Limmud Conference 2016

Limmud Conference 2016 – Monday 21:40

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Sephardi voices: leaving my home in Iraq

Elliot Jebreel 

Red 1

In 1971, thirty years after the Farhud (pogrom) that killed over 180 of Iraq’s indigenous Jews, Edwin Shuker said goodbye to his ancestral home, eventually setting in the UK. Since 2003 he has been back several times, having recently spent Pesach back in Baghdad. Come hear Edwin share his story.

Youth: empowering you?

Libby Burkeman  Camille Grahame 

Red 6

Monopoly tried it, the Game of Life tried it, and now we are doing it too! Join us for an immersive board game to debate the impact youth empowerment can have and whether young people are empowered. If you work with young people or are just interested in youth empowerment, then this session is for you. Come along, play the game and explore youth empowerment!

Yachad youth: reflections from the West Bank

Amos Schonfield 

Blue 34

Last September, 20 Jewish students and community leaders spent five days exploring the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Learn about their experiences meeting Israeli and Palestinian peace activists, the IDF, and Israeli settlers, and hear their thoughts on how Zionists in the Diaspora can support Israelis and Palestinians striving for peace.

Whose Sugiya Is It Anyway?

Ben Crowne  Raymond Simonson  Lindsey Taylor-Guthartz  Maureen Kendler  Clive Lawton  Joseph Grabiner  Abigail Jacobi 

Orange 15

In celebration of the Chavruta Project’s 20th birthday we're inviting you to be part of our live studio audience as we pit two teams of Limmud legends against one another in a competition of wit, knowledge, & silliness. 1 part Chavruta Project session, 1 part panel show, 2 parts totally Limmud! No knowledge needed- just a willingness to laugh

TMI: From Adam and Eve to 2016

Rachel Creeger 

Red 4

Is a little knowledge a dangerous thing? We're bombarded with information from unverified sources, through social media, on TV, radio, in the press... Is it helpful? Eve and Adam faced an early version of the Matrix's red v blue pill. What if we could go back to the fearless time before that snake offered us an apple - would you prefer not to know?

Jewish themes in The West Wing

Deborah Blausten  Elliott Karstadt  Anna Posner 

Orange 12

Although it's over a decade since the final episode aired, viewers are still drawn to the ultimate political TV drama of our time. Join three student rabbis bringing Jewish texts into dialogue with scenes from favourite episodes. "Take this Sabbath Day", "Isaac and Ishmael" and "Two Cathedrals" are on their list - which are on yours?

Is Bamba the only real Israeli food?

Sigalit Freeman 

Red 5

Does Israeli food really exist? We can all name foods that we regularly eat in Israel - from falafel to hummus and rugalech to Crembo – but is there such a thing as Israeli food? The answers might surprise but will certainly enlighten as we look at whether Israeli food exists and what we can learn from history about the Israeli culinary experience.

Daf Yomi (2 of 4)

Michael Pollak 

Purple 31

Join us for a fast-paced journey through the sea of the Talmud, along with thousands of others across the globe in daily study. Today - Bava Metzia Daf 91

Worshipping the state (1 of 2)

Simon Gordon 

Red 3

Moses vs Joseph. These sessions will look at how political economy – both biblical and modern – is shaped by theology. Session 1 will consider the Israelite state as the counterpoint to the Egyptian slave state created by Joseph, which is based on the idolatrous premise of Pharaoh’s divinity. (Both sessions stand alone.)

Who needs the Diaspora?

Baruch Velleman 

Green 27

Back by popular demand... The most secular Jew in Israel leads a fuller Jewish life than the most ultra-Orthodox Jew in the UK. Agree? Come and say why! Disagree? Come and take part in the most Jewish of activities... Arguing!

Uppity Jewish women

Gail Chester 

Yellow 22

From publishers to politicians, authors to artists to community activists, some well-known, others completely unknown, here are brief sketches of fascinating and determined Jewish women from the 19th century to the present day who have achieved great things but not been properly recognised for them.

The Most Important Jewish Text You've Probably Never Read

Robin Moss 

Blue 33

The vast majority of Jews, even those who self-describe as Zionist or engaged with Israel have never read what I consider to be the most important Jewish text since the Talmud (I know - big claim). It's called Auto-Emancipation, it was published by Leon Pinsker in 1882 and it is under 10,000 words in English. Come to this session to discover more!

The kashrut of whisky: a practical experience

Zvi Solomons 

Orange 10

Jews love single malt whisky, but it is matured in sherry, port or other (non-kosher) wine casks. How is this most spiritual of drinks kosher? Please bring your own sample which we shall share as the session progresses.

Post-war British Jewish literature

Nadia Valman 

Orange 11

This session draws on Nadia's research on post-war literature by Jewish authors in Britain, looking at some forgotten greats such as Wolf Mankowitz, Alexander Baron and Emanuel Litvinoff as well as the more celebrated Bernice Rubens and Howard Jacobson. It also highlights key themes including social mobility, family breakdown and inherited memory.

Mixer 40+

Limmud Social Programming Team 

Blue 32 (Millers)

Are you keen to meet like-minded people your own age? Take a break from all the sessions and just chat about your day in an informal setting.

LGBT+ social space

Neil Levitan  Dave Shaw 


The purpose here is to create a safe space at Limmud where LGBT+ Jews can come and meet each other to socialise and network.

Israeli Dance Party (2 of 4)

Maurice Stone 

Marquee 1

Let your hair down and have fun at our late night Israeli Dance Party - a mixture of old and new, circle, line and partner dances. A lot of fun for lots of people! We start with easy dances so everyone can be included. So save your energy and join our circle!

Has anything really changed in the Middle East during the past 15 years?

Ivan Ciment 

Red 2

For a region in which nothing seems to happen and everything seems to happen, has anything really happened that matters? Is the region a cesspool for wasted resources? Limmud’s International Man of Mystery returns to tackle this urgent question as the effects of dysfunctions within the Middle East affect Europe and beyond in ways we never imagined.

God's monsters

Roni Tabick 

Yellow 21

The Bible is full of strange, hybrid beasts, dangerous creatures that threaten human life - in fact, most of them are angels! Why is God surrounded by a host of monsters? How does a study of Monster Theory enrich our understanding of our sacred stories?

Don't judge Judy - a tribute to the Chanukah heroine

Akiko Yonekawa  Rose Prevezer 

Purple 29 (Monarch Overflow)

Judith seduced and beheaded an enemy general and she is (an oft-forgotten) part of the Chanukah story. Aimed at female-identifying Limmudniks, come to this informal wine and cheese session and explore the Judith narrative.

Casual Fling: Find yourself a husband please

Rosalyn Miller 

Red 7

Rosalyn Miller is a London based singer-songwriter currently working on her first musical- "Casual Fling" about dating in the modern era. She writes comedy and pop songs and would like to share some of her original material with you.

Jazz around the world

Leonid Ptashka 

Yellow 23

A special concert by Israeli jazz pianist and composer Leonid Ptashka, in celebration of Limmud FSU's 10th anniversary.

Gamification and motivation

Yon Borthwick 

Green 25

Have you ever wondered what motivates us in our everyday lives, why we play games or why Candy Crush is so addictive? We'll explore how games motivate, how gamification can be used to engage, and analyse the rise of games in modern life.

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