Limmud Conference 2016

Limmud Conference 2016 – Monday 15:50

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Yet another session on antisemitism in the Labour Party and on the left. But this one is different!

Keith Kahn-Harris 

Orange 11

It hardly needs to be said that there are profound differences in the Labour Party and on the left generally about the nature and extent of antisemitism. But what is really at the heart of this controversy? This session will drill down to the bedrock of implicit assumptions that underpin the conflict. Spoiler alert: it’s (mostly) not about Jews.

Shakespeare and the Jews

Aviva Dautch 

Orange 10

Come and consider why critics have described Shakespeare’s portrait as “having a decidedly Jewish physiognomy” and ask whether he shared our Jewish values. Why did he write about Venetian Jews and how are we meant to read Shylock in The Merchant of Venice? Is there any truth to the claim that the Dark Lady of the Sonnets was Jewish?

Rhapsody in Jew: an exploration of Jewish influences in classical music

Harry Lampert 

Red 3

From Mendellsohn to Mahler, for centuries composers have been influenced by their religious music. In this session, we will listen to excerpts from various classical pieces and look at the history of the composers and their sources of inspiration. We will explore the political and cultural impacts of these musicians over the years.

Personal Chanukah candle lighting (Mon)

Limmud Chanukah Team 

Marquee 1

A space to light candles individually or in small groups and to reflect on the joy and miracles of the festival in a more personal manner.

How to be a Jewish LGBT+ activist

Dalia Fleming  Neil Levitan 

Green 25

Interested in helping to make your community more LGBT+ inclusive? The aim of this workshop is to explore what it means to be a Jewish LGBT+ activist. It is open to both Jewish LGBT+ people and allies.

Freud’s journey to England: rescue and resistance

Stephen Frosh 

Red 4

Sigmund Freud lived for most of his life in Vienna, but left there in 1938 to settle for the last year of his life in London, famously "to die in freedom". The story of how this happened will be sketched in this talk, but the focus will be on how it fits into Freud’s "late style" - in particular his reinvention of Jewish history.

Dreidel casino (Mon)

Limmud Chanukah Team 

Red 1

Get your spinning fingers at the ready and prepare to roll in the gelt at the Limmud Dreidel Casino. Challenge the rest of conference to match your skill (and/or luck) at the game that has rocked Judea since 168BCE!

Communal Chanukah candle lighting (Mon)

Limmud Chanukah Team 

Marquee 3

Join the extravaganza as we share the light of Chanukah together and bask in the miracle of celebrating as one big Limmud community. We'll have a communal lighting of the chanukiah, words of wisdom and performances from some of conference's most exciting acts. Don't be left in the cold, come and join the biggest Chanukah celebration of the year!

Chanukah hour: nosh and natter - the Christmakah bush

Limmud Social Programming Team 

Blue 32 (Millers)

Join us for a structured conversation. Jews and Christmas is something of a skeleton in the closet. Why do some Jewish people celebrate this holiday? What does it tell us about our community? Should it be frowned upon?

Chanukah hour: dodgeball

Limmud Social Programming Team 

Purple 31

Are you going to be on team Maccabees or team Antiochus? Who cares? Come and throw balls at each other!

Board game bonanza (Mon)

Limmud Chanukah Team 


Don't pass go, don't collect £200, but do come and enjoy a carefully selected array of board games. Whether you're up for a casual game or some intense competition, there will be something sure to get you rolling.

Ask an Israeli spokesperson anything

Avi Mayer 

Orange 14

Led by a former spokesman for the Israel Defence Forces and current spokesman of the Jewish Agency for Israel, this is an opportunity to put whatever questions you have about telling Israel's story. Potential topics may include international media coverage of Israel, how best to engage journalists, and what messages do and do not work.

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