Limmud Conference 2016

Limmud Conference 2016 – Monday 10:30

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Jews as global citizens

Ruth Messinger 

Red 6

What is the role of 21st century Jews in addressing the problems of the world? What are the text arguments for doing/not doing this work? What are the Jewish values that should define how the work is to be done?

Using Twitter to improve media coverage of Israel

Adam Levick 

Green 25

How to effectively use Twitter to engage journalists, promote media accuracy and even prompt corrections to misleading and erroneous claims about Israel in news reports and op-eds.

Transforming Biblical stories to theatre

Howard Rypp  Beatriz Rypp 

Marquee 3

This is a drama workshop where participants will be expected to actively participate in the process of transforming a biblical story into different theatre genres.

The Zionist Revolution: Then and Now (1 of 4)

Zohar Raviv 

Red 5

Come and be a guinea pig! UJIA are developing a new way to understand Israel – and we need help! You’ll hear a session by a brilliant educator, and in return, you spend the last 10 mins telling us how it was. Today, we'll explore the Z word and the place of the land in Jewish religion, history, memory and practice. What did, does and could it mean?

"Studying Torah in the market place of Sepphoris": how Jewish ideas came to occupy Moscow's public space

Simon Parizhsky 

Purple 31

In a city of more than 12 million people, how did Jewish education succeed in coming out of the community "ghetto" and occupying central public spaces - parks, museums, libraries, cafes, art galleries, bars and night clubs? What happens to Jewish ideas after they have occupied the streets?

Sofrut: sacred calligraphy for all

Ariel Abel 

Yellow 21

Try your hand at forming "Ashurit", the script in which modern Torah scrolls are written. Compare with the ancient Hebrew of the Samaritan Torah and finally, cut your own pens out of bamboo or feathers.

Seeking refuge in Israel

Ruvi Ziegler  Emily Hilton  Mutasim Ali  Jonathan Wittenberg 

Orange 14

Despite landmark rulings this year for both Sudanese and Eritrean asylum seekers, Israel still has the lowest rate of recognition of African refugees in the developed world. This panel will discuss the ongoing struggle of their community for recognition and the growing implications this has for shared society and human rights in Israel.

Rabbi, I Have A Problem...

Jonathan Romain  Naftali Brawer  Simon Rocker 

Yellow 24

The Jewish Chronicle’s two rabbinic columnists - Naftali Brawer and Jonathan Romain - will respond (and sometimes contradict each other) to questions that are submitted at the session (and any you send in advance to, giving both the Orthodox and Progressive approach on any matter you want them to tackle.

Pears Short Film Fund winners 2016

Anna Wexler  Julia Wagner  Oshra Schwartz Reim  UK Jewish Film 

Orange 13

The Pears Short Film Fund at UK Jewish Film creates opportunities for emerging filmmakers in the UK. The fund encourages and supports the production and exhibition of short films on themes that engage with Jewish life, history and culture. Many of our previous winning films have gone on to receive awards at top international film festivals.

Peace, salaam, shalom: hope through harmony

Noah Aronson  Zoe Jacobs 

Red 7

Join Noah and Zoe as they share and teach powerful songs of peace, love and understanding. Music has always been a force for change; we sing together to create harmony in our world, and as we do so, we share a common language that builds trust and understanding. Learn new songs in a small corner of Birmingham, then take them home and change the world!

My life as a Nazi-hunter: successes, failures, and insights

Efraim Zuroff 

Orange 15

A look at Nazi-hunting all over the world from 1980 until today to answer three questions: How I became a Nazi-hunter? How do we "hunt" Nazis these days? What lessons have I learned?

Letter from famous (and also some infamous…) Jews from the archives of the National Library

Karen Ettinger 

Green 27

Discover a hysterical letter to the song writer Naomi Shemer, a dismissal letter from one Jew to another in the Nazi period, a writer’s suicide note, a love letter from an imprisoned husband to his wife, the last letter from a young Jewish heroine to her young brother and many more from the archives of the National Library.

Is redemption possible? Of women and mirrors

Avivah Zornberg 

Red 1

The Egyptian exile is described in mystical sources as the Exile of the Word. If the Israelites are to be released from Egypt, an inner process of recovery will be necessary. How may the traumatic constrictions of a personal world open towards a new language and larger possibilities?

Help create a taste of paradise at Limmud in the Woods 2017 (1 of 2)

Limmud in the Woods Team 

Blue 32 (Millers)

Limmud believes in empowering people to reach their dreams. Come to this session to find out how you can help us create our summer event, and how we can help make your dreams come true.

Halachah and community (1 of 3)

Ethan Tucker 

Marquee 2

Contemporary Jews are often alienated from halachah (Jewish law) and practitioners of halachah are so often alienated from the Jewish people. We will explore a vision of halachah that treats all Jews as both its subjects and constituents, holding out the promise for a healthier relationship between the Jewish people and its normative heritage.

Going public – Talmud in a new light (1 of 3)

Neil Janes 

Purple 29 (Monarch Overflow)

The mitzvah of Chanukah to ‘publicise the miracle’ raises intriguing questions about Judaism (and religion generally) in the public square. Using the Talmud as our jumping off point we will ask how we feel about religion in public and Judaism ‘on show’ to the world.

Five alternatives to the "Two-State Solution"

Yishai Fleisher 

Blue 33

The West Bank is at the heart of the Arab-Israeli conflict and for a long time the "Two-State Solution" was touted as the only way forward. However, now many analysts believe that the "Land-for-Peace" formula is dead - but what are the alternatives? Can Israel hold on to this land, govern millions of Arabs, and remain a Jewish and democratic state?

Ethical Kosher and the Future of Food

Aaron Gross  Leon Pein 

Green 26

Hear from a United States based animal advocate and an British meat producer about recent trends in ethical kosher, humane certification for animal products, and how anyone, from meat lover to vegan, can support a more sustainable food system.

Discretion and vulgarity: a fresh look at the Jewish value of tzniut beyond the hemlines

Dina Brawer 

Orange 10

While Stamford Hill charedi women received a rabbinic missive circumscribing the exact length, colour and snugness of their clothing, the Barbican opened a new exhibition exploring vulgarity and the boundaries of "good taste". Join me for an interactive exploration of how we might fulfill the charge "walk modestly with your God" (Micah 6:8).

Crimes, Misdemeanors and Other Infractions by Biblical Leaders: “Would you Murder and Also Inherit?” A Biblical Story of Crime and Other Addictions (1 of 3)

Judy Klitsner 

Blue 34

In a shocking biblical narrative, a king of Israel embarks on a spiral of crimes culminating in murder. We will examine the appetites and processes that lead from misdemeanor to crime and will then address the larger issue of how the trajectory of sin resembles that of addiction

Casting lots: creating a family in a beautiful, broken world

Susan Silverman 

Red 4

The UK launch of this best selling memoir about the family Susan grew up in - and the one she created through both birth and adoption - a family that becomes a metaphor for the world’s contradictions and complexities; a microcosm of the tragedy and joy, hope and despair, cruelty and compassion, predictability and absurdity of the world.

Biased or clueless? Israel, the mainstream media, and the Jewish preoccupation with 'hasbarah'

Andrew Silow-Carroll 

Yellow 23

Jewish leaders and amcha are often convinced that Israel can’t get a fair shake in the media. What is the truth behind these charges, what accounts for “bias,” why has “media monitoring” become a communal priority, and what's the role of a global Jewish news service when it comes to Israel?

Beit Midrash Group C: the rebellious son (1 of 4)

Shlomo Zuckier  Limmud Beit Midrash Group C 

Red 8 (Boulevard Back)

Limmud's Beit Midrash is studying Chapter 8 of Sanhedrin “Wanton and Rebellious Son”.We will be studying the chapter "Ben Sorer Umoreh" in Tractate Sanhedrin. Today’s section deals with "the rebellious son", an extreme biblical passage that is radically reinterpreted by the rabbis. We will try to understand why the rebellious son is treated so harshly and how the rabbis interpret it out of application. This is a double-length session.

Beit Midrash group B: these are the ones who can be saved with their lives (1 of 4)

Shoshana Cohen  Limmud Beit Midrash Group B 

Red 8 (Boulevard Back)

Limmud's Beit Midrash is studying Chapter 8 of Sanhedrin “Wanton and Rebellious Son”. In this session we will look at a Mishnah which gives a list of people who should be killed rather than transgress. We will explore a range of interpretations and pick up on one of these possibilities as it plays out in the first section of the Talmud. This is a double-length session.

Beit Midrash Group A: 18th Century Perspective (1 of 4)

Michael Pollak  Limmud Beit Midrash Group A 

Red 8 (Boulevard Back)

Limmud's Beit Midrash is studying Chapter 8 of Sanhedrin “Wanton and Rebellious Son”.Today we will look at the text through the eyes of the 18th Century’s two great Jewish movements – the early Chassidim and their opponents the Vilna Gaon and his pupils. This is a double-length session.

Basel 120, Balfour 100, and Jerusalem 50: Chief Rabbis, Zionism, and our community today

Michael Laitner 

Red 2

2017 marks 120 years since the first Zionist Congress, Balfour 100, and Jerusalem 50. Our community’s Zionism has transformed hugely over time. We will explore the fascinating role that successive Chief Rabbis have played, spiritually and politically, in this and include some relevant previews from a new machzor for Yom Ha'atzmaut.

Ask the rabbi – through the lens of Google analytics. Part 1: Jewish status (1 of 2)

Chaim Weiner 

Orange 11

Publishing a halachic blog gives a unique insight into what people really care about. What questions are being asked? What search terms brought them to you? What did they click on when they left you and where did they go? The questions and the answers for today’s Jews.

Are we doing enough to help our smaller communities and congregations?

Daniel Heller 

Yellow 22

Across the country there are small communities and congregations. Some are thriving, yet others are struggling. With dwindling numbers comes financial difficulties, and often a loss of appetite to keep going. In their hour of need could, or should the communal institutions do more to help?

Agunah - action and education: a communal response to the challenges of agunah

Sarah Anticoni  Dawn Waterman 

Red 3

Agunah - Family lawyer Sarah Anticoni will lead a whistle-stop tour of the halachic challenges and possible solutions; share some research from Israel and identify where English law helps and hinders, looking at what may follow next.

Zero-sum empathy

Jodi Rudoren 

Orange 12

In nearly four years as Jerusalem bureau chief of The New York Times, Jodi Rudoren found the most troubling thing about the situation was the failure of Israelis and Palestinians to see each other as human beings. The way dueling narratives are deeply embedded in identity is a significant obstacle to peace.

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