Limmud Conference 2016

Limmud Conference 2016 – Tuesday 08:00

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The Refuseniks of then, the revival of now.

Debra Brunner 

Red 1

A presentation on the Jews of today in the Former Soviet Union in parallel with the personal stories of the Refuseniks of the Soviet era, with references to Sir Martin Gilbert's book "The Jews of Hope". Why it is so important to work with communities in post-Soviet countries to help them learn how to help themselves.

What if God was one of us? Reflections on human behavior and communication styles

Andrew Belinfante 

Blue 33

Exploring a number of sources (Jewish, secular, Christian, and more) we will examine what styles of communication God uses in the Torah and how we have developed as a society using (and sometimes not using) that framework. We will look at everything from God's omnipresence to contemporary examples of public shaming in the media.

V’yarutz v’yomer: he ran and he talked, or "run and chat" (2 of 4)

Limmud Social Programming Team 


For those who want to stretch their legs as well as their minds, come and run around the beautiful campus with Abigail. We can discuss Jewish topics, our running schedules or just being outside. Please be prepared to run for an hour and maybe get muddy

My favourite Yamim Noraim recordings

Robert Brody 

Red 3

What is it that makes these favourite recordings. The melodies, musicality, emotion, memories of the past, sentimentality, spirituality? Let's recall what we have loved, we have missed or perhaps still find in today's Yamim Noraim services.

Jews and art: a taboo waiting to be broken? (1 of 2)

Eva Frojmovic 

Red 2

Eva Frojmovic has just finished a project on illustrated Hebrew books from medieval Germany. Putting pictures in your prayer book is not exactly something a frum cantor would do today - but they did back then. Why? This will be an illustrated talk.

Batmitzvah: the first 200 years

Michael Hilton 

Red 4

Batmitzvah is a new ceremony, right? It was invented by Reform and Reconstructionist Jews, right? It's not as new as you think: the early history has been forgotten. Come and hear why 2017 will mark an important anniversary, and how Orthodox communities got involved 150 years ago.

Avodat lev (2 of 2)

Roxana Jebreel  Deana Gershuny  Sara Moon 

Red 6

Let us share with you our beautiful and grounding morning practice from the farm! Joining us recently returned Adamah fellows for pre-breakfast praying, stretching, meditating and singing your heart out.

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