Limmud Conference 2016

Limmud Conference 2016 – Sunday 18:50

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Around the world in 10 Years: Celebrating a decade of Limmud International

David Bilchitz  Andrew Gilbert  Chaim Chesler  Limmud Development and Connection Team 

Marquee 3

Limmud International was set up 10 years ago to support and develop connections between volunteers organising Limmud around the world. Today there are over 80 Limmud communities in 45 countries. Hear from its founders, leaders and volunteers about the phenomenal growth and the global impact that Limmud has had in the last decade.

Yael: pinning down her man

Eleanor Davis 

Turquoise 16

No one else was in the room when it happened; but Tanach and Midrash let us take a peek inside the tent… As we investigate exactly how Yael made Sisera fall at her feet, we’ll also consider whether Yael is an original femme fatale, a strong role model, or both. (No tent pegs required…)

What's your brand essence? A workshop for non-profit organisations

Karen Radkowsky 

Turquoise 20

In this session, we will employ a variety of interactive exercises to help you uncover your brand essence: your organisation’s unique contribution and impact. You will also learn how to define your target audience: who they are and how best to reach them.

What’s the point of prayer? (1 of 2)

Jonathan Wittenberg 

Blue 33

Why pray? Services are central to most synagogues, but it’s hard even to describe what prayer is. What are we trying to do when we pray? Why is it worth it? A discussion of these questions through classic and modern sources.

“True as only fiction can be”: Emmanuel Levinas and Russian literature

Tamra Wright  Joe Gamse 

Orange 14

Emmanuel Levinas, one of the most original philosophers of the 20th century, was profoundly influenced by literature. This session will explore his affinity with 19th and 20th century Russian novelists, focusing on selected passages from the works of Dostoevsky and Vassily Grossman. No prior knowledge of philosophy or Russian literature required.

The ten online habits of highly effective Israel advocates

Avi Mayer 

Green 27

The internet has become a key battleground in the war of ideas surrounding Israel, and anyone can participate – from their computer, tablet, or mobile phone. We'll learn how to most effectively engage in the online conversation about Israel and how to best ensure that our voices are being heard.


Rivka Gottlieb  Samuel Lebens  Akiko Yonekawa 

Marquee 1

Pardes presents this session, where two performance artists will present a creative response to the same Jewish text. Through the media of music and the spoken word, this session will give life to text.

Refugees: Jews and the art of exile

Irene Wise 

Yellow 22

In advance of Tuesday's Limmud Refugee Day, we look at the ways in which persecuted and displaced people have been depicted in art. This informal, interactive talk is illustrated with examples by Jewish and other artists, many of whom were themselves victims of political upheaval.

It's a scorcher! 2016, the world's warmest year ever

Perry Teicher  Julian Sinclair  Deana Gershuny  Yosef Abramowitz 

Red 1

It may not seem like it here in the UK, but 2016 is set to be the hottest year on record. Extreme weather damages farming and has had a devastating impact across the globe. Research shows that unless we act fast, this crisis will become catastrophic. Come and hear from Jewish experts in the field and learn what you can do to help cool the Earth.

Including the Excluded: The Need for Involving Arab Voices at Every Level of Israeli Society

Amnon Be'eri-Sulitzeanu  Thabet Abu Rass  Elizabeth Harris-Sawczenko 

Red 4

In order to ensure a truly integrated and equal Israel from top to bottom, Arab citizens must be represented in all aspects of Israeli society. TAFI has undertaken a number of initiatives with this goal in mind, ensuring that Israel’s minorities become an equal part of Israel’s decision makers.

Five lessons in leadership: what not to do!

Simon Appleman 

Red 6

An interactive discussion on the oys and joys of leadership informed by a range of sources. Be ready to discuss what works and what doesn't.

British, Orthodox and gay: where do I fit in?

Joseph Hyman 

Green 25

A stabbing at Jerusalem Pride 2015 sent shockwaves through the Jewish world. Where was the UK Orthodox response? Joe Hyman will share his experiences of grappling with this dual identity and present what he thinks we need to do.

Between life and death: Jews in Bulgaria during the Second World War

Angel Chorapchiev 

Red 5

We will concentrate on a story of salvation and extermination: saving the entire Jewish community of Bulgaria, and sending to their deaths and erasing the entire communities of Macedonia and Thrace. We will discuss the unique role of Bulgaria as a saviour and annihilator during the Holocaust.

Authentic Jewish spirituality: even for sceptics who think there isn’t any

Lawrence Hoffman 

Blue 34

Yes! There is indeed such a thing as authentic Jewish spirituality, and it is more than fluff. It runs deep through Jewish texts and practice, and constitutes a distinctively Jewish way of being in the world. It is thoughtful Jewish spirituality that connects the dots in our lives, and convinces us that we matter.

A portrait of a spy as a young liberal, humanist and Zionist artist: the protagonist in three of my spy novels

Mishka (Moshe) Ben-David 

Orange 15

The protagonist in my spy novels are somewhat different than the stereotype of the spy: we find a secret agent that joined the Mossad due to reasons that have to do with his biography as a "second generation", and the threats that Israel is facing. At times, his inclinations and morality are different to what is expected of a secret agent.

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