Limmud Conference 2016

Limmud Conference 2016 – Wednesday 16:40

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Arguing in the face of injustice - Hannah and Abraham challenge God (3 of 3)

Shoshana Cohen 

Purple 29 (Monarch Overflow)

This is the third part in the series the Mirror and the Law. In looking at the biblical characters of Hannah and Abraham the rabbis see a bold and daring challenge to divine justice. We will look at how there characters challenge God and how they may serve as a model for a contemporary demand for just and equality.

Narrative warfare: the fight for Israel's narrative, from Hadrian to campus

Yishai Fleisher 

Red 6

It has proven hard to beat Israel on the military battle ground and through economic warfare. But the enemies of Israel have successfully employed a "narrative war" against the Jewish State which has undermined the good name and the once popular story of Israel. What are the enemy's techniques and is there a way to win back the Israeli narrative?

Zionist leaders' speeches

Deborah Steinmetz 

Green 27

Hear Ben Gurion advocate immigration for everyone, Abba Hillel Silver plead with the world to save German Jewry. These will be a few of the treasures presented in this session.

When the female golem demanded a soul

Melissa Raphael 

Red 5

This illustrated talk explores how Second Wave Jewish feminism engaged in a form of idoloclastic religious politics encapsulated by Cynthia Ozick's 11th Commandment: "Thou shalt not lessen the humanity of women" (1979). Those attending will be asked to consider the impact of Second Wave Jewish feminism in today's Jewish world.

When Jews, Armenians and Roma work together

Benjamin Fischer 

Blue 33

What might sound like the beginning of a good joke is the story of an unprecedented coalition building project: a child survivor dancing with an Armenian poet to Roma tunes, a conference in the European Parliament and many new synergies and stories came up. Hear more about this unprecedented network called "A Europe of Diasporas".

Volunteering vs VolunTourism: Jewish volunteering abroad

Ethan Herman 

Green 26

This summer Ethan Herman spent 6 weeks volunteering in Ghana with Tzedek. In this session he shares his experiences and explores the battle between volunteering and voluntourism: Are they really making a difference? Who benefits the most? If you've ever considered volunteering abroad, come and learn about this amazing trip and how you can make a difference.

The Ashatones

Harry Style 


Barbershop quartet, The Ashatones, perform arrangements from a variety of genres spanning the 20th and 21st centuries. From motown to musicals, traditional barbershop to Disney, and from Jewish to pop music, The Ashatones provide an enjoyable evening of quality entertainment.

Stopping the traffic together

Elliot Steinberg  Ruth Dearnley  Alex Goldberg 

Orange 12

Human trafficking is the fastest growing international crime, but difficult to combat effectively. We will look at why religious groups are tackling human trafficking and how we can work within the Jewish community and with other faiths to create a cohesive, effective response. Join the movement to end human trafficking together.

Scrabble schmabble

Simon Rosenstone 


Test your word power in an hour. Join us for Scrabble and brainstorm your brain - we will even allow common Hebrew words!

Responsa Radio Live!

Andrew Belinfante  Ethan Tucker 

Orange 14

This session will feature a live recording of the popular podcast Responsa Radio (listen to an episode or two in advance to get a sense of the format - Please come with your questions on Jewish law and practice and we will do our best to answer them!

Rav Shagar and modernity's shattered vessels

Julian Sinclair 

Orange 11

Rav Shagar (1949-2007) was arguably the most important Israeli religious thinker of the past 50 years. His ideas are indispensable for grasping the intellectual and spiritual ferment of today's Israel. This introduction to his thinking will focus on his revitalisation of Talmud study, his "Post-Modern-Orthodoxy" and rethinking of Zionism.

"Live" shechitah demonstration

Gabriel Botnick 

Red 1

Believe it or not, but meat doesn't just miraculously appear on a styrofoam tray at the market. We may not want to think about how our meat gets to our tables, but the Jewish tradition says we should. In this session, we’ll watch a video of a “live” Shechitah (Kosher slaughter) demonstration, pausing throughout for explanations and discussion.

Limmud Book Club: The Marriage of Opposites (4 of 4)

Shoshi Ish-Horowicz  Aviva Dautch 

Blue 32 (Millers)

This stand-alone session is a chance for book lovers to share insights. We will discuss our favourite extracts, characters and theories - for those who've already read the book and those who haven't but want to find out more. Today's choice is Alice Hoffman’s New York Times bestseller about the family of Jewish artist Camille Pissarro.

LGBT rights: a global perspective

Ruth Messinger 

Red 4

What is happening around the world for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender individuals? Is any of this a concern for the Jewish community? How can people concerned about these issues stay informed and active?

"L'chaim!: To Life!": Screening and Q&A (120 minutes)

Elkan Spiller 

Orange 13

L'Chaim! is an intimate portrait of Chaim Lubelski, a hippie and drug dealer who became a successful businessman and professional chess player. When his mother needed care, Chaim decided to move into a care-home with her. Shaped by his mother's history as a Holocaust survivor, Chaim feels his mission is to ease her pain. Despite all of the obstacles that come his way, Chaim chooses to respond with humour, joy and humanity. This film documents how the legacy of trauma still affects the second generation of Holocaust survivors. The screening will be followed by a Q&A with Director Elkan Spiller

Jews of color: Being a black, professional Jew

Ilana Kaufman 

Yellow 21

I’m about as mainstream as we come. My family lights Sabbath candles and belongs to a synagogue. My daughter goes to religious school and Jewish summer camp. I even grow etrogs in my backyard. But I am also a Jew of color. An estimated 20% of the Jewish population today is racially and ethnically diverse. So what does a multiracial, intersectional Jewish community look like today?

Jews don't do football? You must be joking.

Anthony Clavane 

Orange 10

Anthony Clavane looks at a century of Jewish involvement in the beautiful game; how players, fans, owners and administrators have shaped the sport.

Jewish values investing

Perry Teicher 

Red 2

It's obvious that we all live as part of the world, yet very often we look at our money as distinct from the world. Social action and caring for others are one thing. Investments and money are another. We will explore concepts of investing with Jewish values, drawing from impact, environmental, and social investing - as well as historical ideas.

Is too much expected of the Israeli Defense Force?

Joshua Weinberg  Avner Bernheimer  Miri Eisen  Abraham Bell  Lynette Nusbacher 

Orange 15

Modern armies face a series of moral choices, often requiring instant decisions. Warfare has become asymmetrical, remotely fought and instantly reportable. Individuals face personal and public scrutiny. The Occupation has lasted almost 50 years. Is too much expected of the Israeli Defense Force or any army of a liberal democratic nation?

Gefilte Fish & Chips: more stories, more songs, some questions, some answers

Daniel Cainer 

Red 7

Hear more of award-winning songwriter Daniel Cainer's unique stories in song that aren't in the other show, plus a chance for requests and some discussion. "An extraordinary performer. At times heartbreakingly poignant, at others laugh out loud funny." - Edinburgh Festivals Magazine. "Honest, touching and unpredictable" - New York Jewish Week.

Does martyrdom have meaning?

Raphael Zarum 

Marquee 2

Some of the saddest texts we have in our tradition describe Jewish martyrdom. Should they inspire us, shame us or shock us? We will study different versions of the ‘seven brothers’ story in Talmud, midrash and the Book of Maccabees in order to try to find some answers and meaning for today.

Development banks and NGOs: the architecture of development financing

Karina Veal 

Red 3

This session looks at how regional development banks such as the Asian Development Bank operate and how NGOs and national development agencies fit. Underlying the large financiers is the same philosophy as for small Jewish NGOs - to strengthen the hand of those facing challenges until they need no longer be dependent upon others.

An embodied mindful movement and dance workshop

Nikki Levitan 

Marquee 3

This is a guided movement workshop exploring our inner wisdom and intelligence of the body. An opportunity to move and to explore the present moment. Leave with some tools to take into your daily life. Join us to discover mindfulness in a new way through music, dance and movement. Open to all ages.

A Jewish woman for a Jewish project

Clelia Piperno 

Yellow 22

Clelia Piperno is head of the Italian translation of the Babylonian Talmud project - the first Jewish woman to be appointed head of a publicly funded Roman Jewish community project. This session will detail some of her insights and the challenges of her role.

A discussion with the Jews behind the world's largest Arabic book gifting program

Tamar Remz 

Purple 31

Learn about and discuss Maktabat al Fanoos, a groundbreaking initiative that gifts Arabic children's books to nearly 100,000 Arab Israeli children and families each month - reaching 100% of 3-5 year olds in government schools. MaF is a partnership of the Harold Grinspoon Foundation, Price Family Philanthropies and Israel's Ministry of Education.

Stuck like an Egyptian

Susan Silverman 

Blue 34

In social justice work, or the desire to do social justice work, we can get stuck. What can we learn from biblical and rabbinic texts about being stuck and unstuck?

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