Limmud Conference 2016

Limmud Conference 2016 – Sunday 18:10

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The Jewish philosophy of dreaming and why it matters today

Bonnie Buckner 

Marquee 2

Every great story of the Jewish people begins with a dream. With dreams, we move ourselves into game-changing new chapters of human history. Examining our relationship with dreams, especially Jacob’s first Great Dream, reveals key principles that form a visionary philosophy, setting us apart in our way of thinking and solving problems.

How bad is it? What’s really going on with antisemitism in Europe

Jonathan Boyd 

Yellow 24

High antisemitic incident counts, a hostile political climate on both the far left and far right and the constant threat of terrorism create a toxic mix of growing anxiety. But what do we know about antisemitism empirically? What does the latest data tell us about what is really going on?

To conquer one's journey (1 of 2)

Maayan Zweig 

Yellow 21

What resources and skills are required from us to reach the right decision? Through 6 urges raging inside of us, we will identify what ‘made us tick’ in our lives. We will look at moments that shaped our lives, in which we remained honest and decided to make bald decisions for the future. We will identify opportunities in order to produce a meaningful life and personal growth.

The place of Israel within British Jewry (4 of 4)

Helena Miller 

Red 3

Come and be a guinea pig! UJIA are developing a new way to understand Israel – and we need help! You’ll hear a session by a brilliant educator, and in return, you spend the last ten minutes telling us how it was. Today, we will explore what we know about British Jewry’s changing relationship with Israel and what might be the implications.

The motivations of the killers: why did so many Lithuanians participate in Holocaust crimes?

Ruta Vanagaite 

Purple 31

Lithuanian society at large participated in and benefited from the extermination of the Jews. Why? With the motivations of the killers, the politicians and members of the civil administration combined, an effective apparatus was created.

Songs of protest, inspiration and prayer: If It Be Your Will

Maureen Kendler 

Red 7

Singer/songwriters Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan and Paul Simon used biblical images in some of their greatest songs. We will explore the power and beauty of their best -Jewish- work.

Rethinking the Place of Torah from Sinai in Orthodoxy in the Light of Biblical Criticism

Zev Farber 

Orange 12

Modern scholarship presents us with a number of challenges both to the historicity of the narratives as well as to the coherence of the text. Modern Orthodoxy needs to approach this honestly, the way it has scientific developments such as evolution or heliocentrism.

Rebbe Nachman and the time machine

Naftali Moses 

Green 26

Time travel. How do the temporal and infinite meet? Join Naftali in reading one of Rabbi Nachman's fantastical stories "The Heart and the Spring" and explore this tale of terrific longing, both as a window into the human psyche and as an expression of the quantum understanding of time and space.

Dangerous Developments: Jewish Art and the Politics of Motion

Marc Epstein 

Orange 11

Works of art are snapshots of moments in time. But although any given image may look conventional frozen where it is, when we think about its state after the moment we are presently seeing, we find that there is potential for subversion—for changing from “nice” and “normal,” to violent and vindictive— with vast implications for Jewish politics.

The genealogy of redemption or a case against Jewish "text-tosterone"

Naamah Kelman 

Red 2

Our foremothers set in motion the wheels of transformative love and redemption. Rivka, Tamar, the daughters of Zelofchad and Ruth, all move the course of our history affirming the place of women as change agents who needed the 20th century and the 21st to feel their real impact.

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