Limmud Conference 2016

Limmud Conference 2016 – Monday 14:30

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The Jews of Iran

Annika Hernroth-Rothstein 

Orange 14

Earlier this year, Annika Hernroth-Rothstein went to Iran to visit one of the most elusive Jewish communities in the world. In this session, she will tell their story.

Rosh Chodesh ritual and mental health

Sarah Waxman 

Orange 10

Rosh Chodesh, a ritual of monthly women's gatherings has a long history although it has been largely lost. Today when mental health rates of depression/anxiety are skyrocketing, research shows this type of ritual can help our overall wellness. Join At The Well founder, and learn how the resurgence of Rosh Chodesh is helping women feel more whole.

The influence of fringe theatre in Israeli culture

Gur Koren  Eran Kraus 

Red 6

A session looking at the influence of cultural "centres" on Israeli theatre. The session will explore how fringe theatre has come to take centre stage within Israeli culture.

Rambam versus Maimonides: schizoid man

Daniel Anderson 

Red 9 (Boulevard Front)

Rambam is author of the Mishnah Torah and halachist supreme, beloved by the Yeshivish world. Maimonides, by contrast, is author of The Guide for the Perplexed, philosopher and physician. Yet they are the same person - or are they? This session will look at his dissection and selective reassembly by different audiences with dissimilar agendas.

From key opposition to top supporter

Rachel Sumekh 

Red 4

Have an idea that’s being halted by an institution? What if they could channel their opposition into support? Hear how one group of friends went from breaking the rules to being called Champions of Change by the White House. Since its launch, Swipe Out Hunger has turned adversaries into partners and fed one million people.

Faithful and infertile: reading painful stories in our texts

Miriam Lorie 

Green 28

The Torah is replete with stories of women who cannot have children. Rabbinic sources pick up on the theme too. But how can we read these tales in the face of real life fertility challenges? This session will explore how our texts might comfort - or taunt - Jewish men and women who long for children. Open to all, just don’t say the word “barren”.

Building the House of Israel: Intertextuality in the Book of Ruth

Deborah Kahn-Harris 

Purple 29 (Monarch Overflow)

What makes Ruth like Tamar? What makes her like Leah and Rachel? Why would we even ask these questions? Want to know more? Come and study the Book of Ruth through the lens of Genesis.

Why you should get tested for BRCA

Dan Reisel 

Red 3

This session will make the case that Jewish people - whether they are Ashkenazi or Sephardi - should consider having genetic screening for BRCA, a mutation that increases the risk of breast and ovarian cancer in women, and prostate cancer in men. The session will include advice on how to get tested and what you need to know in advance.

The world of Jewish and non-Jewish book publishing

Fern Reiss 

Purple 31

Whether you have a specifically Jewish-themed book or not, we will walk you through the different publishing options available to authors today (self-publishing, traditional publishing, e-publishing), and the changing landscape of the industry. You'll leave understanding when it makes sense to publish which way, and how you can jump-start your book's publicity.

The use of football for soft power in the Middle East: a case study of the Israeli and Palestinian Football Associations

Eddie Marshbaum 

Green 26

On numerous occasions, the Palestinian Football Association has tabled at the FIFA Congress a motion to have the Israeli Football Association expelled from FIFA for political interference and breaches of human rights. We will look at the use of football as a tool for political soft power and why it is best to keep football and politics separate.

The Tel Aviv Review podcast: live recording (1 of 4)

Zev Farber  Gilad Halpern  Arthur Green  Ariela Migdal 

Blue 32 (Millers)

The Tel Aviv Review is a non-fiction literary review podcast, also known as the start-up nation of the humanities. Going live at Limmud 2016, it will host a selection of the conference's most eminent participants for an in-depth interview about their fields of expertise.

Ten commandments or twenty commandments?

Andy Kaufmann 

Green 25

In the book of Shemot (Exodus) ten commandments are given to the Jewish people at Sinai. In the book of Devarim (Deuteronomy), a noticeably different ten commandments are recalled. So were all twenty stated at Sinai? If only ten, which ones? We look at some Orthodox approaches as to this conundrum.

Queer and damaged: How Nezikin sheds light on who is responsible for discrimination and hate crimes

Andrew Belinfante 

Yellow 22

In this session, we will dive into and explore the world of queerphobia, homophobia, transphobia, etc and think about the types of emotional trauma born out of hate crimes and discrimination. We will be using Nezikin to shed light on damage (specifically emotional damage) and how it impacts our society and who is responsible for long term trauma.

Occupy Judaism: re-claiming responsibility for Judaism

Dina Brawer 

Red 1

We are blessed with robust Jewish institutions such as synagogues, schools and community centres where a large part of our Judaism is played out. Is there a cost to this “outsourced” Judaism? Have we sidelined the Jewish family? Can we reclaim familial and personal Judaism while utilising the best our communal institutions have to offer?

Money, money, money!

Michael Shire  Paul Silver-Myer 

Red 8 (Boulevard Back)

Handling money is essentially about the multiple values we attach to our relationship with it. From the perspectives of a rabbi and accountant, we will examine the different projections imposed on money. How can these values be refined and ultimately owned? Come willing to share so that we can enhance our financial relationships with Jewish values.

Magash Hakesef (The Silver Platter)

Atira Winchester 

Yellow 21

The gulf between Israel's rich and poor threatens to destabilize Israel's extremely fragile social fabric. How did we get to this situation? What does the chasm mean for Israel's citizens and who is working to redress the balance? We will be looking at a brilliant new Israeli documentary "The Silver Platter" as a springboard for discussion.

Limmud FSU: the first decade

David Bilchitz  Andrew Gilbert  Roman Kogan  Chaim Chesler  Anna Adamskaya  Tatiana Pashaev 

Yellow 24

In December 2005 a group of enthusiasts visited Limmud for the first time – and were captured! Beginning in Moscow, it has branched out across 13 Russian-speaking communities. Now, over 10 years on, Limmud FSU has attracted more than 45,000 participants in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, USA, Canada, Australia and Europe.

Leadership and moral courage

Ruth Messinger 

Orange 11

What is the role of Jews and Jewish organisations in social change and politics? What historical examples do we have? What does our Torah, and our rabbis, have to say about these issues?

Jews and Christians: are we worshipping the same God?

Raphael Zarum  Michael Geoffrey Ipgrave 

Yellow 23

Christians speak about their worship of "the God of Israel", but are we all talking about the same God? Isn’t Christianity really a case of "strange worship"? How do we each view our "covenant relationship" with God?

Inward or outward? Judaism in our divided world

Ephraim Mirvis 

Orange 15

An exploration of Jewish responsibility in the face of growing societal and political divisions pushing us to make polarising choices.

Illuminating liturgy through creation

Aaron Henne 

Red 5

All participants create personal narratives (short stories, poems, etc. ...) that are inspired by, and incorporate elements from, pieces of Jewish liturgy. This workshop is designed to unpack a prayer's meaning, bringing it to vivid life for those who take part. All leave the session with new texts and the tools to continue creating on their own.

How to pray the kabbalah way (1 of 2)

Larry Tabick 

Orange 12

Bored with services? Time to add a new dimension to your davening! In this session, we examine a group of prayers and meditations formulated by Jewish mystics as preliminaries to the statutory prayers.

Different Trains

Stephen Frosh 

Blue 34

Steve Reich’s ‘Different Trains’, which explores personal and Holocaust memory, is widely regarded as one of the most significant musical compositions of the last thirty years. This talk focuses psychoanalytically on what the piece conveys about the complex issue of emotional haunting in relation to experiences of personal and communal loss.

Different Flowers Make a Bouquet: Inclusion in the Limmud World

Shoshana Bloom  Shep Rosenman  Briana Holtzman  Limmud Development and Connection Team 

NEC Piazza 1

Join in a variety of conversations with experienced “inclusionists”. Together we will discuss how to make our Limmud communities even more inclusive. We will look at gender, ability, disability, sexuality, age, colour, Jewish denominations and more. Share your experiences and ideas!

A walk in the woods

Akiko Yonekawa 


Get some fresh air and learn some new meditation and mindfulness techniques in this easy walk around the wood just outside the hotel. The walk will leave the meeting place within 10 minutes of the session start. Wear comfortable shoes and bring your coat and scarf! This session is great for all ages.

A Jewish response to factory farming

Aaron Gross 

Red 2

How can Jewish community and teachings help us better respond to the factory farm systems that produce the majority of animal products consumed in Europe, North America and, increasingly, the world? Whether you are just learning about these issues or are a seasoned advocate, join us for this facilitated discussion.

Israel's foreign policy challenges from the inside

Ashley Perry 

Blue 33

An insider's behind-the-scenes look at the State of Israel's diplomatic successes and failures.

Bridge and kaluki

Sassy Sassy 


Come along and play two of Britain's most popular card games - bridge and kaluki. No partners needed, just your best card play!

American Pie by a Jewish American Princess!

Ilana Epstein 

Marquee 1

How to make pie the American way, and learn about Jewish farmers in America at the same time.

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