Limmud Conference 2016

Limmud Conference 2016 – Tuesday 18:10

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Who is afraid of sacrifice?

Shlomo Zuckier 

Red 5

Despite comprising approximately a quarter of the Talmud, the topic of sacrifice is largely avoided in the academic study of Talmud. This talk endeavors to examine why, considering trends in academic Jewish studies from 19th century Germany to today and considering the themes implicit in the extensive treatment of sacrifice by the Talmudic Rabbis.

When does criticism of Israel become unacceptable ... and who decides? (3 of 4)

Michael Wegier 

Turquoise 16

Come and be a guinea pig! UJIA are developing a new way to understand Israel – and we need help! You’ll hear a session by a brilliant educator, and in return, you spend the last 10 mins telling us how it was. Today, the thorny issues surrounding anti-Zionism and antisemitism: what do they mean and why does it matter?

Trailblazing social justice in Israel

Emily Hilton  Graham Carpenter 

Green 27

From new online technology opening up knowledge about the government at Hasadnah and Hamishmar, to fighting the politicisation of archaeological sites with Emek Shaveh, and the success of the social campaigning community Zazim, join NIF's Activism Fellowship as we connect you to the most trailblazing social justice work happening in Israel today.

Too many books? Top tips from a Jewish declutterer

Juliet Landau-Pope 

Blue 32 (Millers)

Are you overwhelmed by the number of books in your home? Eager to downsize or declutter but unsure where to start? This session outlines practical strategies to help you make vital decisions about books (and other forms of Jewish clutter). All welcome, especially procrastinators.

Tips for tracing family ancestors and living relatives

Laurence Harris 

Turquoise 20

We will provide practical guidance on how to trace your Jewish ancestors and also how to locate living relatives who may have been lost from family contact over the years. It will include tips on getting started and building a family tree.

Spirits made from wine: a case study of how Masorti halachah is made

Michael Even David 

Blue 34

Through the specific case of pisco, a South American spirit made from non-kosher wine, we will study how Masorti rabbis decide on halachahic matters and write responses. Includes some optional tasting. Torah and alcohol, what can be better?

Sixty years since the Suez exodus

Lyn Julius 

Blue 33

This year marks the 60th anniversary of the Suez crisis, leading to the overnight expulsion of 25,000 Jews and their dispossession. Was the expulsion of the Jews an act of decolonisation or antisemitism?

Simcha - joy

Beverley Cohen 

Marquee 3

We can experience joy in our daily lives, whatever our experience is, with skilful direction of our intention. This practice is famously taught by Buddhist monk Thich Nhat Hahn. We will focus silently on our experience of joy and practice the skill of keeping a sense of simcha close by, even when the going gets tough.

Should the Jewish State execute a leading Nazi?

Joseph Grabiner 

Yellow 21

The year is 1961. You are an Israeli cabinet minister. Last year your country captured Adolf Eichmann. He’s been brought to Israel, tried and found guilty. You now have a recommendation to make to the president. Should Eichmann be put to death? Perhaps he should be imprisoned for life instead? What choice should the young Jewish State make?

“Miss, let’s play a circle game”: the blurring of the lines between formal and informal education

Libby Burkeman  Naomi Raanan  Madeleine Fresko-Brown  Josh Martin 

Marquee 2

Youth movements have curriculum and schools have informal educators. The line is fading between formal and informal learning. Is there a difference between these sectors? Should there be a difference? What is the tension that we are all too scared to talk about? Come and join in this discussion and learn from each other.

Let me tell you about my time in immigration detention...

Sam Grant  Ben Du Preez  Freed Voices 

Orange 11

As part of Limmud's "Refugee Day", come and hear from individuals who spent time locked up in the UK's immigration detention system on why they believe the system needs to urgently change. We'll also look at the ongoing campaign in the Jewish community to reform the detention system.

Learning from the Righteous

Antony Lishak  Jonathan Wittenberg 

Marquee 1

Learning from the Righteous is an educational charity that uses stories of rescue in workshops with Jewish and Polish children. Educationalist and author Antony Lishak, will be talking about their work. He and Jonathan Wittenberg will be discussing the irresistible power of these stories of selflessness and the perils of ignoring their historical context.

Images that say 1,000 words

Marc Epstein  Isaac Brynjegard-Bialik  Melissa Raphael 

Red 7

If there was one image that every member of the Jewish community had to confront at least once in their life, what would it be? Come and hear three art critics share what they consider to be the most powerful piece of work, and how it interjects in the Jewish conversation.

How Israeli and Palestinian youth see the future, and what impact can they have on shaping it?

Rutie Atsmon  Wejdan Abd  Raghad Bahar 

Green 26

How do the young see their future? What do they need and deserve? What stands between them and a future of liberty, safety and dignity? What are the local and global interests that impact decision-making? Can the local civil societies make any difference? A short presentation will be followed by an open discussion.

Hidden in plain sight: Jews and Jewishness in British film and television

Nathan Abrams 

Green 25

In this illustrated session, we shall explore the extensive, yet underappreciated, contribution of Jews to the UK entertainment industries. We'll start with the earliest representations and explore such iconic shows as James Bond, Carry On, Doctor Who, through to Friday Night Dinner.

Gazing into the countenance of the divine: confronting the riddle of Jewish apostasy

Benjamin Gampel 

Yellow 22

As much as we have learned about the ongoing saga of Jewish civilisation, there is a story about which we have been less informed; the story of disaffection. Our history is not just the story of those who have survived to this day as Jews or have joined our community, but it is also a thousands of years old story of abandonment of our nation, our homeland, and our way of life.

Embodying Creation: where theatrical exploration meets Jewish learning

Aaron Henne 

Red 1

An "on-our-feet" workshop which encourages all participants to utilise language, visual inspirations and performance techniques to collaboratively create theatrical experiences. Together, we will explore space, voice and body to illuminate our understanding of Jewish texts. Please wear something in which you can move.

Desert Island Discs: Deborah Lipstadt

Laura Janner-Klausner  Deborah Lipstadt 

Yellow 23

Imagine being stuck on a desert island - what tunes would you bring to see you through the hard times, the good and the bad? What does your selection say about you? Laura Janner-Klauser interviews Deborah Lipstadt and plays some of Deborah's favourite songs.

Debunking Chanukah - the life and lies of Jonathan the Hasmonean

Sara Jo Ben Zvi 

Red 2

We'll use recent archaeological discoveries in Israel as the background to reveal the truth behind the 'not so happily ever after' story of the Hasmonean revolt.

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