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Klezmer dance! Shtetl dance! With live band!

David el Shatran  JewSalsa 

Marquee 3

Bulgar, Freylekh, Khosidle, ... come and learn shtetl dance with David el Shtatran, a klezmer musician and dance teacher from Paris! David will be accompanied by musicians from his klezmer Salsa Orchestra: Cigarillos en el Shtruddle.

Light and dark at Chanukah – tales, teachings and creative responses

David Bash 

Orange 10

"There is a crack in everything, that's how the light gets in" Leonard Cohen. “The purely righteous do not complain of the dark, but increase the light” Rav Kook. We will begin with mystical stories and teachings on Chanukah themes. Participants will then be invited to create their own responses (eg drawing, writing, movement) – sharing optional.

Enemy of the Reich: the Noor Inayat Khan story

Raheel Raza  Sohail Raza 

Orange 12

Throughout the 1930’s, an unimaginable evil tore through Europe, as Hitler’s Third Reich terrorised its way to domination. During these tumultuous times, a young Muslim woman living in Paris overcame her quiet nature and joined Winston Churchill’s covert operation to give the Allies a new chance at victory. This is her story.

My journey from ignorance and indifference about the Holocaust to deep empathy

Ruta Vanagaite 

Yellow 21

The presentation will be devoted to the issues of Holocaust education in Soviet Lithuania and Lithuania post-independence. During the process of investigating the issue, Ruta realised the scope of the Jewish tragedy. This is my story, from ignorance to deep compassion.

Shir In Concert

Ivor Goldberg  Maurice Chernick  Steve Rose  Piotr Jordan  Ronen Kozokaro 

Yellow 23

Always uplifting and exciting, Shir draw on their vast repertoire to paint a multi-coloured picture of Jewish music of the Diaspora and Israel. Sing and dance to old and new traditional and contemporary favourites. Only on Simchas!

Daf Yomi (4 of 4)

Michael Pollak 

Purple 31

Join us for a fast-paced journey through the sea of the Talmud, along with thousands of others across the globe in daily study. Today - Bava Metzia Daf 93

Pardes bar meetup: alumni and friends

Miriam Lorie  Samuel Lebens  Judy Klitsner 

Blue 32 (Millers)

Pardes is an open, co-ed and non-denominational Jewish learning community based in Jerusalem. Join us for a drink and connect with friends old and new. Chat about the latest Jewish learning and community-building initiatives taking place around the world, and catch up on Pardes news! Open to all - past, present and future students, faculty and friends.

Reggae Zion

Mark Goldsmith 

Blue 34

Reggae music of the 70’s and 80’s was steeped in the Rastafarian take on Zionism and full of words from the Bible. This is an audio-visual-danceable exploration of Reggae’s way of expressing ideas that Jews share – a spiritual Jewish experience through the eyes of Rastafari. This year’s Limmud Reggae Zion is on the theme of prophecy.

Building resilience and bringing hope to the Jews of France

Sacha Reingewirtz 

Red 1

This session will reflect on the situation of the French Jewry and the challenges of the past years. A testimony will be given on the work carried out by the Union of French Jewish Students, training Jewish students to feel positive and confident about their future, and engaging in many dialogue initiatives rather than giving in to fear.

V is for vagina

Emily Hilton  Hannah Brady 

Red 2

The words we use to talk to women about their bodies have a profound impact on our self-esteem, politics and the way we perceive our own identities. Join us in pushing through the taboos of Jewish community and wider society, and be part of this open and honest conversation.

Shattering the borders: life on the edge

Maayan Zweig 

Red 3

A personal story of a woman who transformed her life from a challenging childhood in South Africa to living at the frontier of the Israel-Gaza border. The talk reveals how experiencing Operation Protective Edge led her to find her inner strength, allowing her to shatter the boundaries within and transform moments of great crisis into personal growth.

Sing-along with The Rubens

Ivor Jacobs  Ian Gold 

Red 6

Following the exhilarating and fun session at Limmud 2015, this year The Rubens' song list is being extended but will still be a sing-along to great songs written by Jewish rockers. Whatever your age join Ivor, Ian and friends to rock to the songs of Dylan, Simon, Green, King, Sedaka and more. Words provided. Be there or be square!

Acoustic cafe

Limmud Social Programming Team 

Red 7

Come to listen or come to play. This open mic music show is your opportunity to shine! All types of performances are welcome. Come share your music with Limmud!

Big Jewish soundtracks at the bar

Mark Greenfield 


JW3 and Mark Greenfield - music lover, "Los Desterrados" percussionist, "Resonance FM" presenter and fake barmitzvah DJ (see "The Infidel") - provide a selection of Jewish soundtracks at the Limmud Bar! From Israeli gangster movies, Streisand, Diamond and "Fiddler", to a host of rare and wonderful tunes to nod and when possible shochle to!

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