Limmud Conference 2016

Limmud Conference 2016 – Sunday 21:40

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Chazanut as reflected in movies

Mordechai Friedman 

Red 7

We will present footage illustrating the intergenerational conflict between old European sacred communal worship and the world of American show business, at the golden age of chazanut.

Transforming nightmares via a kabbalistic approach

Bonnie Buckner 

Green 25

Learning to transform nightmares teaches us how to transform the nightmare problems of our waking life, as individuals and communities. Hatavat Chalom, the ancient ritual for turning bad dreams to good, contains four key principles: Open, Turn, Redeem, Peace. These principles are incorporated into a Kabbalistic Waking Dream hands-on method.

Daf Yomi (1 of 4)

Michael Pollak 

Green 27

Join us for a fast-paced journey through the sea of the Talmud, along with thousands of others across the globe in daily study. Today - Bava Metzia Daf 90

Concert: Discovering Israeli Identity

Yoav Oved 

Yellow 23

Israel has a diverse and wide spectrum of culture, although the two big divisions, Ashkenaz and Mizrakh are usually kept separate. The aim of this concert is to place the two side by side, and through them, explore what it means to be an Israeli. Some "Shira b'Tsibur" is expected of course!

The talmudic roots of Sherlock Holmes

Daniel Anderson 

Orange 12

As we all know Sir Arthur Conan Doyle invented Sherlock Holmes – or did he? Holmes’ remarkable powers of deduction are legendary, but are they as original as many believe? In this session we look at the Jewish roots of logical thought and meet some talmudic detectives (of sorts) at work. So if you are a Holmes or even just a Clouseau, come along!

The rise of political correctness in Israeli theatre

Gur Koren  Eran Kraus 

Red 5

Political correctness is on the rise in Israel, as in most Western countries, with its agenda affecting new Israeli shows. We will look at examples of shows pushing the boundaries, notably "HaMoogbalim (The Disabled)".

Our personal exodus narratives: leadership and the art of storytelling

Aaron Henne 

Red 4

In this session, all participants identify and develop their own unique "exodus" stories. They then share them, utilising them as an opportunity to explore a primary Jewish narrative as an entry point to communication. A structured feedback model is utilised to help create productive conversations and open spaces for empathetic listening.

Online collaborative genealogy - a growing community

Andrew Gilbert  Laurence Harris 

Red 1

Ancestry, Geni or MyHeritage? GEDCOMs? SIGs? Plashet? JC archive? Combining Oral history with online expertise? With so much becoming available what is worth having? What is motivating people? Opportunity to share at Limmud

Letters Live

Jews throughout the ages 

Orange 15

A celebration of the enduring power of literary correspondence. Surprise performers lend their voice to letters of note that move, amuse and inspire, bringing a Jewish twist to the wonderful Letters Live. A Limmud first, not to be missed - as told by some the most exciting and talented presenters at Conference.

Kitchen sink confessionals: a moveable feast

Tilla Crowne 

Orange 11

We tell our stories through food. Drawing inspiration from food memoir Mastering the Art of Soviet Cookery, join us for a Soviet-style feast of foods that exist more in the mind than on the plate, and the stories that link us to places that no longer exist. As we eat, we will discuss the centrality of food to Jewish identity and memory.

Israeli Dance Party (1 of 4)

Maurice Stone  Samuel Garas 

Marquee 1

Let your hair down and have fun at our late night Israeli Dance Party - a mixture of old and new, circle, line and partner dances. A lot of fun for lots of people! We start with easy dances so everyone can be included. So save your energy and join our circle!

Home Affairs Select Committe Report: the whole Megillah

Emma Brand 


Bring your gregors, rattles, and best pre-prepared heckles as we read about the modern-day Amaleks in our midst! You'll be so drunk on indignation, you won't be able to tell Berger from Corbyn.

Herring: a pickled history

Naomi Verber 

Red 3

Come and hear about the role herring played in the economy and tastes of Europe over the past two centuries. We'll explore the Jewish impact on the culinary evolution of the "Silver Darlings", followed by a tasting session.

For Jewish Educators - How a Community of Practice Can Support You

Miriam Rosalyn Diamond 

Yellow 21

A community of practice is a group of people with a common purpose who learn & develop skills collaboratively. Jewish educators utilize CoPs to address challenges, note successes & share innovations related to childhood education. Join an experienced CoP facilitator to explore the what, why & how of initiating & leading these valuable programs.

Do we want the Messiah now?

Margaret Jacobi 

Blue 33

Some Jews ardently hope and pray for the coming of the Messiah. Others are sceptical, unbelieving or would rather s/he didn’t come. The Rabbis of the Talmud were equally divided. We will look at their discussions in the Talmud tractate Sanhedrin and debate the question for ourselves.

Cannabis 101: medicalising and monetising

Saul Kaye 

Orange 10

Understanding the therapeutic value is only part of the story... What steps need to be taken in order to standardise that information and then monetise it? Inside the mind of the medically minded, cannabis entrepreneur.

Build Your Own Jewish State

Joshua Weinberg 

Red 2

Many questions were unanswered about the future of the Jewish State when it was founded in 1948, and certainly no instruction manual was available. This workshop will offer an educational program (to be replicated/reused) which will enter the world of the hypothetical in order to explore the successes, failures and challenges of a Jewish State.

Speed friending

Limmud Social Programming Team 

Blue 32 (Millers)

You've heard of speed dating and you've heard of friending. This is speed friending. This session is set up like speed dating, but with the intention of just getting to know people better. It's okay to "just be friends"!

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