Limmud Conference 2016

Limmud Conference 2016 – Monday 23:20

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A Mountain Spring music concert is an adventure

Siv Andersen 

Yellow 23

An adventurous listener can go on a journey with the band, singing together and moving together and feeling happiness and confidence. The spirit of the Mountain Spring is that its passion is so strong and its power so persistent that it breaks through and gushes out of a mountain! Stony hearts broke open and these songs poured out.

Challah Back Girls

Libby Burkeman  Shana Boltin 

Marquee 3

What's that, Britney, Beyonce, Christina and Gwen? Libby and Shana are mixing up the tunes so you can dance the night away. And the Jewish connection? Well, you'll just have to come along and find out...

Midnight Chavruta - Tzedakah (2 of 4)

Limmud Chavruta Project 

Red 3

"Midnight Chavruta (learning in pairs) is one of Limmud’s best kept secrets. Join other night owls to debate and take part in the great dialogue of the Jewish people. Tonight we look at the donor-recipient interaction. Are we naive to sympathise with beggars on the street? What is so bad about receiving tzedakah if we live in a generous world?"

Manpanzee: strange sounds

James Charles  Nathan Finkel 

Red 7

Manpanzee is Nathan Finkel's experimental music project. Comprising instrumental acoustic guitar pieces and psychedelic keyboard numbers, Nathan's original compositions will relax and inspire you. Or scare you silly. So comb your ear hairs, and come and enjoy an hour's worth of musical oddness from one of Limmud's longest-serving musicians.

Midnight pub quiz


Purple 29 (Monarch Overflow)

Come and join us for the annual Conference pub quiz. Bring a team or make your own when you arrive. Suitable for all ages – just bring your thinking caps!

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