you to articulate your vision for Jewish learning.

A Muslim reads the Bible: migration (2 of 2)

Halima Krausen 

Yellow 21

At a time of mass migration and refugees, we'll have a closer look at biblical migration experiences. Abraham and the Exodus are central stories shared by Jews and Muslims. In this workshop, we will explore them from different perspectives of our traditions, keeping in mind possible applications for our own time and age.

All you need is Biblical Hebrew!

Daniel Hirschfield 

Yellow 24

Ever wondered why some people say Shabbos and others Shabbat? Wonder no more! In this one hour taster session, we will retell marvellous story of the birth, near death and resurrection of the Hebrew language and how it is the source of all we do and speak.

Chiyuv vs. chesed - why inclusion of people with disabilities is not a kindness

Shelley Cohen 

Orange 11

A frank discussion of the halachic imperative to see the "Tzelem Elokim" in all of G-ds human creations and the importance of not objectifying those who have disabilities to achieve one's own personal goals.

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